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Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader
Warning: violence and swearing in this chapter. Can’t handle, don’t read.
(F/N) = First Name
(L/N) = Last Name
(Y/n) = Your name
(H/c) = Hair color
(B/n) = Bunny name (You have a stuffed bunny)

(Y/n) woke up from a light slumber. A second was spent questioning why she was awake, and then the jiggling of keys in the door was heard.
Father was home.
(Y/n) jumped out of bed, and pushed a chair against her bedroom door. Sometimes he came into her room…When he came home this late—her clock read two a.m. right now—he was angry. He had been drinking that gross stuff that makes him mean and angry—he called it a lot of different names, like beer or vodka. But it was all the same, it all turned him into a monster that hurt the three-year-old.
She was smart enough to realize when he smelled and came home late, she was usually hurt.
But not always. Sometimes he wouldn’t come into her room, just head straight to bed. Or if he did come into her
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Map of Europe - Vintage poster by Regicollis Map of Europe - Vintage poster :iconregicollis:Regicollis 208 30 Historically Accurate El Dorado by Wickfield Historically Accurate El Dorado :iconwickfield:Wickfield 808 103 Hetalia - Alfred + Tony by CarmenMCS Hetalia - Alfred + Tony :iconcarmenmcs:CarmenMCS 5,468 591 A fox? No, rare wolf pup by woxys A fox? No, rare wolf pup :iconwoxys:woxys 1,670 241 Los Picos de Europa 10 by AdenarKaren Los Picos de Europa 10 :iconadenarkaren:AdenarKaren 617 138 Tenerife by RHADS Tenerife :iconrhads:RHADS 1,595 34
If They Knew (Spain x Reader)
They think you're crazy, they think you're mad
They call you stupid, worthless, tell you you're not worth it

With a sigh [Name] closed her locker, closing her eyes tightly. It was the fourth week of school, yet she found herself praying for things to change already.
“Suck it up, you can do it.” She muttered trying to force some confidence into her soul.
“Who are you talking to?” She flinched hearing that mocking voice.
“Are you, like, crazy or something?” She turned to see a small group of predators staring her down with lip-glossed smirks and accusing glares. Her tormentors.
“She’s disgusting to look at; I think I am going to throw up.” A girl said, pretend to gag. [Name] turned on her heels, ducking her head and walking away as fast as she could. As she stumbled into her language class she dared to look up only to make eye contact with the owner of a pair of bright green eyes, she flinched but he only smiled warmly at her
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WARNING: YAOI. Lots of it. Most is just fluffy cuteness, some is quite explicit. I warn you.
Dolfin (GerIta)
Pirate's Chronicles (USUK)
(England Japan) Insolent Peridot R18
Gap Moe (Bad Touch Trio)
Koori no Kuni ni Shinzou wo Torareta Hito (SuFin)
Gamers syndrome – (USUK doujinshi)
Pirate's Chronicles
igirisu usage to chiisa na otouto
(America x Canada)
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APH-Motivational: Hot Vs. Cold by DiKya APH-Motivational: Hot Vs. Cold :icondikya:DiKya 1,521 270
Say It (Spain x Reader)
Four hours. You were breathing so hard it felt like a mallet in the back with each exhale. You had come over to Spain's house, as you often did, to practice dancing and hang with one of your best friends, him.
  He looked over at you, and grinned. Bastard. His breathing was hard, but he obviously wasn't nearly as tired out from the exhausting dance the both of you had been working on for the last 240 minutes.  
  "Here." Spain said cheekily, offering you a water bottle. "Have a drink".You caught your breath. The light caught his hair making it shine. His cheeks were flushed, and his long, drool worthy body stretched out elegantly. You'd seen that same body dance, and shivered at the thought.
   Reminding yourself to come back down to earth, you snatched it, and drank the entire thing down in one gulp. Spain looked impressed.
   "Wow, your freaky good at swallowing things." he said. You didn't know whether to faint or face palm. Was he trying to be dirty, or were you just reading it wro
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Los Picos de Europa 27 by AdenarKaren Los Picos de Europa 27 :iconadenarkaren:AdenarKaren 193 42
Spain x Injured!Reader
“Are you sure you want to do this chica!?” Antonio asked as he leaned over the side of the gated pen. You wanted to participate in his country’s tradition of The Running of The Bulls. This year you wanted to participate with Antonio, Francis and Gilbert. What better practice since Antonio had a bull of his own?
“Of course!” you nodded and stood ready to run
“When I say go, I’ll release him, ok? His horns aren’t sharp at all so he can’t hurt you too much.” Antonio called as he gripped the latch to the bull’s pen.
“Gotcha….” You took a few deep breaths and shook your arms to get you pumped.
“GO!!” Antonio yelled and you began sprinting as his bull’s hooves stomped behind you. You ran as the large bovine charged after you hot on your tail.
You dashed across the maze-like trail Antonio set up for you as practice. The bull grunted as he spotted you as he raced around a corner. Antonio
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Spain x Reader (Foreign Exchange Student)
"Oh my gosh. ____! Look there!"
(Insert colour) eyes wandered to the direction your friend, Belle, was pointing to. You stopped dead in your tracks at the scene that held out before you.
There stood your ten-month long boyfriend, Antonio Carriedo, who was also the new foreign exchange student. He wasn't alone, yet not accompanied by his two friends, Gilbert and Francis. Instead, he was trapped in between five giggling girls, begging him for his attention. It wasn't that much of a surprise though; he was new, gorgeous, had a delicious Spanish accent and to top it off, possessed a contagiously cheerful personality.
However a major flaw in that wonderful personality of his was his obliviousness. He didn't even notice how these 'friendly' girls were getting a bit too intimate, which bothered you gravely. One was located at his left, playfully hitting his shoulder and toned back, laughing in a high-pitch tone while drawing her body closer and closer to his. The other on his right was flirti
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Good Morning | Hetalia x Reader | Discontinued

       The cool evening air hung upon ____'s shoulders. She shivered, but continued to press forward, her sneakers gently tapping on the the sidewalk. Normally, she would avoid parties, her boyfriend typically didn't want to have anything to do with them. She could still remember how much he spited her party attitude. Honestly, it was innocent - she liked seeing her friends drunk. That was all she liked about them. Now that she and her boyfriend were broken up - she could go to all the parties, since she knew he wasn't going to be there. Fortunately, Alfred had actually invited her to his New Years' Party. They didn't really talk much at school, but they surely were friends. He was aware of what had happened too.
     That was good. No ex problems tonight.
     ____ approached the door of Alfred's hose. She gently rapped on it, holding her wrist tightly in her hand. Within the minute, the door had op
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World Cup Russia 2018 - Equestria Girls by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan World Cup Russia 2018 - Equestria Girls :iconconikiblasu-fan:CoNiKiBlaSu-fan 328 53 APH nyotalia: btt plate 1 by vivalalixi APH nyotalia: btt plate 1 :iconvivalalixi:vivalalixi 5,482 461 Los Picos de Europa 1 by AdenarKaren Los Picos de Europa 1 :iconadenarkaren:AdenarKaren 490 93 Visigoth Warriors by wraithdt Visigoth Warriors :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 774 41 APH - Ace Attorney crossover by Daciah APH - Ace Attorney crossover :icondaciah:Daciah 1,735 613 Europe (AD 1556) ~ The Age of Habsburg by Undevicesimus Europe (AD 1556) ~ The Age of Habsburg :iconundevicesimus:Undevicesimus 303 49