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[MM] AE: Ruby Rose (RWBY) x Homecoming Spiderman by Master-Rainbow [MM] AE: Ruby Rose (RWBY) x Homecoming Spiderman :iconmaster-rainbow:Master-Rainbow 222 34
Hero Work (Deadpool x Reader x Spiderman)

 Spiderman and Deadpool (c) Marvel
 You (c) yourself

 "Oh my that you, sweet ass?"
 You horrifyingly turned around to face the one man you dreaded that you hoped you left behind a long time ago in the past. Someone that you could of sworn the minute he called you by that name, you gave him a bloody knuckle sandwich and mouthed him off. However, it amazingly turned him on and he kept bugging you, asking if you were available and no matter what you did, didn't get the hint you were turning him down.
 Well, he was kind of a hottie back then (he actually was, in the comics!), but it was the fact that he was foul mouthed and had a thing with going over to other hot chicks, did you see that perhaps he wasn't the right guy for you. But he sure hell as thought you were the right girl for him.
 So when you turned around to scold him, your eyes widen at the sight of a man in a black and red suit, staring at you with two white eyes.
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Realization (Peter Parker x Reader)
Although everything was a complete blur, you could somehow assume, from the report on the news, that the Avengers had some sort of falling out. The government refused to let anything else out, in case of the public turning into some sort of frenzy, but it still intrigued you.
United they stood.
Divided they fell.
You sighed before closing the TV and heading towards the school bus, but not before shouting, “Mom, I’m leaving!”
Your trip to the bus was in silence and on the way to school, you chose not to talk to your friend (f/n), but instead keep your thoughts to yourself.
When you got to school, you had a lot of things to talk about with him.
You had a lot of things to talk about with Peter Parker.
Strangely, he had been gone from school for a couple of days, which, according to his Aunt, was for some funding thing or something from a famous big guy. However, last night, he had just texted you and said how he would be going to school again the next day.
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(Peter Parker X Reader) Bed

Warning: Possible Spiderman Homecoming spoilers?? Also some fluff… if you don’t like fluff read my other fic… I’ll link it below(a/n: shameless self promotion.. sorry) Also may implicate some sexual themes but is still SFW. Also it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a really good/suitable image of Tom Holland as Peter Parker. I don't own Spider-man or the image. 
“(y/n)! Come in, here I’ll take the mail. How are you? How is school? Your mom? Is Peter treating you well?”
You laughed and gave May a hug and a kiss on the cheek as she gave you one.
“I’m doing great. School could be better, and my mom is feeling a lot better too. And yes Peter is treating me well.”
“He better. You two are so adorable!”
You blushed as she made her way into the kitchen, cutting up a slice of her walnut date loaf for herself.
“You want a slice (Y/n)?”
She gestur
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(Peter Parker x Reader) Friend Zone

A/N: still here? Let me know your thoughts on the movie, and if you haven’t seen it…. GO WATCH IT. Also I’m not sure if everything I say about these characters is 100% true, especially Liz Allan. Some of this will obviously be different from the movie. Please let me know what you think down in the comments below! 
Italics- (y/n)’s thoughts
The friend zone. Probably the worst place in the world to be no matter how old you are, where you are, or who you are. Once you're in, there is no getting out. And I know for sure, I, (y/f/n), am never getting out.
Sucks right? It isn’t so bad. It’s not like Liz actually feels anything for Peter… at lea
:iconcoffeelurvr:coffeelurvr 101 28
My Little Girl (Peter Parker X Stark!Reader)
You hefted your bag higher on your shoulder, leaving school for the weekend.
You had a terrible day, it seemed like Stacy Evans was born to make your life miserable.
You had stacks of homework that had to be done before Monday, plus, the Stark Industries ball was tonight.
You were pulled from your thoughts by the song Back In Black playing loudly throughout the parking lot.
He wouldn't.
Oh, but he would.
You groaned and walked up to the crowd. Just as you had feared, your father was giving his trademark flirty smile to the teenage girls gushing over him.
“That's disgusting.” You thought.
You took a deep breath and ran through the crowd, grabbing your dad's hand in the process, dragging him to the car.
“I cannot believe you just did that.” You complained. He just laughed, “You're going to be popular now.”
“That's the problem.” You mumbled too low for him to hear.
This was most likely th
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Domestic by TheKucing Domestic :iconthekucing:TheKucing 128 15 Peter's face by DogPaw8 Peter's face :icondogpaw8:DogPaw8 88 10 That's A Lot of Spiders by thelivingmachine02 That's A Lot of Spiders :iconthelivingmachine02:thelivingmachine02 2,024 166 Spider-Man (Marvel Earth-61619) by LoganWaynee Spider-Man (Marvel Earth-61619) :iconloganwaynee:LoganWaynee 201 53 Spider-Man Homecoming Poster (2017) by Nomada-Warrior Spider-Man Homecoming Poster (2017) :iconnomada-warrior:Nomada-Warrior 22 0 Deadpool and Spiderman by PurpleMerkle Deadpool and Spiderman :iconpurplemerkle:PurpleMerkle 209 12 (Spiderman) pullin' in the spider ladies by she-sells-seagulls (Spiderman) pullin' in the spider ladies :iconshe-sells-seagulls:she-sells-seagulls 289 33 Spider-Peach by Dandy-Jon Spider-Peach :icondandy-jon:Dandy-Jon 25 9
Villainous Encounters (Carnage x Reader x Venom)
 Carnage/Venom (c) Marvel
 You (c) yourself

