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Meat Tray by jflaxman Meat Tray :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 469 119 Starvation Moon by ursulav Starvation Moon :iconursulav:ursulav 843 93 Anorexia by rodkaromanovich Anorexia :iconrodkaromanovich:rodkaromanovich 301 77 Rescue Stamp by DianePhotos Rescue Stamp :icondianephotos:DianePhotos 707 292 Winter Starvation by kaisernero121 Winter Starvation :iconkaisernero121:kaisernero121 304 40 Death and Famine by AntarcticSpring Death and Famine :iconantarcticspring:AntarcticSpring 324 11 Birth Control Saves Lives by OurHandOfSorrow Birth Control Saves Lives :iconourhandofsorrow:OurHandOfSorrow 327 259 Pensive by AnthonyPresley Pensive :iconanthonypresley:AnthonyPresley 308 11
 All cultures in which the Wendigo myth appeared shared the belief that human beings could turn into Wendigos if they ever resorted to cannibalism or, alternately, become possessed by the demonic spirit of a Wendigo, often in a dream. Once transformed, a person would become violent and obsessed with eating human flesh. The most frequent cause of transformation into a Wendigo was if a person had resorted to cannibalism, consuming the body of another human in order to keep from starving to death during a time of extreme hardship or famine.
     It's been weeks. Weeks. It is all I can do to stare up into the canopy of the tent. I cannot even begin to try and move from the sleeping bag. I turn my head to the left to assess her condition. She is far worse off than I. Her hips have become bone, hard, thick cat ears jutting from her waist. Her sweater and blankets cover most of her body, though I know that
:icondollyfish:dollyfish 116 11
7 Deadly Sins : Gluttony by extraordinary-boy 7 Deadly Sins : Gluttony :iconextraordinary-boy:extraordinary-boy 179 74
Johannes and Margarethe
It would be easy enough to flee. The only bond that ties Margarethe to the blind old woman is her love for her brother. But he is all she has left, now, and she will not leave him.
Johannes sits in a cage of bones, eating canned mandarins and jars of sour cherries, awaiting his death. Margarethe visits him there when the old woman is out. “I’ll save you,” she says. “I’ll find a way – somewhere we can flee to, somewhere she can’t follow. I’ll steal the key from her.” The cage is held together with steel cables and padlocks and barbed wire. There is no escaping from it.
“You know what she’s planning,” says Johannes, and Margarethe knows. Fresh meat is hard to come by. If they run, she will try to follow.
“Why is she waiting, do you think?”
“Fattening me up, probably. She keeps feeling my finger, seeing how thin it is.” He scoffs. “I always show her a bone – there are enough of them
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Campbell's Soup by DeadPoet4lyfe Campbell's Soup :icondeadpoet4lyfe:DeadPoet4lyfe 271 48 Symptoms by Adam-Scott-Miller Symptoms :iconadam-scott-miller:Adam-Scott-Miller 147 26 FMA Icon 6 - BRAINZ by toastshark FMA Icon 6 - BRAINZ :icontoastshark:toastshark 137 10 Apocalypse: Famine by JessicaDouglas Apocalypse: Famine :iconjessicadouglas:JessicaDouglas 352 43 Death of individuality by Hekkoto Death of individuality :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 185 64
ugly consumption
monday my little girl asked, "what would happen if someone ate
the sun and
how many calories does it have?"

and i wish i could see myself objectively, wish
my skin wasn't worn from
fitful starvation.
have you ever seen your
hands as i do, strange bloated things
in search of bones?
and i wish i could remember when beauty
was a mouth red as pomegranate seeds eyes
like sickle moons. back when it was
more than numbers. ninety-five, eighty-eight.
get down to eighty-five and you will be
beautiful. be
thin and sexless as wet march.
tuesday pa told me: "acceptance ain't something you
can buy at a convenience store."

and i am all mass no energy
as if all this time i have been
thinking i am breathing city lights
but they are really just water. sorry,
sorry, sorry. i have
atlantis resting inside my lungs.
:iconsliverofciel:sliverofciel 501 188
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