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Stargazing - Loki x Reader
Blankets were laid out on the rooftop. Pillows and cushions comforted the couple as they lay in one and others arms. They huddled close together against the cold and gazed up at the clear sky, smiles clear on their faces. (Y/N)'s head lay to rest on Loki's bicep while his fingers play with stands of her hair. For once, the couple were at peace.
"We should have done this much sooner." Loki says. His green eyes dance over the constellations.
His partner hums quietly in reply. "Maybe when it wasn't so cold. And maybe in summer instead of winter."
"The cold doesn't bother me, love."
She rolls her eyes. "Oh yes, I forgot. You were literally born on a sheet of ice."
Loki chuckles. "You weren't complaining during the summertime when you were too warm and asked me to cool you down."
"But you know you loved it as much as I do."
"Just because," Loki shifts his body to get comfortable once again. He kisses the top of her head. "It gives me a good excuse to not let go of you."
She laughs a little.
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