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Rex Sting by LoulouVZ Rex Sting :iconloulouvz:LoulouVZ 228 18
Sting x Reader Forgive Me
Guild Master!Sting x Reader
[A/N: Sorry if Sting’s OOC, I don’t know him really well, gomen… ;-; This has nothing to do with the current storyline, just a story…by the way, Sting’s the guild master of Sabertooth in this one]
Warning: Cursing

You were playing with a coin, flicking it, causing it to fly in the air and spin. You caught it with two fingers, and repeated the entire process again.
’I’m so bored…’ You thought, and sat up, swinging your legs.
You were currently in your bedroom, on your bed, just waiting for someone.
Sting Eucliffe.
Your boyfriend.
You two were living together in the same place.
And he was late…again.
You sighed. ’I know Sting’s the Guild Master of Sabertooth…but would it kill him to be at least on time for once?’
Letting out a long sigh, you got up and exited your room, heading towards the kitchen, staring at the decoratio
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Aliens tribute by Rodrigo-Vega Aliens tribute :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 1,101 134
Reader x Sting Eucliffe (Train Ride)
You stared out the window and watched as the scenery went by. You rested your head in your hand and sighed. There was still a long way to go until you were back home. You busied yourself by running your free hand through the soft hair of the boy’s head currently in your lap.
You weren't sure why but every time there was a mission that required traveling sting would plop his head straight into your lap and sleep through the whole entire thing. It scared you the first few times. Your heart thundered in your chest the entire way and you wondered if he could hear it. You always wondered about his senses what could he hear, what could he smell. You glanced down at him arms folded over his chest and knees over the arm of the seat.  Lector slept curled up on his stomach.
Rouge wasn't here however, Frosch wasn't feeling too well so he stayed home to look after the small exceed.
The train was moderately empty. There were a few people here and there but currently no one was in the tra
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Fairies, The Alchemists Grimoire by Rodrigo-Vega Fairies, The Alchemists Grimoire :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 327 31 Celulation habitats V by Rodrigo-Vega Celulation habitats V :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 408 22 Thorn Brushes by KopaBill-Stock Thorn Brushes :iconkopabill-stock:KopaBill-Stock 279 83 Watch Parts Spider No 96 by AMechanicalMind Watch Parts Spider No 96 :iconamechanicalmind:AMechanicalMind 1,395 88 Twin Dragons of Sabertooth by Lightning--Strikes Twin Dragons of Sabertooth :iconlightning--strikes:Lightning--Strikes 1,112 121
[FT] Brokenhearted!Reader x Sting Eucliffe Ch1
Edit: Not the beta'd version :) Thanks to the dear Ezzyboo for that :)
Also though it turns into Sting Eucliffe x Reader, there is a bit angst!Gray Fullbuster x Reader at start, to make the Reader heartbroken. Just to warn ya!
Oh and Warning: There are little spoilers for the latest Anime Arc and Episodes :)
The fight against the seven dragons and their hatchlings was one of the toughest challenges that had to be completed by a guild.
But by joining forces, they succeeded to preserve Fiore before its complete annihilation. It was not only an ultimate battle for survival, because new friendships were made.
Once considered as enemies in the Grand Magic Games, the members of Sabertooth stood side by side with the Fairy Tail members, to eliminate the threat.
To express his deepest gratitude and to celebrate the completion of the Grand Magic Games, the king of Fiore, Toma É Fiore, decided to organize a grand ball. This way he was able to gather all heroes from the battle, to tha
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Sexy Game remake [Sting x Lucy] by Kiko-x3 Sexy Game remake [Sting x Lucy] :iconkiko-x3:Kiko-x3 146 15 Beedrill by JoshuaDunlop Beedrill :iconjoshuadunlop:JoshuaDunlop 313 32 Aliens tribute II by Rodrigo-Vega Aliens tribute II :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 1,428 127 Wargrider by WesTalbott Wargrider :iconwestalbott:WesTalbott 591 26 come..visit the woods he said... by nebezial come..visit the woods he said... :iconnebezial:nebezial 2,747 133 Kamen Rider Kabuto Soundboard 1.1 by CometComics Kamen Rider Kabuto Soundboard 1.1 :iconcometcomics:CometComics 122 34 Tartaros Arc by CelestialRayna Tartaros Arc :iconcelestialrayna:CelestialRayna 521 86 Don't provoke Dragon Slayers by CelestialRayna Don't provoke Dragon Slayers :iconcelestialrayna:CelestialRayna 728 61 106 - Toxting by pokeluka 106 - Toxting :iconpokeluka:pokeluka 272 23 Watch Parts Spider No 95 by AMechanicalMind Watch Parts Spider No 95 :iconamechanicalmind:AMechanicalMind 524 24 Let me share the warmth by Sythgara Let me share the warmth :iconsythgara:Sythgara 217 14
Fairy Tail Seven Minutes in Heaven Loke
        Happy marched back and forth on the bar counter, waiting for everyone to assemble. “Okay everyone, prepare yourselves. This game is my idea, so I want it to be totally fun for everyone.” He stopped his march and leaned up against a large ice bucket that now held all the items. “Since this is way too heavy for me to move, I've assigned everyone a number. Number one, come on up!”
You looked down at your little slip of paper, you were number one. “Well, it looks like I get to go first.” A little nervous about being the first player, you quickly walked up to Happy and handed him the small piece of paper. Trying to make your time in the spotlight as short as possible, you grabbed a pair of thin glasses from the top of the pile. “Loke, I have your glasses. Now come on.”
A few of the other female players sighed and whimpered at your announcement. You were half way to the ale cellar before Loke even moved. “Hey,
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Keep your Shirt on Gray X Reader Oneshot
     “Look, I didn't ask you to follow me around out here. I can handle this job all by myself. So why don't you stop your complaining and go back to the guild already.” Gray turned around, crossed his arms and stared at you. “Well, what are you waiting for? Go on back. I already said I didn't need you.”
“I'm not going anywhere. I accepted that job way before you did. Just because you have the flier doesn't mean you can steal the request and the rewards from me.” With a snort, you pushed passed him and continued walking. “You're stuck with me. Actually, I seem to be stuck with you.”
“Hey, don't you dare walk away from me like that. We need to talk about this.” Gray chased after you until he was walking beside you. “Look, I haven't been on a job for a while, I could really use these funds. What if we split the money fifty-fifty. We'll get the job done faster if we work together, then we can start on a new o
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Mega Man X Bosses by BrendanCorris Mega Man X Bosses :iconbrendancorris:BrendanCorris 568 180