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My Eyes Burn by XernonaEcho My Eyes Burn :iconxernonaecho:XernonaEcho 140 9
Mission success- Levi x Reader
The winter chill had slivered into your dorm; lacing its icy tendrils throughout the air, skulking under the thin blanket you shivered under. Wrapping yourself into a tighter ball, you desperately tried to muster some heat- rubbing your feet, which felt positively glacial, with the doomed intent of warming them with the friction. It didn’t work. Shoving your hands under your armpits, you scowled, regretting your earlier act of kindness.
Christa had been freezing, even with all her blankets earlier in the night. You’d listened to her teeth chatter for hours, till you could bear it no longer. You slipped out of bed, grabbed one of your two blankets, and slid it on top of her. Her shivering had stopped soon after.
Only now, you were freezing. You watched your breath curl slowly upward above you, mildly amusing yourself, trying to find shapes in the ghostly swirls. Small flecks of white fell passed the window, growing in intensity but falling gently, with no wind to drive them.
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