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Ghost Stories Photoshop Action by elestrial Ghost Stories Photoshop Action :iconelestrial:elestrial 3,806 640
Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Sweden
      "Hey, you all know who's going to go next? No? Well, I'll tell you then." America pointed straight to you and nodded. "That's right dudes, she is. Now get up here and get your item already."
"I'm coming America, seriously, calm down." You walked up to the hat and pulled out a black tie from within. "Oh, this is fancy" You tie the tie around your neck. "Anyone want to claim it?"
"I think he already walked into the closet." America walked you over to the closet. "Yup, he's in here. See you in seven dudes! Don't do anything crazy in there." With that he locked the door.
"It looks good on you; you can keep it if you want." You immediately recognized the mellow voice to be Sweden's.
"Oh, the tie? Thanks, but how can you see in this darkness?" You sat on the floor next to Sweden.
"I don't think it's really all that dark. Perhaps my eyes are just better at adjusting to the dark than most people are." Sweden wrapped you up in a hug. Your eyes were beginning to focus; you c
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 639 108
TFA - Bedtime stories by Rosey-Raven TFA - Bedtime stories :iconrosey-raven:Rosey-Raven 863 199
7 Tips for Writing Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
7 Tips for Writing Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0

Chapter 2 “Genres” – Section 9 “Apocalypse”
(Previous Tutorial)             (Next Tutorial)
"It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine."
In recent history, there has been a surge of interest in stories surrounding the post-apocalyptic world and it make
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 303 79
GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony by PatrickBrown GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 3,849 504
~Never Leave Me~ Alois Trancy x Reader
"[Name] darling! Please try to hurry! You don't want to be late, do you?" Your mother called as you began your descent down the staircase.
"Oh, of course not, mother." You replied sarcastically.
"Don't be that way, [Name]. Earl Trancy is a fine young man." Your father stated as he took his place beside your mother.
"That doesn't mean I have to marry him." You tried to argue.
"This topic is not up for debate. You are to marry Alois Trancy upon his 18th birthday, and that's final. You know our family needs this in order to move up in the world." Your father said, his voice stern. Rolling your eyes, you made your way to the front door.
"[Name]." Your mother began. It was her way of trying to reason with you.
"We should leave now. I wouldn't want to keep my fiancé waiting." You replied, sarcasm tainting your words, before walking outside and towards an awaiting carriage.
The ride to the Trancy manor was long, boring, and monotonous. Not to mention the extreme tension that w
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 548 156
GTA: LEGENDS III by PatrickBrown GTA: LEGENDS III :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 5,115 982
Pokemon Dead Channel
These creepypastas were made years ago when I was very young! Because of that, they are old, terribly cliché and outdated. I keep them posted because some people still enjoy reading these. Whether you're reading these for laughs, or because you legitimately like them, I hope you enjoy!
I was introduced to the video game realm a tad late than most other people. For most, if not all, of my early childhood, I was isolated from other kids and I had next to no social interactions. My days were spent in a prison-like school and my nights rotted away with mind numbing TV. Life was dull and boring, all I had were my stuffed animals and cheap plastic toys to talk to. That's when I got a GameCube.
It was the Christmas of 2003, I believe. I was overjoyed at having my own video game station. It came with the games Super Mario Sunshine, Pac Man World 2, and Pokémon Channel. Each of those games still hold a special place in my heart today. As soon as the GameCube was set up and read
:iconstar-byte:star-byte 1,902 1,852
Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Spain
    "What are you waiting for dude, it's your turn." Smiling a wide, excited smile, America waved you up to the front of the room. "Get up here."
"I was waiting for you to call my name, obviously." You stood from your seat, stepped up to the hat and pull out a churro. "I'd eat this, but who knows how long it's been stuffed in that hat. And who knows where that has has been."
"It's been in there a while now, I wouldn't recommend that you eat it. I'll buy you a fresh one later if you want." Spain gives you a warm smile and grabs your hand to lead you into the closet, America locked the door behind you. "So, what do we do in here hmm, tell ghost stories or something? I know this one that used to scare Romano pretty good." He chuckled at the thought.
"I guess we could do that." You let your voice trail off, you didn't want to tell him what you were really supposed to be doing in there, it would just make things awkward.
America began yelling from outside the door. "Dudes, I hear
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 634 59
Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Intro (For Girls)
á á á á á"Hey Dude's we should totally play a game or something. Oh I know what we can do. It'll be awesome! We'll play that seven minutes in heaven game!" America Runs over to His Closet and grabs a large patriotic hat "Okay dudes, throw your stuff in here, then when a girl picks your item you get to go in the closet with her, but only for seven minutes. It'll be the bomb!"
"I don't know America, this sounds like a bad idea to me..." England lets out a deep sigh. "Some people don't know how to control themselves you know."
"Oh hush you, I think it's wonderful, who wouldn't want to be in a dark cramped closet with a beautiful girl? On hon hon hon!" France blows a kiss your way.
"You see what I'm saying, France already has something perverted on the brain. God only knows what he'll do to what every poor girl gets stuck with him." England shot a pissed off look at France.
America began collecting items from everyone. "Shut up England, no one has to control themselves, that's the point. I
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 1,253 202
Male!Queen of Hearts/Reader - Painted Hearts (2/2)
Male!Queen of Hearts/Reader – Painted Hearts
(Queen of Hearts – King of Hearts) (Alice – Alex) (Cheshire has been humanized in this)
(This is entirely the original animated Disney version of the Queen of Hearts and not any other adaption.)
The first day was exhausting to say the least. Frederick had kept you on your toes as he dished out a variety of different practices to teach you with that were all either pointless or obnoxious, usually both. It was now the third day you had been in Wonderland and the week was going by incredibly fast. Today you had more lessons with the king to much of your chagrin. 
You put on your dress for the day and made your ways out of the king's bedroom, which you had been sharing ever since the first day. It was embarrassing at first but you eventually just got used to it. He'd always end up cuddling with you when you slept. You woul
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 518 189
Male!Vanellope Schweetz/Reader - Shut up and Drive
Male!Vanellope Von Schweetz/Reader - Shut up and Drive!
(Vanellope Von Schweetz - Vanello Von Schweetz)
I've been looking for a driver who is qualified
So if you think that you're the one, step into my ride
I'm a fine cool supersonics speed machine
Got a sunroof top and a gangster lead
So if you feel it let me know, know, know
Come on now what you're waiting for, for, for
My engine's ready to explode, explode, explode
So start me up and watch me go, go, go~!
You were one of Sugar Rush's many characters, your name was (Y/n) (L/n) and you were a racer. You drove your special (favorite candy) race kart through the race track that would eventually lead to the finish line. Your smirked confidently to yourself and slide your kart passed a turn and drifted until you slammed onto the gas pedal and sped forwards. You w
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 414 50
Babysitting by CaptBexx Babysitting :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 1,909 101
AustriaXReader - Bedtime Stories With Grandpa Rome
Bedtime Stories With Grandpa Rome-
Austria X Reader addition
     The large nation with thick locks of curly brown hair and muscles defining his perfect body wrapped his arms around a tiny you. He rocked you in his soft embrace, giving you a merry smile as he stared into your eyes as you looked up at him with a pout sat on your face. You did not want to go to bed; instead, you wanted to stay up late with Grandpa Rome and listen to his tales of battle and love.
     "Come on (Name), it's bed time now~ You will be tired in the morning if you don't get enough sleep!" Grandpa Rome stated before he pinched a chubby cheek of yours.
     You chased away his hand with your own and then tugged at the long white robes draping over his chest. "I don't want to go to bed! Please let me stay up with you Grandpa!" You whined and tugged harder on his clothing while your eyes swelled up with tears. You gave him suc
:iconuraharasteph:UraharaSteph 240 114
Hetalia Seven Minutes in heaven Greece
á á á áYou pull a stuffed kitten out of the hat. "Oh my god, it's so cute, can I please keep it?" No one answered you. "I'll take that as a yes, but who's is this?" Romano threw a tomato at Greece, waking him up.
"Hmm, what I miss?" Greece rubbed his eyes and stretched. "Oh, you have my gift…I forgot what that means…" He stood there with a confused smile on his sleepy face.
"Oh come on man, really? Take the girl to the closet already." America pushed you two into the closet and locked the door. "Now don't fall asleep on her ok?"
"But it's so cozy in here, and dark too." Greece yawned and cuddled into your lap. "Would you like to take a nap with me?" He laid his head in your lap and wrapped his arms around your waist. "Your very comfortable "____", I could sleep on you easily."
You ran your fingers through his messy brown hair and smiled."I think you could sleep anywhere, but thank you."
He tugged at your shirt like a child. "Would you like to lay down with me?" He seemed to b
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 672 89
The Journey by zemotion The Journey :iconzemotion:zemotion 6,697 349
Cute Laugh: Luffy X Reader

