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Los Picos de Europa 27 by AdenarKaren Los Picos de Europa 27 :iconadenarkaren:AdenarKaren 197 43
Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader
Warning: violence and swearing in this chapter. Can’t handle, don’t read.
(F/N) = First Name
(L/N) = Last Name
(Y/n) = Your name
(H/c) = Hair color
(B/n) = Bunny name (You have a stuffed bunny)

(Y/n) woke up from a light slumber. A second was spent questioning why she was awake, and then the jiggling of keys in the door was heard.
Father was home.
(Y/n) jumped out of bed, and pushed a chair against her bedroom door. Sometimes he came into her room…When he came home this late—her clock read two a.m. right now—he was angry. He had been drinking that gross stuff that makes him mean and angry—he called it a lot of different names, like beer or vodka. But it was all the same, it all turned him into a monster that hurt the three-year-old.
She was smart enough to realize when he smelled and came home late, she was usually hurt.
But not always. Sometimes he wouldn’t come into her room, just head straight to bed. Or if he did come into her
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Bad Touch {Famous!Spain x Fan!Reader}
“Why can’t you just pick me?”
Warning:‘Lime’ content— beware ;)
You looked up at the poster. It was still a little crooked, but it would have to do.
You’d just finished putting up your newest poster of your favorite band, Bad Touch. It had all three members on it—Prussia, France, and Spain, looking as great as they always did.
They were currently your obsession. But not just you; they had fangirls all over the world. They were a national phenomenon. Starting out in Europe, they quickly became the world’s most famous boy band.
Lately, Bad Touch was all you ever thought about. Usually you didn’t obsess over boy bands, but this was an exception.
Since your family didn’t have a lot of money, you couldn’t afford to go to concerts or even buy much of their merchandise. But you did spend all of your allowance on magazines. Mostly just to rip out the Bad Touch posters and put them up on y
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Historically Accurate El Dorado by Wickfield Historically Accurate El Dorado :iconwickfield:Wickfield 832 103
Spain x Reader: Rejection
Here she is.
Here is another girl confessing her love to Antonio Fernández Carriedo, who is just about your best friend. And it probably doesn't help that he is, like, one of the most popular guys in school, and it's probably because of how he is Spanish, how optimistic he is, and how he happens to have just about the cutest butt out of all the guys in the whole entire school.
Yep. That last reason is definitely a reason.
And the poor girl is probably going to get rejected…but she is going to cry for about two days and then return to say that it's okay, she understands. And she hopes to at least be friends.
And he'll smile and say yes.
Happens every time.
"H-hey, Antonio?" she asks softly, holding her hands gently. She is about three shades darker than the tomato Antonio holds in his hand, the one only seconds ago, he was about to eat. And then she interrupted his daily practice. "Antonio, you should know that I…I love you!" She holds out a brown paper bag from the marke
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APH 16 Free Hetalia Halloween Cursors by DareToBeDaring APH 16 Free Hetalia Halloween Cursors :icondaretobedaring:DareToBeDaring 1,105 347
Spain x Injured!Reader
“Are you sure you want to do this chica!?” Antonio asked as he leaned over the side of the gated pen. You wanted to participate in his country’s tradition of The Running of The Bulls. This year you wanted to participate with Antonio, Francis and Gilbert. What better practice since Antonio had a bull of his own?
“Of course!” you nodded and stood ready to run
“When I say go, I’ll release him, ok? His horns aren’t sharp at all so he can’t hurt you too much.” Antonio called as he gripped the latch to the bull’s pen.
“Gotcha….” You took a few deep breaths and shook your arms to get you pumped.
“GO!!” Antonio yelled and you began sprinting as his bull’s hooves stomped behind you. You ran as the large bovine charged after you hot on your tail.
You dashed across the maze-like trail Antonio set up for you as practice. The bull grunted as he spotted you as he raced around a corner. Antonio
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APH: I love Antonio Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Antonio Stamp :iconchibikaede:Chibikaede 1,603 70
Spain x Reader (Foreign Exchange Student)
"Oh my gosh. ____! Look there!"
(Insert colour) eyes wandered to the direction your friend, Belle, was pointing to. You stopped dead in your tracks at the scene that held out before you.
