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The fairy snack I
Chapter 1 – The girl they are talking about …
Sorcha was sitting on oft the big rocks and watched the water of the gigantic waterfalls of Chordoni. The big masses of water felt down from somewhere very high in the sky the young teenager couldn’t see the beginning of the massive waterfalls.
The green hair was falling over her shoulder and she smiled happy and watched the harpies while they were flying around and peeking for some food. Normally a human would be the first who would end in their stomach but not this girl.
Here in this area Sorcha was known as one of the rare human who were under the protection of Vivian a big and very charming naga who lived at the waterfalls. Sorcha was a kind of her fosterling and that only because of the fact Vivian had mercy with the young human.
The harpies knew everything around the area, their ears were everywhere and so they knew also about the second specialty of this girl; she was a sort of strange immortal human.
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The fairy snack III
Chapter 3 – Uncomfortable times
It was the same procedure than every time she died … darkness, silence …  and peace. To die was a strange feeling but to be reborn was a strange feeling too. It was like Sorcha could feel how everything around her began to life again, like the whole world was created again.
Her eyes were closed and she felt the presence of the child which was now sleeping … she knew that this other personality could awake every moment but this time it seemed that nothing happened. She didn’t know exactly where she was or she was completely “renewed”, sometimes she wished she could watch herself during this progress but this was of course impossible.
She had not much thoughts, only the last happenings were in her head, the stomach of the fairy, the lie, she told Sorcha and the fact she ate her … she was a bad creature and Sorcha was pretty sure that she wouldn’t be a friend to her more but this all seemed to
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The border to Felarya Part 6
Part VI – The strange girl
In comparison to her old living area it was very hot in Felarya. The climate was tropical and Sorcha didn’t know such temperatures, at home it was always a little cold and wet but here … well here the weather was hot and the air was wet.
But it was also very interesting what she could see all over there; different plants, some very cute animals which were biting from time to time and also many, many trees … it was quite easy to fascinate a girl like Sorcha who didn’t saw nature very often in her life, the districts of the big city weren’t really filled with plants or similar and so Felarya was a little paradise for the young teenager.
She didn’t recognize the fact that something bigger was following her from time to time, a shadow only, well known with the art of hiding and learned and familiar with the hunting.
But Sorcha wasn’t the prey of this big shadow, it was a naga, especially; it was Vivian who was follo
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The border to Felarya Part 4
Part IV – Some strange new “friends”
Sorcha opened her eyes slowly. Her head hurt very strong and she felt very dizzy. What happened suddenly? She could only remember that she felt to the ground and then … well there was something like a black hole. No memory, nothing. She was already lying around in the cave but the girl was ... no she wasn’t away.
She didn’t know why but she knew that the girl was here, directly at her side and she knew it was … right.
It was normal and it felt like it never had been others. She sat up and rubbed her head, looked around. It seemed to be night or evening because the sun was away and she could only see the stars shinning at the sky.
She started to think about sleeping a little more as she heard a friendly, loud and female voice.
“Hello in there. Don’t you want to come out? Here’s a little surprise for youuu ….”
The voice sounded like something bigger than herself was outside there but a
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The border to Felarya I
Part I - The sensation of eternity
Sleeping was something very fine. It gave enough time to forget all around you and it gave you time to recover from the day. To sleep was like to forget everything for a little time … but every sleep has some time an end.
She opened up her eyes and yawned sleepy. She smacked dozily and rubbed her eyes, which only saw a few shadows for a moment before they began to work as they should do. The young woman began to sit up and stretched the hands away from her and stroke through the wild, long and green colored hair.
Normally she had blond hair but she didn’t like this color and so she decided to change it; a very normal decision for the young girl. She looked to her naked feet, played a little around with her toes and began to stand up from the bed which was, beside a commode, the only furniture in the little room.
Fade sunlight went through the closed windows and lighted up the room a bit. As she stood up, she began to collect her clot
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The fairy snack II
Chapter 2 – A strange game
The next day came very fast, Sorcha was relaxing and Vivian was on her way to search again some food for her and the young girl.
It was the later afternoon as the naga left the place and slithered away to the close fruit-trees, knowing that Sorcha was safe for the moment, no predator could find his way to this place, she would gear them. Unfortunately Vivian didn’t think about the fact that there were still some predators which were big and great … and Mirandra was one of those predators.
The fairy waited all the day in her hideout and watched the great naga. She knew Vivian, she was well known at the fairies and she was also known for her good knowledge of magic. If she wanted to be successful she had to be fast and careful. But her plan was good, very good and she was a very agile and fast fairy, nothing would go wrong, she was very sure.
The fairy flew closer to Sorcha until Vivian was far enough away and began to float over her face
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Sorcha by bekamonster Sorcha :iconbekamonster:bekamonster 162 19 Zherish2 by faestock Zherish2 :iconfaestock:faestock 111 12 for TenshiNoTsukiakari by Enife for TenshiNoTsukiakari :iconenife:Enife 469 47 Sorcha by Eil Sorcha :iconeil:Eil 89 39
The border to Felarya Part 7
Part VII - The hard reality
Her head hurt very strong and her orientation was away for a few seconds, what happened? And then she remembered, Crisis, the throat, the stomach and also this voice. She didn’t know who the owner of this voice was but she was very sure this boy wasn’t it. He looked a little older than she but not very older. He smiled to her.
