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SWR - Moving On by lorna-ka SWR - Moving On :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 498 40 I would never let anyone hurt you, Ahsoka.. never. by lorna-ka I would never let anyone hurt you, Ahsoka.. never. :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 1,885 135 Star Wars Rebels - Inquisitors by DarthTemoc Star Wars Rebels - Inquisitors :icondarthtemoc:DarthTemoc 382 14 Ezra and Sabine by Koikii Ezra and Sabine :iconkoikii:Koikii 323 49 Ahsoka by HelenKei Ahsoka :iconhelenkei:HelenKei 413 21 Closure by lorna-ka Closure :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 386 24 Sabine Wren - Darksaber by DarthTemoc Sabine Wren - Darksaber :icondarthtemoc:DarthTemoc 836 33 The White Wolf by DarthTemoc The White Wolf :icondarthtemoc:DarthTemoc 366 29 Star Wars Rebels Sabine Wren by JonathanPiccini-JP Star Wars Rebels Sabine Wren :iconjonathanpiccini-jp:JonathanPiccini-JP 261 19 SWR Heart of the Rebellion by lorna-ka SWR Heart of the Rebellion :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 930 47 Hidden Treasure by lorna-ka Hidden Treasure :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 700 46 SW Rebels: Different Meetings by carrinth SW Rebels: Different Meetings :iconcarrinth:carrinth 398 56 ''Where it began'' by lorna-ka ''Where it began'' :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 527 26 Ahsoka x 3 by lorna-ka Ahsoka x 3 :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 732 23 Darth Vader vs Ahsoka Tano by DarthTemoc Darth Vader vs Ahsoka Tano :icondarthtemoc:DarthTemoc 1,608 75 Final moments by BlueStripedRenulian Final moments :iconbluestripedrenulian:BlueStripedRenulian 429 100 Anakin why by lorna-ka Anakin why :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 868 65 twilight of the apprentice by emedeme twilight of the apprentice :iconemedeme:emedeme 341 13 Reflections by lorna-ka Reflections :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 370 6 Rogue One - Scarif sketch by Erik-Maell Rogue One - Scarif sketch :iconerik-maell:Erik-Maell 1,897 56 Star Wars Rebels Concept - Young Pirates by Brian-Snook Star Wars Rebels Concept - Young Pirates :iconbrian-snook:Brian-Snook 835 149 Sabine Wren [Rebels] + speed paint! by Koikii Sabine Wren [Rebels] + speed paint! :iconkoikii:Koikii 334 39
Color of Darkness (Sabine Wren x Sith!MaleReader)
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away; on one of the moons of the planet Ryloth, there was a small colony. This colony was nearly undetectable by radar because it served a special purpose and consisted of a few small domed buildings, one as a barracks another as a training ground and one as a spaceport for those entering and exiting the colony. This colony served as a secret training facility for the Galactic Empire and it was especially secretive because it only housed one person. The training facility was about the size of an average marketplace, providing ample room for both ranged and melee combat. Completely dark on the inside, the door opened and you stepped inside. You were wearing a black hooded robe, the sound of the cloth moving echoing through the chamber along with your footsteps. Looking around into the darkness, your target was nowhere to be seen until you were about halfway into the room. Sensing something, you quickly pulled out your lightsaber and held it to your r
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