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Striders of Vvardenfell by ErikShoemaker Striders of Vvardenfell :iconerikshoemaker:ErikShoemaker 11,209 996 Mech Warrior - Stalker by Shimmering-Sword Mech Warrior - Stalker :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 344 124 Sadstuck Striders by Katkat-Tan Sadstuck Striders :iconkatkat-tan:Katkat-Tan 1,392 259
Dave x Reader ~ Face to Face
Today was the day, [Name]. Today was the day. However, [Name] wished that today was a better day. It was absolutely below freezing on her end, and since her mom was so frugal, the heater stayed on low. So, she had to walk around her house in a nice fluffy coat and scarf, mug of hot chocolate never leaving her side. But, back on the subject of Today. The day. The day, more specifically, that she'd get to see her friend Dave for the first time, thanks to the new video-chat thing she just installed in pester-chum. Allow the "Woot Woot"'s to commence. What a day this would be.
 She stepped into her room, turning on her little portable heater to retain some form of "warm" and setting her 5th mug of hot chocolate down on her old computer desk. She set everything up, the sat down and huddled up on the computer chair, drawing her knees up to her chest. After taking a huge gulp of throat-burning chocolaty liquid, [Name] opened up pesterchum and sent a video request to the bright red,
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 507 115
NSFW by Psychocereals NSFW :iconpsychocereals:Psychocereals 316 21 Red means Dead by RoughReaill Red means Dead :iconroughreaill:RoughReaill 1,346 134 knife's edge (sis got your back) by SaltyKumquats knife's edge (sis got your back) :iconsaltykumquats:SaltyKumquats 505 24 KatsuCon 2012 - Homestuck | Lil Cal, Sis, Dave by elysiagriffin KatsuCon 2012 - Homestuck | Lil Cal, Sis, Dave :iconelysiagriffin:elysiagriffin 430 26 just kiss the damn puppet by SaltyKumquats just kiss the damn puppet :iconsaltykumquats:SaltyKumquats 521 19 Sk by Dareedse Sk :icondareedse:Dareedse 443 47 B by Dareedse B :icondareedse:Dareedse 653 46
USB [Dirk x Reader]
 It was the last day of the Spring term people were chatting, messing around, being idiots like they always are, the sun was shining and everyone was happy. Well, maybe except you.
You see, it was suppose to be the the most fun day of the Term since in most of the lessons the teachers either let you chill and watch a movie or finish of the lest lesson's work. To you though it wasn't as fun as it should be.
In the morning some random guy you exchanged few words with began pissing you off, you told him to stop but he ignored you; at some point he pushed you over your line and you ended up on Lunch detention for slapping him across the face so hard the contact with your hand made him fall onto the floor. Nevertheless you were proud of yourself because now he didn't dare to come any way near you.
And here you are walking out of the detention room and heading over to the Canteen where your friends are eating lunch. You don't have many friends maybe four or five. You have your own littl
:iconnightrun1444:Nightrun1444 491 343
Dave Strider by Avrely Dave Strider :iconavrely:Avrely 263 25 RWBY X OC Garrett Strider's former team by ZeroSenPie RWBY X OC Garrett Strider's former team :iconzerosenpie:ZeroSenPie 209 65 unironically ironic by SaltyKumquats unironically ironic :iconsaltykumquats:SaltyKumquats 506 38 uHH LOL WUT by briGriv uHH LOL WUT :iconbrigriv:briGriv 406 47 Derse Dirk Strider - [Homestuck] by Cotton-Monster Derse Dirk Strider - [Homestuck] :iconcotton-monster:Cotton-Monster 517 24 BETA - HOMESTUCK by LaWeyD BETA - HOMESTUCK :iconlaweyd:LaWeyD 879 35 Carry On Brave Knight by Psychocereals Carry On Brave Knight :iconpsychocereals:Psychocereals 1,916 154 Mech Warrior - Tai Sho by Shimmering-Sword Mech Warrior - Tai Sho :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 193 56 Dave: Grieve. by SaltyKumquats Dave: Grieve. :iconsaltykumquats:SaltyKumquats 817 88 what just happened :o by SaltyKumquats what just happened :o :iconsaltykumquats:SaltyKumquats 308 17