    (f/n): Name
    Luffy and (f/n) sat on the figurehead of the Thousand Sunny together after a long day of adventure. The male held her close to his body, his legs tangled with hers. His arms kept a tight grip around her waist, and he smiled a smile filled with content when he felt her lean against his toned chest.
    Hearing her sigh, the future king grinned widely, and leaned down to nuzzle her neck, which made the girl giggle.
    "You have a cute laugh, (f/n)!" Luffy exclaimed, pressing his nose to the warm skin, and holding her a little tighter. (f/n) chuckled once more, and tilted her head to the side to give Luffy some extra room.
    "You do too, Luffy," she entertained with a smile.
    At this, however, the boy frowned.
    "No way!"
:iconwolfofthemoons:WolfOfTheMoons 311 38
Alucard and Child!reader: The Tall Man
It was the year you turned twelve and the leaves were falling that the tall man came, as though a Godsend.
Everyone was talking witchcraft in the village. The Widow Ashe had been missing for almost a week now and though hunting parties were sent out many times to search for her nothing was ever found. The minister of your small village preached long, arduous sermons about the sins of the fathers and demons of hell coming in the rapture to collect the souls of the dammed. Of course your parents were convinced it was all because of your idle nature and lashed out at you so frequently that for a time you were afraid to even sleep for fear of being idle.
Then the children of the town began to complain that a tall man with eyes red as the Devil’s watched them from outside their windows as they lay to sleep. Though many tried to remedy this with blessings and heavy curtains, it did nothing to deter their nighttime visitor.
“Why must you sin so often?” your father would bell
:iconkoromarimo:KoroMarimo 399 76
Bedtime Routines by Ceshira Bedtime Routines :iconceshira:Ceshira 1,890 222
Male!Queen of Hearts/Reader - Painted Hearts (1/2)
Male!Queen of Hearts/Reader – Painted Hearts
(Queen of Hearts – King of Hearts) (Alice – Alex)
(This is entirely the original animated Disney version of the Queen of Hearts and not any other adaption.)
The forest went on for seemingly forever. Maybe, following the directions from that grinning cat that talked in riddles had been a bad idea. Frowning to yourself and glancing down at your sore feet, you wished more than anything you could find the exit out of this strange world you had fallen into. It started off sighting a talking rabbit with waistcoat and pocket watch in it's paw. You had never seen anything like it and you had to follow it to see where it was going. Unfortunately, you weren’t watching your steps as you had fallen straight into a giant hole that led you here in this place called Wonderland. “My parents are going to be so worried if I don
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 486 110
Hobo Heart Creepypasta by ChrisOzFulton Hobo Heart Creepypasta :iconchrisozfulton:ChrisOzFulton 574 48
Male!Esmeralda/Reader-Purity Amongst Outcasts 1/2
Male♂Esmeralda/Reader - Purity Amongst Outcasts

(Esmeralda - Esmeraldo) 
(This story may contain sensitive material in it. Just for the warning.)

The world was wild, full of wicked sin and vice everywhere you turned, there were always liars, cheaters, debauchees, murderers, all of them hell-bound sinners all the same everywhere you looked. There on this Earth purity was missing and the world remained full of unruly vile evil corruption. Purity was nowhere to be seen within this tainted world as the hand of sin left nothing untouched, but he was desperate enough to cling onto to what he called purity and claimed it as his own and his alone. You were his purity, you were untouched by the world's sinful infliction and literally godsend, or so that is what he believed. This man was known as Judge Claude Frollo and he believed he had been gifted by God and his angels for his good works a girl wh
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 628 79
The Narrative OC MEME 3
I. Choose up to five (5) of your favorite original story characters that will embark in this role-play. If you don't have five (5) then leave them blank (or create a character on the spot!) Be sure to give a little description of them:
II. Character Two  has taken a part-time job as a substitute teacher at a learning facility. How did their first day go? What were they teaching?
III. Character One  and Character Five   are hired as police officers and end up placing Character Three  into custody. Does everything go smoothly?
IV. Character One  and Character Two  happen do discover a strange artifact while rummaging through an abandoned warehouse. Both fight and argue on over the artifact until one of them wins. Explain what the artifact looks like.
V. Depending on who wins the strange artifact, either Character One  or Character Two  are granted two wishes.
:iconmeasthenarrator:MeAsTheNarrator 965 114
The Fairy Tale, A Lifelong Resonance
A thousand years tradition of scaring children at bedtime continues for children of all ages. News of the discovery of 500 “new” fairy tales collected over 150 years ago [link] in Germany and locked away in a forgotten archive has me thinking about the enduring importance of these narrative treasures in the lives of human societies worldwide. My worry, have fairy tales been marginalized by modernism?

