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Paint Tool SAI tutorial by ishii-kame Paint Tool SAI tutorial :iconishii-kame:ishii-kame 94 19 No B.S.L. by ZackLoup No B.S.L. :iconzackloup:ZackLoup 163 70 50 Photoshop Tutorial Sites by rukiaxichigo15 50 Photoshop Tutorial Sites :iconrukiaxichigo15:rukiaxichigo15 104 11 On Writing Love Poetry by TheBrassGlass On Writing Love Poetry :iconthebrassglass:TheBrassGlass 412 168 I am a Pitbull by Thylacinus1 I am a Pitbull :iconthylacinus1:Thylacinus1 164 66 Advanced Canine Tutorial by littlealliegator Advanced Canine Tutorial :iconlittlealliegator:littlealliegator 601 81 Geek-Nerd stamp by sinsorrow Geek-Nerd stamp :iconsinsorrow:sinsorrow 144 28 Arista the Princess of Blue Infinity by ZARINAABZALILOVA Arista the Princess of Blue Infinity :iconzarinaabzalilova:ZARINAABZALILOVA 178 18 x L ii N 3 S -- F R E E-- by hinata661 x L ii N 3 S -- F R E E-- :iconhinata661:hinata661 109 27
Specific Imagery: What Makes a Poem Good?
Specific Imagery: What Makes a Poem Good?
So what makes a poem good?
According to Samuel Taylor Coleridge (please, never just call him Sam) the definition of poetry is "the best words in their best order".
Fine. But what exactly does that mean?
It means that good poetry is about much more than just matching rhythm and rhyme. What elevates any poem above its peers is the specific choice of words to match the poet's intent.
Say what now?
Think of it this way: our chosen words are our color palette, and the way we combine them equates to brush strokes and blending. Strong words equal bold hues, while overused and cliché terms are a lot like faded watercolors. You want your hard work to stand out, not blend in, right?
Of course I do!
Then my biggest piece of advice is this: choose your words.
What do you mean? I always choose my words; I'm a writer, after all!
What I mean is, do your best to choose the most appro
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Toaru Majutsu no Index by Kamaniki Toaru Majutsu no Index :iconkamaniki:Kamaniki 331 17 PC Stamp by PunkNarumi PC Stamp :iconpunknarumi:PunkNarumi 93 16 Please Forgive. by AlfaFilly Please Forgive. :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 391 295 Enchanting by MurphyL6 Enchanting :iconmurphyl6:MurphyL6 98 13 Modern times a Digital Abstract Artwork by MushroomBrain Modern times a Digital Abstract Artwork :iconmushroombrain:MushroomBrain 44 16 Chibi Idol!Sardonyx by Itachi-Roxas Chibi Idol!Sardonyx :iconitachi-roxas:Itachi-Roxas 237 6 Pokestamp: Yin and Yang? by RoliStamps Pokestamp: Yin and Yang? :iconrolistamps:RoliStamps 99 46 HW - Marco and Bimbette by Jose-Ramiro HW - Marco and Bimbette :iconjose-ramiro:Jose-Ramiro 42 11
Banning Dog Breeds Is Wrong
The unjustful discrimination of dog breeds- Not just Pit bulls(This is the real title of my article)
I have never heard of this or looked into it much, until now. It should be put out there, people need to know about this if they do not. Pit bulls are not the only ones in this concern. In the US, 75 and a possible increase of breeds of dogs are being labeled with bad raps and considered dangerous in many states. Some breeds are not allowed at all in certain states/cities, they are banned completely. If you own a dog, find out about the restrictions for the dog and before moving to any new town or city, check with the city hall. The infamous list below has been making it's way through the internet, convincing gullible owners that it's true.. well, not all of it.
    List of breeds banned/restricted:(#- repeated or fake breeds)
    2. AKBASH
    3. AKITA
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