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Chihiro Ch2
Chapter 2
She went shopping with her mother for new uniforms for school at a small store nearby. Out of all the places to live, it had to be a small town in the midst of forests and hills. Why couldn't it have been the colorful neighborhoods with fresh green grass lawns, children playing with their dogs, parents cooking barbeque over the grill, and neighbors in Hawaiian shirts bidding good mornings? Chihiro cringed as her mother checked for the right size and match. "Yuck, slimy nori green. I wonder if it smells of fish and seawater?" The uniforms were a bleak, dark grean, almost as green as dried seawead strips that her mother bought at markets in Tokyo. Then Chihiro saw a spash of color amongst the sea of seaweed. Gloves! Multi-color, polka-dotted gloves! She always did feel chills all over her hands and fingers ever since they had stepped foot in the town. Unfortunately her mother sharply denied the very speck of comfort she had felt after 1 hellish week of mediocrity. I hope I'm
:iconinyuji:InYuJi 2 1