:icontechgnotic: by techgnotic
A Thousand Years Tradition of Scaring Children at Bedtime
Continues for Children of All Ages

News of the discovery of 500 “new” fairy tales collected over 150 years ago in Germany and locked away in a forgotten archive has me thinking about the enduring importance of these narrative treasures in the lives of huma
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 2,674 2,161
Character Motivation Sheet by AnikaandAj Character Motivation Sheet :iconanikaandaj:AnikaandAj 669 15
Male!Esmeralda/Reader-Purity Amongst Outcasts 2/2
Male♂Esmeralda/Reader - Purity Amongst Outcasts

(Esmeralda - Esmeraldo) 
(This story may contain sensitive material in it. Just for the warning.)

Once back home, you knew there was no way you would have the courage or the ability to climb back up the vines to the top of your balcony. You sighed and felt depression wash over you. Droplets of warm tears cascaded down your cheeks and off of your chin. You were going to be in so much trouble. You should of have had never left to begin with but Esmeraldo made the world outside seem so tempting. You knew you had no choice in the matter, the guards would see you and they would inform your father immediately. You just had to prepare yourself the beating that was defiantly going to be worse since you already disobeyed him for the same incident. 
You kept your head hanging low as you gradually went to the front doors where two guards were on pos
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 556 98
The Lonely Side Prussia x Child!Reader
The Lonely side
Prussia x Child! Reader
  Gilbert always seemed like someone who was very popular that everyone knew, some found annoying, and others found attractive. But what they never really knew about the once great kingdom was that he was lonely as he could be. For he would spend his days with either his laptop or his only two friends, no one ever really cared about the person inside, just the shell he was trapped in.
  Around this same time a little girl who was no more than four was dropped off at an orphanage by her mother while she slept. The poor child had no idea what she was about to encounter. She was small, frail, and wouldn’t last a day in the rough life of that of an orphan. The child would soon come to know hardships of fighting with other kids, bumps and bruises, and of course sadness of wondering why she was there and if she’s ever going to leave.
  After a couple weeks Gilbert went over to the bar when he saw some children playing in the
:iconspicecat7:SpiceCat7 781 172
The Narrative OC MEME 2
I. Choose up to five (5) of your favorite original story characters that will embark in this role-play. If you don't have five (5) then leave them blank (or create a character on the spot!) Be sure to give a little description of them:
II. Asleep, Character Two  or Character Four  are dreaming of their most pleasant childhood memory. What is it about?
III. However, Character Five continues to toss and turn, haunted by their childhood nightmare! What scared them as a child?
IV. Character Two finds a diary with Character Four name on it. They eagerly read a random page to themselves. What does the entry say?
V. Character Three is severely poisoned and is slowly dying. Explain how it happened and if they survive.
VI. A gang of bullies are picking on Character Four. Character Two or Character Five come to their aid but they both get beat up. Why is that?
VII. A character of your choice is just learning how
:iconmeasthenarrator:MeAsTheNarrator 1,256 127
Caldera by jordangrimmer Caldera :iconjordangrimmer:jordangrimmer 736 19
Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Canada
         "Hey dude, I thought I told you it was your turn. What are you doing still sitting over there?" Grinning wide, America pulled you to your feet. "Go on, get your item and get in the closet."   
"Right, I'm going. I kind of forgot it was my turn." You reached your hand into the hat, and quickly pulled a small bit of stuffing from the hat. "Uh, who's is this?"
"That's actually my bears, whose name I forgot, but it's my item." Canada was standing behind you, blushing furiously.
"Well, you two had better get in the closet before that bear comes back looking for his fluff!"America walked you two to the closet. "I'll warn you if he shows up." With that you were locked inside the dark closet with Canada. You quickly found a spot in the corner and sat down, hoping to evade him for the seven minutes.
"You probably don't know who I am, so I'll introduce myself." He blushed awkwardly. "I'm Canada. "
"I know who you are, Canada. There's no need for introd
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 682 176
A Hood of Blood by kelogsloops A Hood of Blood :iconkelogsloops:kelogsloops 2,674 242 Some People by MumblingIdiot Some People :iconmumblingidiot:MumblingIdiot 15,504 2,149 Dreaming Soul by adoreluna Dreaming Soul :iconadoreluna:adoreluna 790 156
Anybody Can Write a Novel - Outline
Anybody Can Write A Novel - Outline
A Step-by-step Guide for Anyone to Learn How to Write a Novel