 "(Y/N)!" J. Jonah Jameson shouted as he banged his fist down on the table, nearly breaking it. "Where is that typed interview you had with Spider-Man?! I told you I wanted it here on my desk the minute you walked in!"
 "I have it right here!" you said, calmly as you can as you walked into Mr. Jameson's office.
 Jameson snatched the paper out of your hands and skimmed through the writing. "Good," he said. "Wait a minute! I told you to ask him the hard questions. One of them is missing. I told you to ask him why he's being such a menace to the city?"
 "It's the same answer as always, Mr. Jameson," you said, shrugging. "He says he's not a menace. He's just fighting crime and doing his job in protecting the people. It's the same answer like he told me in our first interview."
 "Well, next time, pull his strings!" Jameson barked, slamming the paper down. "We need to expose this guy if he thinks he's still
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The Amazing Spider Man by biggreenpepper The Amazing Spider Man :iconbiggreenpepper:biggreenpepper 2,026 68 Spider-man Revealed by Cera-Tay Spider-man Revealed :iconcera-tay:Cera-Tay 678 77 Spiderman : Homecoming by giadina96 Spiderman : Homecoming :icongiadina96:giadina96 235 9 Spider-Man / Spider-Gwen | Minimalist by Sephiroth508 Spider-Man / Spider-Gwen | Minimalist :iconsephiroth508:Sephiroth508 34 0 Spider Man Black Suit - Tom Holland - Fan Art by dougssfelipe Spider Man Black Suit - Tom Holland - Fan Art :icondougssfelipe:dougssfelipe 16 1 The Amazing Spider-man by kanapy-art The Amazing Spider-man :iconkanapy-art:kanapy-art 5,016 176 AVAVP by Res-Gestae AVAVP :iconres-gestae:Res-Gestae 1,587 191 SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING! by NakedMazaFaker SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING! :iconnakedmazafaker:NakedMazaFaker 133 4 Spiderman Homecoming homemade suit by tontentotza Spiderman Homecoming homemade suit :icontontentotza:tontentotza 28 2 Black Cat Cosplay Marvel Spider-Man by AGflower Black Cat Cosplay Marvel Spider-Man :iconagflower:AGflower 208 30 Spider-Man Black Cat Mary Jane Cosplay Marvel by AGflower Spider-Man Black Cat Mary Jane Cosplay Marvel :iconagflower:AGflower 89 2 SPIDEY by FISHNONES SPIDEY :iconfishnones:FISHNONES 902 104 spider-man home CUMMING by Mikky-Be spider-man home CUMMING :iconmikky-be:Mikky-Be 260 38 Hero School: The Avengers Take Classes by lostatsea101 Hero School: The Avengers Take Classes :iconlostatsea101:lostatsea101 1,363 541 Spider-Man Black Cat Mary Jane Cosplay Marvel by AGflower Spider-Man Black Cat Mary Jane Cosplay Marvel :iconagflower:AGflower 267 42 Spider-Man Homecoming by HiSamHere Spider-Man Homecoming :iconhisamhere:HiSamHere 43 10 Spider-Man high contrast sketch by ninjason57 Spider-Man high contrast sketch :iconninjason57:ninjason57 35 6 Sinister Six by cthebeast123 Sinister Six :iconcthebeast123:cthebeast123 11 0 Spider-Man Black Cat Mary Jane Cosplay Marvel by AGflower Spider-Man Black Cat Mary Jane Cosplay Marvel :iconagflower:AGflower 85 11 One On One (clean version) by kopfstoff One On One (clean version) :iconkopfstoff:kopfstoff 3,710 433 Spider-Verse by sia1965pak Spider-Verse :iconsia1965pak:sia1965pak 277 44 THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN - POSTER I: SPIDER-MAN by MrSteiners THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN - POSTER I: SPIDER-MAN :iconmrsteiners:MrSteiners 56 6 Black Cat Cosplay Marvel Spider-Man by AGflower Black Cat Cosplay Marvel Spider-Man :iconagflower:AGflower 116 13
I'm Spiderman *Part 3* (Final Chapter)
I'm Spiderman *Part 3* (Final Chapter)
"Peter!" You yelled quickly while you were shooting closer to the ground.
"I got you!" He yelled, swinging down and grabbing you, making sure he had a strong grip on the side of a building before he climbed up and went on the roof.
Once you both safely landed, him taking off his mask to look at you. "Are you alright (Y/n?)" He asked you, tears in his own eyes.
You nodded, drying your eyes. "I-I'm okay." You choaked out, gripping onto him. "Don't let that happen again. Please.."
Peter gave a dry laugh, looking you in the eyes. "Do you think I would try?" He asked, holding you tightly.
"I'm going to trust you on that." You told him, kissing his cheek. "Because if you don't, I'm going to be sad."
"I'll make sure you're never sad. But right now, lets get you home."
"Are you sure you can't stay for a bit Peter?" Your mother asked him while he fixed his hair.
He shook his head, smiling at her. "No thank you Miss. I should get home." He told her, givin
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Spider-Man Black Cat Mary Jane Cosplay Marvel by AGflower Spider-Man Black Cat Mary Jane Cosplay Marvel :iconagflower:AGflower 75 7 Silly by Elizabetharte Silly :iconelizabetharte:Elizabetharte 257 34 Marvel Avengers Academy - Spider-Man Homecoming  by LaxXter Marvel Avengers Academy - Spider-Man Homecoming :iconlaxxter:LaxXter 12 0 Happy Family by naomi-makes-art73 Happy Family :iconnaomi-makes-art73:naomi-makes-art73 598 10 Spider-Man Homecoming tribute by AhmedRaafatArt Spider-Man Homecoming tribute :iconahmedraafatart:AhmedRaafatArt 45 3 Peter Parker vs Harry Potter by daekazu Peter Parker vs Harry Potter :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,675 85 Spiderman by Shioshiorz Spiderman :iconshioshiorz:Shioshiorz 273 6 Peter Parker's secret by diladi Peter Parker's secret :icondiladi:diladi 40 6