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Autumn Festival 1 by AnnaZLove Autumn Festival 1 :iconannazlove:AnnaZLove 104 62 Happy Halloween 2018 by AnnaZLove Happy Halloween 2018 :iconannazlove:AnnaZLove 92 62 Stomped Gymnast by ObserveroftheLost Stomped Gymnast :iconobserverofthelost:ObserveroftheLost 111 64 Garden Grown Bento by Demi-Plum Garden Grown Bento :icondemi-plum:Demi-Plum 69 24 Pumpkins on Halloween night by AnnaZLove Pumpkins on Halloween night :iconannazlove:AnnaZLove 62 39
Traffic Jam [Gift for Lucarioaddict]
    It was a brisk Winter morning, the sun reflected off the snow and frozen creek. William watched this all whiz by as he rode to school on the city bus. It was almost time for winter break to start and William was excited to hang out with his friends during the break.
    The bus briefly stopped to let some people off and let others in. A huge man stomped up the stairs last, he made the bus tilt a bit when he got on. As he looked around there weren't​ very many open seats that could accommodate his sheer size. He he had thick dark red hair and a full face of hair to match, also he looked easily over 6’5, and looked like he could weigh no less than 300lbs, William guessed as the man was walking.
    William continued watching him through a sort of side stare so that no one knew William was watching the very large man. “He looks so heavy… how could I get him to sit on me without
:iconpokesquasher:PokeSquasher 14 6
Pumpkins 1 by Rhabwar-Troll-stock Pumpkins 1 :iconrhabwar-troll-stock:Rhabwar-Troll-stock 12 1 Yellow Cucurbita Pepo Squash by FantasyStock Yellow Cucurbita Pepo Squash :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 11 0 Completing the Collection by ObserveroftheLost Completing the Collection :iconobserverofthelost:ObserveroftheLost 67 48 Pumpkins 3 by Rhabwar-Troll-stock Pumpkins 3 :iconrhabwar-troll-stock:Rhabwar-Troll-stock 9 2 Zelda's Peachy Plaything by ObserveroftheLost Zelda's Peachy Plaything :iconobserverofthelost:ObserveroftheLost 31 195 Blackcat by sushy00 Blackcat :iconsushy00:sushy00 21 2 Pumpkin Spider by hakukamizaki Pumpkin Spider :iconhakukamizaki:hakukamizaki 15 3 Sonic Buu? by SquishyRouge Sonic Buu? :iconsquishyrouge:SquishyRouge 10 1 Gourd 2 by poetcrystaldawn Gourd 2 :iconpoetcrystaldawn:poetcrystaldawn 7 0 Squashed Like a Bug by DistortingReality Squashed Like a Bug :icondistortingreality:DistortingReality 7 3 E.Honda finishes Cammy by SquishyRouge E.Honda finishes Cammy :iconsquishyrouge:SquishyRouge 8 0 Simply Squashes by inObrAS Simply Squashes :iconinobras:inObrAS 273 142 Many Squashes for sale by natureguy Many Squashes for sale :iconnatureguy:natureguy 14 0 ACEO--Charcoal Pumpkins by SpiderMilkshake ACEO--Charcoal Pumpkins :iconspidermilkshake:SpiderMilkshake 7 0 Pumpkins 4 by Rhabwar-Troll-stock Pumpkins 4 :iconrhabwar-troll-stock:Rhabwar-Troll-stock 3 1 Fairytale Pumpkins by Rhabwar-Troll-stock Fairytale Pumpkins :iconrhabwar-troll-stock:Rhabwar-Troll-stock 3 0