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smoke texture4 by AshenSorrow smoke texture4 :iconashensorrow:AshenSorrow 543 422 smoke texture3 by AshenSorrow smoke texture3 :iconashensorrow:AshenSorrow 493 352 Blood Brushes by Falln-Brushes Blood Brushes :iconfalln-brushes:Falln-Brushes 1,406 201 [2000 watchers gift 2] Sailor Moon Crystal - DL by YamiSweet [2000 watchers gift 2] Sailor Moon Crystal - DL :iconyamisweet:YamiSweet 980 296 Lace 16 by faestock Lace 16 :iconfaestock:faestock 3,838 1,372 Blood and Splatter Brushes 2 by Falln-Brushes Blood and Splatter Brushes 2 :iconfalln-brushes:Falln-Brushes 977 133
Reach Out to Me: Sollux x Reader
Sollux Captor:
That's when a rushed pair of hands pull you back. Your feet fall from beneath you as you fall back into a mass of person. You yelp in surprise, air whooshes around you then comes to an abrupt stop when your captor hits the ground.
Firm arms wrapped just under your chest are tight enough to knock the air out of your diaphragm. Even after landing, the strong grip remains making it a little difficult to regain your lost breath.
The arms abruptly let go and you ungracefully roll to the side. When you're able to sit back up, you see a peculiar looking guy is sitting next to you. Not too peculiar, but you just find his bi colored frames a bit different. They're blue and red, it seems like an interesting point of view.
His chestnut brown hair is spiked up from the back and frames his face. His broad jawline is set into a frown. He really does not look too amused.
He lifts a hand, and you brace yourself for the worst. There aren't too many people happy with you as of late. About
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 778 165
Reach Out to Me: Gamzee x Reader
Gamzee Makara:
That's when someone grabs you and throws you over their shoulder. Their very high up shoulder. You're not even sure how to react to this. How does a person even get this tall?
Once your a safe distance from the bridge, you're placed back on the ground. Towering above you is... A circus act escapee. This tall and lanky boy is a bit weird to say the least. His face is done up with white clown makeup. His dark eyes are hazy and unfocused, you think it's possible he's drugged up. Messy black curls frame his face, and he's slouched over, so you aren't even seeing the whole extent to his height.
His overall look is a bit eccentric, but you do find it kind of cute. There's a lazy smile on his face as he stares off into space. After a minute, he catches sight of you.The smile fades into a frown and he bends down close to your face.
"That didn't strike me as a cool place to be my wicked motherfuckin' sis."
His voice is low and drawling, and it sends a slight shiver up your spine.
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 710 127
To Live (Undertale Comic) by Tyl95 To Live (Undertale Comic) :icontyl95:Tyl95 667 342 Prepare... ..:base:.. by Watersparx-Bases Prepare... ..:base:.. :iconwatersparx-bases:Watersparx-Bases 543 132 Harajuku Miku (model DOWNLOAD) by YamiSweet Harajuku Miku (model DOWNLOAD) :iconyamisweet:YamiSweet 758 67 003 by Comickit 003 :iconcomickit:Comickit 735 160 (3/5) Suicidal Ideation by DestinyBlue (3/5) Suicidal Ideation :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 5,127 498 (Tda Miku) Old School Lolita - DOWNLOAD by YamiSweet (Tda Miku) Old School Lolita - DOWNLOAD :iconyamisweet:YamiSweet 572 74
Reach Out to Me: Karkat x Reader
Karkat Vantas:
That's when you heard someone yelling, really really angrily.
"What the grub-culling fuck do you think you're doing? Is your thinkpan fried?"
The sound of the angry male shouts shock you from your daze. Stopping completely, you turn your head over your shoulder to see an angry boy stomping towards you. The rage in his features causes you to jolt in surprise. You're falling.
"Get down from- WOAH FUCK!"
Your feet plunge down, a scream ripping from your throat. Eyes clenched shut, and body tense, you know what's next. Except now you've stopped.
"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck."
Strained mumbling drifts through your body's barricade and coerces you to open your eyes. Maybe that was a bad idea. You are hanging over the side of a very tall bridge with crashing waves splashing beneath you.
You aren't falling into those waves though. Eyes widening, you look up. The boy has a white-knuckled grip on your wrist. His face is contorted with the effort of holding you, rage, and...fear?
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 710 113
Pastatown 3 by Dethkira Pastatown 3 :icondethkira:Dethkira 858 831 Death and Taxes: 2007 by mibi Death and Taxes: 2007 :iconmibi:mibi 290 115
Reach Out to Me: Dave x Reader
Dave Strider:
That's when somebody blocks you off with a katana. Your natural reaction is to back from it, and you almost step backwards off the rail. Before you can fall, a hand pushes against your lower back.
Once you have your footing back and the katana is gone, you turn to see who did it. It certainly surprises you to see your fellow classmate, Dave Strider.
He flips his light blonde hair out of his eyes in a very 'cool kid' way. You can't see his eyes through his shades, but you know he's looking at you. His freckles contrast against his pale skin, and his lips are placed in their usual expressionless look.
"One and only. What are you doing (y/n)?"
You aren't sure how to answer that one. You and Dave have never really been very close. Your old friends used to always talk about him. They always liked to make fun of him. You have no quarrel, so you stayed quiet. You did listen and learn things though. You're good at that. People don't notice you much, so they tend to real
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 649 135
The Cartoon Faces Of Suicide by NostalgicChills The Cartoon Faces Of Suicide :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 717 189 .: Kill Yourself base :. by NarutoXHinata123 .: Kill Yourself base :. :iconnarutoxhinata123:NarutoXHinata123 1,922 286
Reach Out to Me: Dirk x Reader
Dirk Strider:
That's when a puppet pops up in front of you, and god is it creepy. You shriek and throw yourself back away from it. Instead of hitting the pavement like you expect, you land in someone's strong grip.
A boy closely resembling your classmate, Dave Strider, holds you in the crook of one arm, and that puppet in the other. The style is more spiked and anime looking, but that's a very familiar looking color of blonde hair. His shades are crazily pointed, but they still hide his eyes. Even his mouth is that same damned expressionless line.
"Are you related to Dave Strider?"
"Do you realize that this is hardly the time to ask that?"
"I-I, uh..."
"Didn't think so. I'm taking you back to your house now."
He grabs your hand and starts to drag you away. You're at first out of sorts. He pops up out of nowhere and suddenly tries to drag you around. He can't do that.
Shaking your head for clarity, you dig your feet into the path.
"W-wait a minute! What do you think you're doing?" You e
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 595 113
[2000 watchers gift] Tda Miku Happiness Commitee by YamiSweet [2000 watchers gift] Tda Miku Happiness Commitee :iconyamisweet:YamiSweet 427 69
Hetalia x Reader - The Butterfly Project
You could sense the many pairs of eyes on you as you tugged up your long sleeve, revealing dozens of cuts and scars made by the little, sharp thing hidden in your bathroom. Several people gasped, but other than that, the room was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. You didn’t dare look up, even though you could feel the eyes of many others staring at you with a peculiar kind of innocent sadness. Their eyes burned holes though you, and even though that you knew that they would never in a million years blame you, guilt wracked your heart.
“What did you do to yourself?” a quiet voice asked, while a soft, calloused hand tilted your chin up. Your eyes met a pair of twin violet orbs, looking into yours with such intensity that you couldn’t bear to look away, even though your mind screamed and kicked at you to move your eyes back to the floor. Tears welled up and almost flowed over, but being as strong-willed as you were, you refused to let them slip out.
:iconresistance33:Resistance33 731 598