This is an Outline of all my current articles, and a look at what is to come. I will try to update it, at least once every two weeks. Also note that just because something is absent from the Outline does not mean I don't plan to write it. This is a compilation of only chapters that have already been written.
(You'll notice that I have neglected some points and chapters within this Outline. This this is simply a result of realizing that there is so much to learn, when it comes to writing. Don't worry, I'll be sure to come back and fill in the gaps. Also, if this list inspires any requested topics that you would like me to address, please feel free to suggest them in the comments section.)

Chapter 1– Beginning to Write
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 449 54
SLENDER :iconhostilecobalt:HostileCobalt 523 521
I was fighting an Audino once...a wild one. Got it in the red, and it used Heal Pulse right before I finished it off. I felt so guilty walking away that I put Anna, my Audino, in my party and began training her immediately to fill the 5th slot, as I only had a semi-permanent team of four at the time. First move I made her learn was Heal Pulse.
Wouldn't you feel guilty, too? You've been struggling to take this thing down...both your Pokemon and the wild Audino are's on the verge of fainting, and it heals you instead, even though it knows what will happen next.
It wasn't that bad when it happened, but when I thought about it...I stood there for a little bit after it was over and realized what it had done.
Tabunne are worth so much EXP...but really, all they want to do is help you.
:iconkitsuneexe:KitsuneEXE 170 123
Reference Sheet: Huzer [COMMISSION] by ARVEN92 Reference Sheet: Huzer [COMMISSION] :iconarven92:ARVEN92 139 92 Goliath by eikonik Goliath :iconeikonik:eikonik 675 135 Stories of the Dead by neverdying Stories of the Dead :iconneverdying:neverdying 614 153
Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Iceland
         America roughly grabbed your arm and pulled you to the front of the room. "Come on up here already, it's been your turn to play for like, five seconds."
"Oh, well I did not know that." You stick your hand into the hat and pull out a piece of licorice. "Eww, whose is this?"
"It's mine, if you don't want it, give it here, I'll eat it." Iceland snatched it from your hand and started eating it.
"That's nasty, who knows what else was stuffed in that hat. You should be more careful what you eat... Little brother." Norway gave Iceland a teasing look.
"Stop calling me that, I hate it." Iceland began stomping his way to the closet. You weren't sure if it was such a good idea to follow him or not, but America didn't leave you much of a choice. He practically threw you in with Iceland and locked the door behind him. Afraid to further upset Iceland, you stayed silent. "Are you just going to sit there or are we going to do something? This will be boring if you don'
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 521 113
Male!Madame Mim/Reader - Reason in Madness (1/2)

Male♂Madame Mim/Reader - Reason in Madness 
(Madame Mim - Mister Mim)
"There's always madness in love but there is also always some reason in madness."