There stood your ten-month long boyfriend, Antonio Carriedo, who was also the new foreign exchange student. He wasn't alone, yet not accompanied by his two friends, Gilbert and Francis. Instead, he was trapped in between five giggling girls, begging him for his attention. It wasn't that much of a surprise though; he was new, gorgeous, had a delicious Spanish accent and to top it off, possessed a contagiously cheerful personality.
However a major flaw in that wonderful personality of his was his obliviousness. He didn't even notice how these 'friendly' girls were getting a bit too intimate, which bothered you gravely. One was located at his left, playfully hitting his shoulder and toned back, laughing in a high-pitch tone while drawing her body closer and closer to his. The other on his right was flirti
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Good Morning | Hetalia x Reader | Discontinued

       The cool evening air hung upon ____'s shoulders. She shivered, but continued to press forward, her sneakers gently tapping on the the sidewalk. Normally, she would avoid parties, her boyfriend typically didn't want to have anything to do with them. She could still remember how much he spited her party attitude. Honestly, it was innocent - she liked seeing her friends drunk. That was all she liked about them. Now that she and her boyfriend were broken up - she could go to all the parties, since she knew he wasn't going to be there. Fortunately, Alfred had actually invited her to his New Years' Party. They didn't really talk much at school, but they surely were friends. He was aware of what had happened too.
     That was good. No ex problems tonight.
     ____ approached the door of Alfred's hose. She gently rapped on it, holding her wrist tightly in her hand. Within the minute, the door had op
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If They Knew (Spain x Reader)
They think you're crazy, they think you're mad
They call you stupid, worthless, tell you you're not worth it

With a sigh [Name] closed her locker, closing her eyes tightly. It was the fourth week of school, yet she found herself praying for things to change already.
“Suck it up, you can do it.” She muttered trying to force some confidence into her soul.
“Who are you talking to?” She flinched hearing that mocking voice.
“Are you, like, crazy or something?” She turned to see a small group of predators staring her down with lip-glossed smirks and accusing glares. Her tormentors.
“She’s disgusting to look at; I think I am going to throw up.” A girl said, pretend to gag. [Name] turned on her heels, ducking her head and walking away as fast as she could. As she stumbled into her language class she dared to look up only to make eye contact with the owner of a pair of bright green eyes, she flinched but he only smiled warmly at her
:iconstilldollwaking:StillDollWaking 1,145 607
Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Intro (For Girls)
         "Hey Dude's we should totally play a game or something. Oh I know what we can do. It'll be awesome! We'll play that seven minutes in heaven game!" America Runs over to His Closet and grabs a large patriotic hat "Okay dudes, throw your stuff in here, then when a girl picks your item you get to go in the closet with her, but only for seven minutes. It'll be the bomb!"
"I don't know America, this sounds like a bad idea to me..." England lets out a deep sigh. "Some people don't know how to control themselves you know."
"Oh hush you, I think it's wonderful, who wouldn't want to be in a dark cramped closet with a beautiful girl? On hon hon hon!" France blows a kiss your way.
"You see what I'm saying, France already has something perverted on the brain. God only knows what he'll do to what every poor girl gets stuck with him." England shot a pissed off look at France.
America began collecting items from everyone. "Shut up England, no one has to control themselves, that's the point. I
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NOBODY BREAKS UP WITH ROMANO. by WakaLakaAlchemist NOBODY BREAKS UP WITH ROMANO. :iconwakalakaalchemist:WakaLakaAlchemist 1,136 316 BTT X OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE by kuroneko3132 BTT X OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE :iconkuroneko3132:kuroneko3132 4,794 1,899
Half-cat!Spain x Reader
“Toni!! Dinner!” you called for your feline who was currently outside, playing with two other cats from the neighborhood Francis and Gilbert.
Antonio’s ears perked up as he ran towards the cat door and came inside.
“Here you go” you set his bowl down as he rubbed against your leg in gratitude.
The phone ringing snapped you out of your thoughts. You quickly rushed to pick it up. Sadly, you were not fast enough and the machine got it.
“Hey (y/n), listen, I wanted to call you to tell you things aren’t working out between us. I’ve started seeing another girl. I think its time you do the same. I hope you find someone great. Bye” that was your boyfriend (random guy's name), who had dated you for two years and who had dumped you over the phone!
