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The Upside Down - Stranger Things Poster by edwardjmoran The Upside Down - Stranger Things Poster :iconedwardjmoran:edwardjmoran 528 17 The Demogorgon by synthesys The Demogorgon :iconsynthesys:synthesys 309 14 011 by CrystalGrazianoArt 011 :iconcrystalgrazianoart:CrystalGrazianoArt 501 12 Stranger Things/ Jancy by Siarina Stranger Things/ Jancy :iconsiarina:Siarina 407 12 Inktober. Stranger Things by nelsondaniel Inktober. Stranger Things :iconnelsondaniel:nelsondaniel 176 4 Eleven from Stranger Things by slshimerdla Eleven from Stranger Things :iconslshimerdla:slshimerdla 453 65 Promise by Mellodee Promise :iconmellodee:Mellodee 197 26 Stranger Things by VarshaVijayan Stranger Things :iconvarshavijayan:VarshaVijayan 218 5 Eleven by Ellana333 Eleven :iconellana333:Ellana333 259 24 Stranger powers,stranger monsters by BOTAGAINSTHUMANITY Stranger powers,stranger monsters :iconbotagainsthumanity:BOTAGAINSTHUMANITY 191 10 Dark Horse by FellFallow Dark Horse :iconfellfallow:FellFallow 131 28 Mike Wheeler by Mellodee Mike Wheeler :iconmellodee:Mellodee 85 13 Barb by johnnyrocwell Barb :iconjohnnyrocwell:johnnyrocwell 153 7 In The Upside Down by NovaBytes In The Upside Down :iconnovabytes:NovaBytes 155 8 Eleven by ZhouRules Eleven :iconzhourules:ZhouRules 73 2 Trainer Things - Collab w/ Mike Vasquez by JoeHoganArt Trainer Things - Collab w/ Mike Vasquez :iconjoehoganart:JoeHoganArt 237 15 Stranger Things by 3rand0n Stranger Things :icon3rand0n:3rand0n 204 3 Eleven by Ururuty Eleven :iconururuty:Ururuty 138 15 Will by Mellodee Will :iconmellodee:Mellodee 100 14 Hello, Mike. by Mellodee Hello, Mike. :iconmellodee:Mellodee 65 7 Stranger Things - High School Eleven by kharis-art Stranger Things - High School Eleven :iconkharis-art:kharis-art 72 32 Stranger Things by haniutek Stranger Things :iconhaniutek:haniutek 132 4 stranger yet by cactev stranger yet :iconcactev:cactev 170 6 Chapter Eight by Mellodee Chapter Eight :iconmellodee:Mellodee 69 11 Barb by fydraws Barb :iconfydraws:fydraws 238 8 Stranger Things Fan Art by peterszebeni Stranger Things Fan Art :iconpeterszebeni:peterszebeni 206 17 Stranger Things by korintic Stranger Things :iconkorintic:korintic 204 20 Eleven by Aelini Eleven :iconaelini:Aelini 96 10 Stranger Things by Briosso Stranger Things :iconbriosso:Briosso 152 12 Stranger Things valentine 1 by Natesquatch Stranger Things valentine 1 :iconnatesquatch:Natesquatch 97 4
Loveless Midnight #7: Oddities After 11

Stranger Things is beautiful and otherwordly. It gives a strange sense of comfort even in the show's most uncomfortable situations. There is nostalgia and then there's nostalgia executed with excellence.
Those kids... they're kids. One can feel like a kid again watching them. They're awkward, they play, they have adventures.
They really pull you in, don't they? These characters are wonderfully convincing.
We can't help but have a favorite - Eleven, of course. I like "Elf" for her, which also happens to mean eleven in German. Works, right?
That enigmatic, tortured girl can't not be the focus of this feature, hence the title. She speaks very few words through the series and yet expresses so much thanks to Millie Bobby Brown's haunting performance.
We had no difficulties finding amazing fan art pieces for Stranger Things with which we can explore the characters, places and underlying themes. Let's go to the Upsidedown. Don't get lost.
:iconmidnightexigent:MidnightExigent 34 27
Eleven : Stranger Things by Corelle-Vairel Eleven : Stranger Things :iconcorelle-vairel:Corelle-Vairel 135 6 Elijah Wood by Ururuty Elijah Wood :iconururuty:Ururuty 67 2 011 by FlyQueen 011 :iconflyqueen:FlyQueen 77 7 Lost Child by teeyu Lost Child :iconteeyu:teeyu 50 10 The Reflection by GLPing The Reflection :iconglping:GLPing 53 8 Stranger Things Poster by VaiNik Stranger Things Poster :iconvainik:VaiNik 29 3 Stranger things fan art by victter-le-fou Stranger things fan art :iconvictter-le-fou:victter-le-fou 137 16 Off to fight the demigorgon  by plantplague Off to fight the demigorgon :iconplantplague:plantplague 194 15 Stranger Things by CamiiW Stranger Things :iconcamiiw:CamiiW 141 15 Strangers by thealphan Strangers :iconthealphan:thealphan 51 4 all the kids by Pukao all the kids :iconpukao:Pukao 179 5 Remembering by Redmarker2611 Remembering :iconredmarker2611:Redmarker2611 41 12 1983 by Mellodee 1983 :iconmellodee:Mellodee 48 3 Kids by Mellodee Kids :iconmellodee:Mellodee 42 6 Strange lil Valentines by Natesquatch Strange lil Valentines :iconnatesquatch:Natesquatch 225 32 Eleven  by Devin-Francisco Eleven :icondevin-francisco:Devin-Francisco 106 7 Stranger Thing #1 by sonny123 Stranger Thing #1 :iconsonny123:sonny123 133 8 Stranger Things - DONE by KR-Whalen Stranger Things - DONE :iconkr-whalen:KR-Whalen 50 2 Stranger Things by Spidersaiyan Stranger Things :iconspidersaiyan:Spidersaiyan 121 5