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Bat Family X Reader: We'll Never Leave You
Life just wasn’t going your way right now. You’d tried and tried but all you seemed to do recently is fail. You didn’t understand the algebra homework, the wrong words slipped out around your parents, and your friend won’t talk to you and you don’t even know why!
“At least I have you guys.” You muttered to yourself as you pulled out an old cardboard box that was one tear away from falling apart. Glancing inside, you smiled, seeing that your comic books were still there. With a grunt, you lifted the heavy box onto your bed and pulled out the top three books; ‘Catwoman: When in Rome’, ‘Batman: Hush’, and ‘Batgirl: Batgirl Rises’. They were the first few graphic novels that you had gotten and they were the start of your Bat Family addiction, “You guys won’t leave me right?” You muttered, almost inaudible, as you leafed through ‘Hush.’
After curling up with the book, you stopped at t
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