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Trinity Blood Seven Minutes in Heaven Abel
         “Let me think. Who should go next hmm?” Abel scanned the room, looking over his glasses. “I think you look like a nice young lady.” He smiled. “So you can go ahead with your turn.” Abel took your hand and brought you to the center of the room. “Now, you know the rules, just pick an item from the box.”
“Yup, I remember.” You placed your hand inside the box he offered and felt around. There wasn't a whole lot in there so you tried to figure out what you were picking. Deciding on something square and hard, you lifted it out of the box. “Oh, a sugar cube. I think I might know who this belongs to.”
Abel was blushing slightly “Well, I hope you think it's mine. Because it is. Dear me this is a bit awkward now isn't it?” He put the box down and gave you a crooked smile. “Let's head into the closet then. Someone else time us please if you don't mind.” After you were
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Trinity Blood Seven Minutes in Heaven Cain
        “Okay everyone, I have everything ready once more. And I think you, should be the next one to play.” Abel walked up to you, tripping over his own two feet on his way, and took your hand. “I'm sorry about that." He smiled apologetically. "Would you like to follow me back to the box?”
“I would love to.” You accepted his outstretched hand and walked back to the box of items. “You really should get the prescription on your glasses checked. You're seriously going to hurt yourself one day with all the tripping you do.”
“That may be true, but for right now let's not worry about that.” Abel lifted the box off of the table and held it out for you. “Let's just worry about having some fun, shall we?”
“Agreed.” You gave Abel a quick nod and reached into the still very full box. As you began your search, one of the items fell from the box and rolled across the floor. “I guess that i
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1974 by Aileine 1974 :iconaileine:Aileine 194 62
Trinity Blood Seven Minutes in Heaven Tres
         "Okay who's next?" Abel looked around the room until stopping at you. "I think we should let you have a go at this." He smiled kindly at you and signaled you to stand next to him.
You took your place, dropping your hand into the large offering box containing the items. Something cold and steely hit your hand. You lifted it up to find some sort of cog. "Hm, this is an interesting item. Not quite sure who it might belong to though."
Tres moved from his spot against the wall. "The item you are holding belongs to me. We will now proceed to the closet." He walked over to you and took your hand, gently but still very firmly.
"This may be a little odd." Abel scratched the back of his head. "I didn't know Tres was joining in on the fun." He began walking the two of you towards the closet. "I do hope you have fun nonetheless." He gave you both a sweet smile and locked you inside the closet.
"I'm not sure I understand the objective of this mission. It seems to me it's pointless and cann
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