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Daddy!LevixChild!Reader - The Hard Questions
Levi looked down at his daughter. She stood timidly near the doorway, fiddling with the large towel in her hands. Her hair was still soaked from the bath she had taken not minutes ago, and droplets of water fell from the glossy strands and onto her yellow nightgown.
“What, _____?” he said in his usual cold tone, though _____ knew it wasn’t completely intentional.
The six-year-old looked down at the peach-colored towel clutched in her tiny fingers. “U-Um, Mommy always helps me dry my hair. . .”
Levi sighed softly and sat up on the couch, motioning _____ to come closer. When she did, he sat her down on the floor in front of him and took the towel from her hands. He spread the towel over her small head and gently massaged it through the towel. He wrapped the towel around her long strands and proceeded to knead the water out of them.
“Daddy, where’s Mommy?” _____ asked, turning her head to look at her father.
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Promoted Part 1 A stork Story
Jessica was having the best afternoon of her life as she sat at her desk.  She turned the invitation over and over in her hands, her slender well manicured fingers tracing out the stylised silhouette of the stork flying with a baby bundle in its beak that was on the centre of the card.
"I'm expecting a baby."  
She softly read the card to herself, then broke into a large grin.  She couldn't believe it, Moira was actually having a baby. Moira!  Of all people.   That only meant one thing for Jessica.  Promotion!
Jessica was trainee managing director, she had been in the position for two whole years, waiting for the chance where she could take that final step up to Managing Director.  Now with the managing director expecting a child, maternity leave would surely see Jessica step up to fill  Moira's rather impressive shoes of running the soliciting firm.  She felt so excited she could barely cont
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Storm Hawks Truth or Dare ch.3
Piper: Okay Mr. Hot-shot, how about this? I dare you to.....
She paused to look around the room at her teammates faces as she built up the suspence.
Piper: I dare you to eat a three course meal of Junko's cooking right now!
Aerrow: That'll probably take to long though.
Piper: That's okay, while we continue the game, he can whip something up,*turns to Junko*is that okay Junko?
Junko: That’s great! I’ve been wanting someone to do a taste test for my slimer and sting egg soup! It made me gag a little the first time, but I think I got the kicks out of this one, I just need someone else's opinion of it! *runs into the kitchen*
Aerrow: *eyes go wide* I'd rather have to deal with the Dark Ace, but I guess there's no way out of this.
Finn: Well, there is, but you'd be called a chicken! *imitates chicken*
Aerrow: Okay, fine! I hate when he does that.
Piper: It's your turn Aerrow.
Aerrow saw his chance to get Piper b
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