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Ch.4: Swords and love
Lost in the screams of pain is a chapter story,
all the stories are about fragments out of Zuko's and Iroh's lives.
Zuko goes to his father, he can learn the way of the sword. Zuko's dark life start to change bit by bit.
Iroh is sixty,
Ozai is thirty-nine,
Zuko is eleven,
Azula is nine,
Mai is ten.

Lost in the screams of pain,
Chapter 4: Swords and love.

Zuko entered the room and watched over his father, the boy bowed deep before the Fire Lord and glared straight into his firm eyes.
"Zuko, what have you done after school?" Ozai asked with a more friendly tone.
Zuko sighed with relieve and smiled. "Uncle and I have eaten fire flakes and we've talked about school and we …" Zuko tried to explain but Ozai had already enough of it, his son looked too much like his mother. They were both weak persons, who didn't realized the importance of life.
Ozai thought before he interrupted his son.
:icongadani13:Gadani13 33 17
Priam, Blue Fire of Reflection by hastezero Priam, Blue Fire of Reflection :iconhastezero:hastezero 17 6