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MLP Auction - Cake Ponies 1 (CLOSED) by tsurime MLP Auction - Cake Ponies 1 (CLOSED) :icontsurime:tsurime 692 106 Strawberry Shortcake by DAV-19 Strawberry Shortcake :icondav-19:DAV-19 4,016 273
Strawberry Kiss (Tsukishima Kei x Fem!Reader)
(A/N: not really mature mature content but have some tissues ready for that nosebleed. I wrote this at 3 am, please don’t judge me lol)
Yet again, you sat in your seat, waiting for class to end. Since you had been staring at the clock long enough to burn a hole in it, you didn’t even notice your leg bouncing so high that it had been hitting the desk, causing a ruckus.
“(first)~ Psssst (first)~” Hinata tried to whisper. “(fiiiiirst)-”
“Ms.(last)! Is there somewhere you need to go?”
“Huh? O-oh, no ma’am!”
“Good. Then I’ll assume you wouldn’t mind staying after class to do an extra credit assignment?”
“But I don’t need extra credit.”
“Hmp. Not after the test I just graded.” Soon, a wall of giggles and snickers smacked your eardrums, causing you to sink into your seat from embarrassment.
You sighed and hung your head low. “Yes, ma’am.”
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[Home Ec] Midorima Shintarou x Reader

*~Home Ec~*
How you got stuck with Shūtoku High's shooting guard after school baking a cake together was ultimately dependent upon three things. One, you were absent on the day of your Home Economics final. Two, Sensei was kind enough to give you one opportunity to make it up after school today. And Three, Midorima Shintarou, said shooting guard, friend *cough crush cough* of yours and fellow home ec student, couldn't bake or cook to save his life.
You pushed your (h/c) hair behind your ear as you tried to not despair over yet another charcoaled, mushy blob. Your partner had managed to somehow burn and undercook the cake batter at the same time.
"The directions said to bake it at 172 °C for forty minutes, so I thought baking it at 344 °C for twenty minutes would be more efficient, nanodayo."
"There's a reason you have to follow the instructions as written Midorima-kun," You pointed
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