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CSS Tricks: Journal break-down
This has been done before by many others :dummy: I don't want to step on anyone's toes, I just wanted to give this a go myself :)
If you still write CSS NOT using gruze … stop that! Start using gruze. Just do it!
There are a few "hacks" that you will need to make it work totally under your control, but there's always help with those :XD:
Well, here comes help with those hacks :la: (I gotta give GinkgoWerkstatt credit for some of it, go hug her! That's an order :evileye:)
At the end of this CSS Trick I will provide you with a template, that I use myself, as a base for creating new skins. It will only contain the basic classes of the journal deviation, from which it is made up of, the basic HTML, without any content.
Beforehand explanation
Now, I know you will say: but that is not the default skin! That is not how journals without CSS look like! And you are right. But. There is always a but. But the default journal skin for coders is not the same as an unsk
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Sorry I'm A Man
Sorry I'm A Man:
He stands there naked
A blank-faced label
No features
No face
He is not an individual
He is exactly what you make him to be
The product of your misguided hate
The product of your personal prejudice
Caught blind and shackled
Voice stripped and throat cut
On knees and hands
He crawls beneath a slanderous hail
"Let they who are without sin, be the first to cast a stone"
Then you must all be innocent, unblackened and pure
Instead what I see
Is not angel wings and a white halo
Instead what I see
Is your silent profanity
Twisted obscene mask of humanity
Beneath the righteous sword of a figure of justice
Lies a rotting core of devil's teeth and black smoke
Blasphemous abberation
Crooked mirror of lies
"Guilty until proven innocent"
Is what I see in your eyes
He is not an individual
He is exactly what you make him to be
He is the monster, the abuser, the criminal and the pig
He is the violent, the drunk, the pervert and the enemy
Care not for the fact that he is a perso
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