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Assist by TexasUberAlles Assist :icontexasuberalles:TexasUberAlles 111 9 Snuggles by kindalkaykay Snuggles :iconkindalkaykay:kindalkaykay 281 46 Nagging Sisters...Ee-yup... by kindalkaykay Nagging Sisters...Ee-yup... :iconkindalkaykay:kindalkaykay 237 60 Its ok spike... its ok... by kindalkaykay Its ok spike... its ok... :iconkindalkaykay:kindalkaykay 154 106 Spik Inglish? by Dabigbadwolf113 Spik Inglish? :icondabigbadwolf113:Dabigbadwolf113 65 23 Zooper_BadGuys_SPIK by XAMOEL Zooper_BadGuys_SPIK :iconxamoel:XAMOEL 48 20 DJ-P0N-3 by kindalkaykay DJ-P0N-3 :iconkindalkaykay:kindalkaykay 146 24 Thank You Every Pony by kindalkaykay Thank You Every Pony :iconkindalkaykay:kindalkaykay 15 15 Deep Blue Crazy by MyCitySings Deep Blue Crazy :iconmycitysings:MyCitySings 21 14
Heist - FFM 15
My job was to steal candy from a baby and I failed, quite miserably if I may add. Perhaps this is why I am in a pit of spikes while that good for nothing kid is waving his legs over my pierced corpse. Oh, this was pathetic. I hope they never find me else I'll become the laughing stock of the underworld. 
It started with a simple ad for a job with a pay that would have set me for life. I should have known it was fishy when I saw how many zeroes the prize money had. All I had to do was infiltrate this apartment complex, reach the last floor and steal a box of chocolate. Suffice to say, it turned out to be a lot harder especially that those who hired me forgot to mention this entire place was a death trap. 
It's ironic, this might have been the last box of chocolate on the entire planet as the cocoa trees had gone extinct, and instead of hogging that fine delicacy for myself. I am dead. 
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 26 17
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