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Chicken Stew by AsyaYordanova Chicken Stew :iconasyayordanova:AsyaYordanova 957 223 Dollhouse Stew by fairchildart Dollhouse Stew :iconfairchildart:fairchildart 966 137 1:12 Scale Vegetable Stew and Rotisserie Chicken by fairchildart 1:12 Scale Vegetable Stew and Rotisserie Chicken :iconfairchildart:fairchildart 872 136 Mushroom Stew by BettyKwong Mushroom Stew :iconbettykwong:BettyKwong 626 24
Crazy, psychopathic, murderer ladies
Sexy, butt-kicking girls
Crazy/random/hyper self-inserts
Depressed emo/goth/always-dresses-in-black types
Angsty/moody/hot teenagers
The brown-haired girl with no personality
The mean, popular, snobby girl
Unreasonably cruel bullies out to make life harder for the main character
The best friend (if they were a good character who *happened* to be a best friend they wouldn't have to be described as this)
Fun fact: Making victim OCs is cliche
Another fun fact: how someone dresses is NOT their personality
Yet another fun fact: People who claim to be random really are not and they know it.
Super bonus fun fact: A character's breast size need NEVER be stated. The end.
Super de duper bonus fun fact: Please, spare us the paragraphs on what the character looks like. It is a story, not a fashion show. A few sentences with mentions of hair color or other select features you find necessary to point out(KEYWORD: NECESSARY) are perfect. After all, how
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The Problem with Self Inserts
The Problem with Self Inserts
There is nothing wrong with inserting yourself into a story. Like anything, it can be well done or... not so well done. The fact is, the majority of people who tend to write about self inserts happen to be beginners. Naturally, that causes there to be a pattern of certain, specific mistakes that are frequently found whilst reading anything on the internet. The purpose of this deviation isn't to say that self inserts are bad. I'm simply going to point out the most common mistakes that we usually encounter.
1. Making ourselves better than we really are.
Don't be fooled by the word "better." This can be replaced with mysterious, deep, dark, tragic, romantic, lovable... anything we want. Maybe a mix of a few of those things. The point is, the version of ourselves will be biased.
2. Not making anything bad happen to yourself
Let's talk about the word "bad." Does this mean something, perhaps, like... getting a disease? No. It means anything that interferes with
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