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Mother Knows Best: Sterek Fanfic
Derek notices that the pack is uncharacteristically well behaved, and there haven't been any brawls or maiming caused by the usual bickering the past few weeks. He's getting suspicious.
Stiles didn't know why he even bothered putting up with these wolves.
He pushed the cart into the cereals aisle, taking the ones Derek liked, and some he didn't like for the pack. He took some of the normal cornflakes (because Derek's boring and he likes those), then some of the frosted ones, some Cheerios and Froot Loops since Isaac liked that one, and some few (more like a dozen) boxes of pop tarts since every single puppy went Hunger Games for it in the morning.
Jackson tried to take one of those cookie looking cereals and he stopped him from putting it in the car. "Whoa there, puppy, can't let you take that one," he put the box back on the shelf.
"Why not?!" said Jackson, watching Stiles push the cart out of the aisle to get a few gallons of milk from the
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