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Swim Maniac by greliz Swim Maniac :icongreliz:greliz 160 2 Fulgens Litus by ArthurBlue Fulgens Litus :iconarthurblue:ArthurBlue 327 17 Swimmer Girl by Cerulebell Swimmer Girl :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 92 16 Comic page commission 02 by Ritualist Comic page commission 02 :iconritualist:Ritualist 184 18 Comic page commission 01 by Ritualist Comic page commission 01 :iconritualist:Ritualist 208 13 Oh Noes by Koku-chan Oh Noes :iconkoku-chan:Koku-chan 139 25 Beautiful (UW) models by MadBystander Beautiful (UW) models :iconmadbystander:MadBystander 16 11 The Tomboyish Mermaid by GrayDustOA The Tomboyish Mermaid :icongraydustoa:GrayDustOA 304 17 Digital Manga - Tutorial by Kawaii-Demonic-Thing Digital Manga - Tutorial :iconkawaii-demonic-thing:Kawaii-Demonic-Thing 19 5 Minami's special training(GIF) by MadBystander Minami's special training(GIF) :iconmadbystander:MadBystander 23 2 Daft Steam Punk - DC 2010 by ljvaughn Daft Steam Punk - DC 2010 :iconljvaughn:ljvaughn 100 19 Confused Night by xluvmexrabitx Confused Night :iconxluvmexrabitx:xluvmexrabitx 66 9 Swimmer girl by SALangley Swimmer girl :iconsalangley:SALangley 18 30
Upon The Sound (Fuuko Amicus TG TF)
    'No? Hmm...'
    '...Oh? Are you doing all right, bud?' I turned my head and saw that a concerned lifeguard was staring down at me.
    'Yeah, I'm all right, just kinda down in the dumps...', I responded.
    'Maybe getting in the water instead of just sticking your feet in will help you out, bud. Keep in mind, open swim ends shortly, so you'll have to head back to the locker room, because the girl's swim team will then have their chance to practice. They don't need any distractions, after all. A big competition is coming up for them...but I'm sure you already know that.'
    '...Yeah, I know. All righty.' The lifeguard left and returned to his post. I looked back downwards towards the pool water, lamenting my own misery. I just stared. I wanted something, but I didn't know what. But whatever it was had left me sitting crosslegged on the edge of the pool. I didn't even feel like dipping my feet in.
    'Oh?', said someone
:iconseibara:Seibara 48 10
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