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Silver morning by Trichardsen Silver morning :icontrichardsen:Trichardsen 963 83
Streaking- Levi x Reader
It had started with a nightmare. One with dark creatures lurking in shadows, blood, and you screaming. It was ominous, and the first inkling this would not be a good day.
You’d awoken that morning to find the floor around your bed covered in puddles, and your clothes and covers drenched in water. You slept next to the window, which Ymir had opened in the middle of the hot humid summer night, only for the rain to belt in later.
The other girls in your dorm were unsympathetic, unable to understand why you had not woken when the rain started. Truthfully it was because you were knackered- sleep just hadn’t been coming easily to you recently.
Hence you spent the rest of the day shivering with a cold, making it difficult to manoeuvre well in training. Your constant sneezing made you twitch, the movement enough to trigger the wires in your 3DMG, sending you wildly and ungracefully off course, in one case taking out three other cadets. Being a laughingstock was never enjoyable, eve
:iconthatguywhosketches:thatguywhosketches 1,035 203
The Twilight is My Robe by octane2 The Twilight is My Robe :iconoctane2:octane2 1,058 136 England Is Not Amused by Kitten-Skull England Is Not Amused :iconkitten-skull:Kitten-Skull 581 63 Road To Nowhere by Corvidae65 Road To Nowhere :iconcorvidae65:Corvidae65 237 141 Milford by Moonlight by octane2 Milford by Moonlight :iconoctane2:octane2 240 26 New Year - Frolic Stamp by Busiris New Year - Frolic Stamp :iconbusiris:Busiris 100 59 Ponies Gone Wild at the Gala by AtomicGreymon Ponies Gone Wild at the Gala :iconatomicgreymon:AtomicGreymon 539 80 Forest Plasma Charge (freebie) by somadjinn Forest Plasma Charge (freebie) :iconsomadjinn:somadjinn 53 9 Pot Luck by FlippinPhil Pot Luck :iconflippinphil:FlippinPhil 92 43 meanwhile in orzammar by MonkeyMu meanwhile in orzammar :iconmonkeymu:MonkeyMu 95 27 Foggy Sunrise by 1darkstar1 Foggy Sunrise :icon1darkstar1:1darkstar1 39 6 Patrick's Safety Tip by pickles0629 Patrick's Safety Tip :iconpickles0629:pickles0629 49 25 Autumn Sun Shine on Me by MichiTheThird Autumn Sun Shine on Me :iconmichithethird:MichiTheThird 71 79 Buttermilks by Moonlight by narmansk8 Buttermilks by Moonlight :iconnarmansk8:narmansk8 87 22 Pocket Smexy by DevilChicky210 Pocket Smexy :icondevilchicky210:DevilChicky210 86 48 NM 39: House of Mouse by Jane1 NM 39: House of Mouse :iconjane1:Jane1 16 8 streaking :D by kludia streaking :D :iconkludia:kludia 20 37 Jasper Pajama Party Meme Animation by Ask-ManInTheMirror Jasper Pajama Party Meme Animation :iconask-maninthemirror:Ask-ManInTheMirror 28 24 NAKED by Fullmetal-Ed-Elric NAKED :iconfullmetal-ed-elric:Fullmetal-Ed-Elric 71 41 Drunken Streaking by Valsalia Drunken Streaking :iconvalsalia:Valsalia 48 9