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Bubblegum (Harry Potter x Reader)
He had seen her from his place on the couch, the couch where evidently he grouped with Ron and Hermione as usual for their homework and studies for the next day’s lessons. All thoughts of what Professor Binns had lectured in History of Magic over the Giant wars that day flew out of his head as Harry watched __________ chew that pale pink wad of bubblegum.
__________ at the time had been looking at a book which laid flat at the table she sat at with Ginny who was over her left side. __________’s left hand rested over her left cheek, her tongue darted out coated in the same color of the gum she chewed at when she blew a perfect shaped bubble, her right hand lazily turned the page as the bubble popped it’s remains covering her lowered lip before she parted her lips and her tongue darted out again. The tip was now pointed slightly to retreat the bit of broken bubblegum back into her mouth to be chewed on once again before producing yet another bubble, thi
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Burning the Midnight Oil by WhiteDiamondsLtd Burning the Midnight Oil :iconwhitediamondsltd:WhiteDiamondsLtd 1,134 129 Studying: Trees (pt.1) by fabianrensch Studying: Trees (pt.1) :iconfabianrensch:fabianrensch 675 25 Future by hPolawBear Future :iconhpolawbear:hPolawBear 224 14 Long Day by FlutterDashWhore Long Day :iconflutterdashwhore:FlutterDashWhore 1,133 130
A Reason to Stay (Hetalia, GermanyxReader)
Germany was beautiful. You loved every minute of the semester you had spent there, taking courses to further your knowledge of the German language.
You had been hesitant to come, at first…You didn’t really like going out of your comfort zone, or leaving the familiarity of your home in the USA, but you had a dream to finish learning German, first-hand, from professors who, themselves, came from the country.
You were never one to give up on dreams, so here you were.
Another thing you hadn’t expected was that you would make such good friends. You figured that your shyness would win out and you would take your classes, but not really meet anyone.
How wrong you were.
It started when you were in the marketplace, trying to buy some ingredients to make yourself a home-cooked dinner for once, rather than going out to eat. You thought that some pasta sounded kind of good, so you went to buy some tomatoes to make a sauce like your mother did, back home.
As there was a man trying
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