You stood frozen as tears spilled from your (e/c) eyes. You collapsed onto the floor and began sobbing. You had a history of men breaking your heart. You had thought he was the one, and that he woul
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Visigoth Warriors by wraithdt Visigoth Warriors :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 786 41
Bad Touch Trio X Reader - Hot Summer Day
BAD TOUCH TRIO X READER – Hot summer day.
''It's just too hot…'' You complained.
You and your friends, Gilbert, Antonio and Francis were lying in the garden of Antonio's house. It was summer and freaking 35°C without any wind. Even in the shadow of the big tree you were lying under it was still too hot.
''I'm gonna die…'' Gilbert moaned.
''Maybe if we all get rid of these clothes it'll be cooler, honhon.'' Francis grinned.
''No way, you pervert!''
''Good idea Francis, _____, you do it first.'' Gilbert said with a smirk.
''Seriously guys, sometimes you really are perverts…'' You said as you wiped the sweat off your face.
''Leave ____ alone guys.'' Antonio chuckled. ''Though I'm not denying it's a good idea.''
You sat up and threw your shoe at him, which made him laugh even more.
''I'll get some water.'' Gilbert said as he stood up and went into the house.
You laid down again and stared at the leaves of the tree above you.
''Ah… I wish we could do this more
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12 Days of Hetalia Christmas by Brittlander 12 Days of Hetalia Christmas :iconbrittlander:Brittlander 3,311 689 APH: Spain's Influence pt.3 by XxDramatizationxX APH: Spain's Influence pt.3 :iconxxdramatizationxx:XxDramatizationxX 2,167 394
Door 8 (Matador!SpainXReader)
You stepped through door number eight and straight into a place that was sunny and warm.
You looked around and found that you were in a line to a stadium type structure, and everything was in Spanish.
You made it into this stadium and started to get jostled around furiously, you finally was pushed through a doorway where you soundly fell of your face with a loud ‘Thud’.
“Oi chica! Are you ok?” a masculine voice with a heavy Spanish accent said and you looked up to find emerald green eyes staring at you with curiosity and worry.
“Um, I’m fine” you said shakily as the strange but handsome man dressed in matador attire helped you up and into a nearby chair.
“My name is Antonio, what is yours chica?” he asked as he cocked his head cutely while assessing you, you looked away and said “My name is _____ and I have no idea where I am”.
Antonio’s eyes widened and he got up with a big smile while grandly saying “Well y
:iconaewsomsause:aewsomsause 637 211
Hetalia X Amnesia!Reader Forgotten Chapter 1
Hetalia X Amnesia!Reader
Ch. 1
The first thing you see is blinding light shining through your eyes. The next is the agonizing pain in your head. Than nothing. You could not remember anything at all. You were alone and had no idea who you were or where you were.
You remembered things that everyday people should know but when came to your personality, memories, or anything of those sorts it was a blank.
Your thoughts were interrupted when some loud noise came from outside the room you were in. The voices you heard sounded familiar and comforting, yet you could not place them.
"Ah, I see you are awake miss (Last Name). You were in quite and accident. Count yourself lucky to be alive." A man dressed in a white lab coat and clipboard says as he walks into the room after the noise had settled down.
You stare at him blankly, not knowing whom he is talking to.
"Ah yes, please forgive me Miss (last name). I forgot that your head was knocked around quite a bit in the accident." He star
:iconthecomicgal-moved:TheComicGal-Moved 568 147
Say It (Spain x Reader)
Four hours. You were breathing so hard it felt like a mallet in the back with each exhale. You had come over to Spain's house, as you often did, to practice dancing and hang with one of your best friends, him.
  He looked over at you, and grinned. Bastard. His breathing was hard, but he obviously wasn't nearly as tired out from the exhausting dance the both of you had been working on for the last 240 minutes.  
  "Here." Spain said cheekily, offering you a water bottle. "Have a drink".You caught your breath. The light caught his hair making it shine. His cheeks were flushed, and his long, drool worthy body stretched out elegantly. You'd seen that same body dance, and shivered at the thought.
   Reminding yourself to come back down to earth, you snatched it, and drank the entire thing down in one gulp. Spain looked impressed.
   "Wow, your freaky good at swallowing things." he said. You didn't know whether to faint or face palm. Was he trying to be dirty, or were you just reading it wro
:iconsecretlyasecret:SecretlyaSecret 685 195