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Detailed Zombie by Disse86 Detailed Zombie :icondisse86:Disse86 318 29 Venom Again by Disse86 Venom Again :icondisse86:Disse86 502 27 Monster by Disse86 Monster :icondisse86:Disse86 1,463 176 Singing in the rain by Disse86 Singing in the rain :icondisse86:Disse86 869 100 Vampire Skull by Disse86 Vampire Skull :icondisse86:Disse86 605 43 Tree-Demon by Disse86 Tree-Demon :icondisse86:Disse86 3,413 233 Pennywise by Disse86 Pennywise :icondisse86:Disse86 790 31 Minion by Disse86 Minion :icondisse86:Disse86 914 186 Huldra Maker by Niobesnuppa Huldra Maker :iconniobesnuppa:Niobesnuppa 625 307 Venom by Disse86 Venom :icondisse86:Disse86 573 15 Pikachu by Disse86 Pikachu :icondisse86:Disse86 1,083 257
Nordics x Reader: She's Mine
You have been living with The Nordics for a while now, about 18 months, and today was your birthday. It was morning now and you barely woke up. "____!! BREAKFAST!!" Matthias, the obnoxious Dane, yelled on the top of his lungs.
You body waddled downstairs while you were in your pajamas still and had your hair all messy as usual. "Good morning, ____~" Tino cheered gave you the usual morning hug.
You were really tired this morning because you ended up staying up until about 7 AM and only slept for three hours, stupid internet keeps you up at might. You recklessly hugged him and yawn loudly by accident. Lukas sighed and made you some coffee to wake you up and it did. You snapped out of you sleepy state and thanked Lukas from the caffeine. He patted you shoulder and went back to his seat.
You sat at your usual seat and started eating, the rest of the Nordics did the same. After you ate, to your surprise Emil was the last to wake up. He was usually the first after Lukas, but not today. "Morn
:iconmewmewcupake:mewmewcupake 686 992
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