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stroganoff by Kabutopsthebadd stroganoff :iconkabutopsthebadd:Kabutopsthebadd 19 24 Two of Two by Corvis-DA-Account Two of Two :iconcorvis-da-account:Corvis-DA-Account 28 15 STROGANOFF by delaverano STROGANOFF :icondelaverano:delaverano 4 5 Dmitri Stroganoff by Cephei97 Dmitri Stroganoff :iconcephei97:Cephei97 6 3 Day #03 Favorite food by raposavyk Day #03 Favorite food :iconraposavyk:raposavyk 4 0
history's undead
Here is a plate of stroganoff
Fed by a murdering Romanov
       to a hemophiliac son.
Watch us fade into a plate
       of stew meat,
A dynasty barely begun;
Watch the old women in the dusty street—
       What a treat
To see them hobble on gangrenous feet.
When the boy bled
The monk became a saint in our eyes—
We are history's undead,
We, the saints of our own demise.
Genetics might not finish us off.
Still, it seems a trap
       to think us safe
While Revolution moves to fill the gap.
Romanticism is what keeps us whole.
       Drink deep from its deep trough;
When they shoot us the bullets will bounce off.
:iconalgormortis:algormortis 5 5
Double meme Lupi and Kit by kitsunesakurano Double meme Lupi and Kit :iconkitsunesakurano:kitsunesakurano 3 24 Anastasia Stroganoff by NeoPrankster Anastasia Stroganoff :iconneoprankster:NeoPrankster 8 57 Stroganoff by LadyUndead Stroganoff :iconladyundead:LadyUndead 3 6 beef stroganoff with rice by ShootingDuck beef stroganoff with rice :iconshootingduck:ShootingDuck 3 0 egg noodle surprise XD by EternalLuvsMetal egg noodle surprise XD :iconeternalluvsmetal:EternalLuvsMetal 2 8 Sauteed Beef Tenderloin Stroganoff with Potatoes by GiftedChild777 Sauteed Beef Tenderloin Stroganoff with Potatoes :icongiftedchild777:GiftedChild777 2 0 Part Time Zombies comic2 by ashimoto Part Time Zombies comic2 :iconashimoto:ashimoto 1 0 Stroganoff Reference by Mountain-Ash Stroganoff Reference :iconmountain-ash:Mountain-Ash 1 6 Ask RussLiech q1 by Ask-RussLiech Ask RussLiech q1 :iconask-russliech:Ask-RussLiech 4 8 .Dom. by Kennaki .Dom. :iconkennaki:Kennaki 0 5 Chicken Stroganoff by karimrahim Chicken Stroganoff :iconkarimrahim:karimrahim 0 0
The Graverigger 9 Part1
'They say the war is over
I say it's just the start
We have been fighting for so long
To hide the way we are.'
Everyone Is The Same by InnerPartySystem
   Pushing their way through hundreds of waking Stroganoff was much easier said than done. Jintix found himself again almost colliding with several, but was painstakingly careful this time. The Chauffeur managed to ignore their warning hisses and avoid disturbing them further as he strode on ahead. Eventually, the cart-driver pulled up short by a large figure, slowly stretching and parting its attached jaws in a huge yawn. Jintix watched the black liquid drip from its eyes and realised that was what must have fallen on him that first morning. He was grateful for the temporary excellence it had given his vision, and glad to see the colour of this Stroganoff was pale green. The Chauffeur stroked its wings and pulled gently on its
:iconmountain-ash:Mountain-Ash 0 2
Saute of Beef Stroganoff with Pilau Rice by Lydjimon Saute of Beef Stroganoff with Pilau Rice :iconlydjimon:Lydjimon 0 1 Potatoganoff by PeanutTechno2 Potatoganoff :iconpeanuttechno2:PeanutTechno2 0 0 Ore wo daredato omotte yagaru? by Wafflecannon Ore wo daredato omotte yagaru? :iconwafflecannon:Wafflecannon 0 7 Tempeh-Mushroom Stroganoff by The-Hero-Of-Thyme Tempeh-Mushroom Stroganoff :iconthe-hero-of-thyme:The-Hero-Of-Thyme 6 0 Beef Stroganoff by Falling-Rain-suffers Beef Stroganoff :iconfalling-rain-suffers:Falling-Rain-suffers 0 0