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Russia x Reader|My Russian Princess
If it was possible to bring her back, then I would give anything to have that. Even if it was my own life, nothing could compare to how important Anastasia was in my life. She was nothing more than I little girl; a princess, yet her dazzling smile had been carved into my heart. I dreamt the day that she would dance with me, holding onto my arms for protection. She would look up to me for safety and I would be more than willing to answer...
...but that was all taken away, and my Princess Anastasia was now gone.
Even now, after over a hundred years, maybe even two hundred, I still mourn the loss. She was more than a princess; she was my heart. She was one of the only people that was not afraid of me. Instead she would run up to me and hug me as if I was family to her. Maybe I was.
"Dude, did you not hear my totally awesome plan to end communism in North Korea?"
Ah, yes! I completely forgot that I am at a world conference, and I have been ignoring another one of Alfred's
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