You went trekking through the dark gloomy forest, looking for the one that called himself Mister Mim. You didn't know much about Mister Mim other than the fact he was a sorcerer that you wanted to work as an apprentice for. At first you were going to settle working for Merlin but he already was busy with some kid named Arthur. So here you were walking through a cold dark spooky forest that had thick sharp throned briar patches everywhere you turned. "Who would live out here? It's so depressing." You say to yourself as you look around at the barren scenery that you were heading through. "Mister Mim must like to live out here alone. I don't see why though. There isn't much sunshine or anything." Shaking your head, you event
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 274 108
Mystery Machine by EndOfGreatness Mystery Machine :iconendofgreatness:EndOfGreatness 8,389 1,253
Daddy Dearest: EnglandXReader Chapter 2
"Alfred, it's time for dinner!" you called upstairs.
You set down the dinner on the dining room table. You had set the table before preparing the meal – spaghetti and meatballs. Arthur was out at work, so you offered to watch Matthew and Alfred for him, so you and the boys were having dinner alone. Ever since the day you rescued the boys from the park, you had been coming over more often, cooking more often as well, because apparently, Arthur was a terrible cook. You made sure to leave all of the leftovers for them. You didn't mind coming over. The boys had grown on you. Whenever you weren't studying for classes, at work or in class – you were at Arthur's home. You had even had spent the night in the guest bedroom. You barely spent any time at your own home – even though it was right across the street. Not that you minded. Your roommates were deplorable.  
"Coming!" you heard two voices chorus.
You could hear two sets of feet running across the floor above your
:iconkita-kudai:kita-kudai 907 474
The Narrative OC MEME
I. Choose up to five (5) of your favorite original story characters that will embark in this role-play. If you don't have five (5) then leave them blank (or create a character on the spot!) Be sure to give a little description of them:
II. One of your characters decides to make a grand entrance into a random tavern. How does that go? Pick either Character One  or Character Four :
III. Jealous, Character Three tries to make a grand entrance as well but somehow fails… why is that?
IV. A character is surrounded by many enemies and decides that the only thing they can do is fight! How does that go? Pick either Character Two or Character Five
V. Character Three is depressed and decides to get drunk.
VI. An event like no other takes place and Character One and Character Two get into a battle to the death. Who wins?
VII. Character Four or Character Five accidentally drink a love potion. Who do they fall in love wit
:iconmeasthenarrator:MeAsTheNarrator 2,840 748
Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Russia
á á á á You pull a white flower petal from the hat. "Oh, this is beautiful, who's is this?"
"That would be mine" Everyone but you stiffens at the familiar sound of Russia's voice.
"Who the heck invited Him man? He creeps the mess outa me!" America backed away from you two dropping the hat in the process.
"Ahh, you did, I got your invitation in the mail." Russia smiled at you sweetly, taking your hand and led you to the closet. Ukraine locked the door for you because America wouldn't go near it.
"I am not liking the dark very much." Russia held you close to him as if looking for comfort.
"It's not so bad" You said digging in your pocket for your iPod. Finding it you turned it on and used it for light. "There, is that better?"
"Yes, thank you, "Russia let you go. "Oh you are so krasivaja, I never noticed before now. I knew you were sweet butů" Russia slowly touched your face, as if trying not to scare you. ""_______" are you afraid of me, like everyone else?" You had never been afraid of
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 835 152
South Park - Craig Tucker x Tweek Tweak
I couldn't take it anymore. Sitting there and staring at that pale boy across from me with the black and red dyed hair, his cracked lips twisting in awful ways as he recited memorised lyrics and poems, which were by far the darkest and most foul rhymes that I'd ever had the displeasure of hearing. The way he spewed nonsense about how life was some huge mysterious shithole that everyone had to suffer in until we finally died - and then, maybe then, we would be happy. I had to admit, on my bad days, I didn't think the kid (I think his name was Pete?) was too annoying and sometimes I even agreed with the less dramatic rants he was always going off on. I even spoke up yesterday and briefly conversed with him about our mutual love of coffee.
But today was not one of those days. Today his bullshit-heavy flow of how everyone was a conformist and how he was desperately craving a cigarette was just way too much for me to handle. It was too much pressure- too much fucking pressure, man! He just
:iconimental:iMental 66 10
5 Tips for Cultural Diversity in Writing
5 Tips for Cultural Diversity in Writing
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 7 “From Story to Art” – Section 4 “Diversity”
With Links to Supplementary Material
Diversity—it almost seems a trap word meant for snaring unwitting people into a political debate. But why is it important to writing? Many will argue that it is a means of political correctness, popularity, and seeming hip to all your liberal friends at the coffee shop. While coffee shop creds are pretty important, the real reason for creating a diversity of religion, nationality, culture, ethnicity, philosophy, sexual orientation, gender, economic background, and any other sort, is that it gives a new layer of depth and realism to anything you write. By understanding the specific ways in which to apply diversity so that it adds this depth, we can also learn h
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 223 39
Thriae - Daphnis by puimun Thriae - Daphnis :iconpuimun:puimun 1,278 69 The Rawbat Hunter: A Truly Short Story by ukitakumuki The Rawbat Hunter: A Truly Short Story :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 2,717 94