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Sun Kisses by camilladerrico Sun Kisses :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 313 9 Painting Sun Kisses by camilladerrico Painting Sun Kisses :iconcamilladerrico:camilladerrico 192 6 Sun kisses by MadHatters-Wife Sun kisses :iconmadhatters-wife:MadHatters-Wife 239 58 Warmth by kit-kat-padiwack Warmth :iconkit-kat-padiwack:kit-kat-padiwack 19 33
Dawn (Tachibana Makoto x Reader)
Someone knocked on your door and you groaned, turning over in your bed as you pulled the covers over your head. Your try in blocking out the sound was in vain since the person knocking just had to be a persistent bastard and knock louder, harder and faster.
With a growl, you rolled off the bed, landing in a crouch. Stomping to the door, you opened them with a hissed "What?".
"Oh, you wanted me to wake you up at dawn." Makoto Tachibana stuttered, green eyes wide and blinking. "Sorry."
"You could've just entered, you ass." You growled, walking back to your bed and flopping down on it dramatically.
"But, (y/n)-chan..."
"Shut up and cuddle me."
You could hear Makoto's school bag and jacket hit the ground before his footsteps came closer to your bed. Then the bed dipped beside you and his atrong arms were wrapped around you and Makoto's chest was pressed against your back, warm and surprisingly comfortable despite the muscles. Sighing contentedly, you smiled and closed your eyes.
"Why was i
:icongryffindorslion17:gryffindorslion17 20 6
The Sun Kisses The Earth II by AliveInAutumn23 The Sun Kisses The Earth II :iconaliveinautumn23:AliveInAutumn23 6 1 Don't worry about me by Relenaheero Don't worry about me :iconrelenaheero:Relenaheero 2 0 Sun Kisses by The6devils6number6 Sun Kisses :iconthe6devils6number6:The6devils6number6 1 1 Essam and Odette- commissioned by Relenaheero Essam and Odette- commissioned :iconrelenaheero:Relenaheero 1 0 Happy Petals by wyrdaslayer Happy Petals :iconwyrdaslayer:wyrdaslayer 7 6 The Sun Kisses The Earth by aissjdo The Sun Kisses The Earth :iconaissjdo:aissjdo 1 26 Sunkisses 1 by PadishahMisty Sunkisses 1 :iconpadishahmisty:PadishahMisty 0 0 Sun's kisses by jfreak145 Sun's kisses :iconjfreak145:jfreak145 1 1 Kisses of the sun by PsYcHoTiC-DR3AM Kisses of the sun :iconpsychotic-dr3am:PsYcHoTiC-DR3AM 1 0 Sunkisses by harrietecb Sunkisses :iconharrietecb:harrietecb 2 0 Dinosaur Kisses by PyroPansy Dinosaur Kisses :iconpyropansy:PyroPansy 1 0 Sunshine Afoot by kit-kat-padiwack Sunshine Afoot :iconkit-kat-padiwack:kit-kat-padiwack 1 11 Sun Kisses by RavenElement Sun Kisses :iconravenelement:RavenElement 1 8 The Sun Kisses So Lovely by Whispered-Scream The Sun Kisses So Lovely :iconwhispered-scream:Whispered-Scream 1 0 Sun-kissed by WhompingVillow Sun-kissed :iconwhompingvillow:WhompingVillow 2 0 Sun Kisses by VisionSisters Sun Kisses :iconvisionsisters:VisionSisters 0 0 Sunkisses 1 by RainbowLuvsJeff Sunkisses 1 :iconrainbowluvsjeff:RainbowLuvsJeff 0 0 Doodles 9 by NoomClara Doodles 9 :iconnoomclara:NoomClara 1 0