“Are you okay? I’ve found you laying at the bottom and you didn’t move first. Then I recognized that you just slept … but this is a quite dangerous area for a nap.” he smiled to her and then added “my name is Chris and who are you?”
Sorcha blinked into Chris face. A human, a real human, now she recognized the fact that she was still in Felarya and a human was something very rarely in this place. She wanted to sit up and smiled to him, she had to act friendly.
“My name is Sorcha.” she replied and looked friendly into his face.
“Sorcha, hum? Nice to meet you … what a
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The border to Felarya Part 5
Part V – Interludium - Felarya a new chance
Sorcha starred into the two big purple eyes which looked warm and friendly to her. Vivian looked like this other naga who ate her but she looked friendlier … well at least the other looked friendly too but Viviane looked truly friendly and not because she wanted to eat her. At least she hoped so …
“Why do you know my name?” Sorcha asked curious and looked up to her.
The naga smiled a little brighter. “Because you told me your name before you felt asleep … but in that moment you were a little smaller than now and you called me “Mommy” …”
First Sorcha didn’t understand what the naga was talking but then she remembered the first time in the cave, this wasn’t a hazard, this was real and she knew this, she was this girl, but she didn’t know exactly why.
“And do … you eat me now like the other snake woman before?” she asked carefully.
Vivian smiled a little
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The border to Felarya Part 8
Part VIII - Epilogue: An unknown future
Running, just running. She didn’t exactly know where she was running but she knew she had to run. She was crying, she was shocked, that all couldn’t be. She could hear still the screams of Chris and in front of her mind-eye she could see how he suffered in these last moments, she was filled with so much impressions, with anger, fear and others and she didn’t know where she had to go, she even didn’t know where she was.
She just woke up near a little cave and the only thing she knew what was happened before and this gave her the last hit in the face.
Chris was dead, she wasn’t it and she didn’t realize it until she heard his screams, for other beings all this, being and living, was only a temporary status they could die and they could be destroyed but why not she? It wasn’t fair, why she was something ‘special’?
Why she had to watch this all? She sobbed and stumbled through the buses, was this v
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Daughter of the Forest by jenimal Daughter of the Forest :iconjenimal:jenimal 138 15 Sorcha7 by faestock Sorcha7 :iconfaestock:faestock 77 14 Commission: Heroes of Thedas by Enife Commission: Heroes of Thedas :iconenife:Enife 116 6 .: Daughter of the Forest :. by KuramaPhoenix .: Daughter of the Forest :. :iconkuramaphoenix:KuramaPhoenix 66 33 Girls of Summer Wallpaper by Sallyhot Girls of Summer Wallpaper :iconsallyhot:Sallyhot 520 29 Sorcha: Daughter of the Forest by lady0fshallot Sorcha: Daughter of the Forest :iconlady0fshallot:lady0fshallot 74 19
Sorcha Bio -Updated-
Name: Sorcha
Race: Human (created)
Age:  18
Figure: slim
Hair: Long, white hair
Eyes: blue
About Sorcha:
Sorcha is the result of an counter experiment to the project “Dark Soul” which created a human who is invincible and should start a conquer of different worlds to dominate them and finally attack the earth. A group of resistances fighter started to steal the codes of this project and they began to create a human with the same abilities but with another goal; to stop even this “Dark soul”.
The result was a young girl which was invincible and who also couldn’t feel any kind of pain because the nerves for this were erased at her creation. Nobody gave the girl a name, she was only a tool for their mission but she never should find her use.
Project “Dark Soul” failed abruptly and the plans of the dominators were failed, the resistance group had no longer a need for the girl but they didn’t kill her, they shut down on
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The border to Felarya - Part 2
Part II – Something strange with you
Sorcha starred down at her hands, to the paper bag with the candies and the licorice snake, it was a strange feeling.
She could perfectly remember the moment when the metro crashed into her, she could also feel the collision with the heavy machine … but why she was still alive and how she came here, into her flat?
The next fact she recognized was, that she began to blink and a feeling of normality came over her body like this all was … normal. And then, from one second to the other she nodded, it WAS normal.
She knew it, it was like suddenly something of her mind was awaked, she suddenly knew that this, whatever happened here, was completely normal for her and so she didn’t felt frightened about it, why she should?
It was the normal’s thing of the world …. she tried to remember why this all was so normal but she couldn’t remember any details but then she remembered something others; it wasn’t the first
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Sorcha. by away-with-the-fae Sorcha. :iconaway-with-the-fae:away-with-the-fae 51 23
The border to Felarya Part 3
Part III – You and me
She was crying very hard. She was crying for her mother, although she didn’t know her mother, she felt alone and she felt frightened, she was at a strange place somewhere far away from home. She knew this because at home there weren’t such big trees and it wasn’t as hot as it was here.
Tears were falling down to the ground and she sobbed while she looked around. Why she was suddenly here at this strange place and not on the street in front of her flat?
What happened to her? She looked around but there were only trees and nothing else, but what should she do? Standing around and crying? Well for the moment it seemed to be the best way of solving her problems but she had to think a little more far away than the next few hours.
The tears began to dry a little and she stood up, she had to search a way back home or to the next police station where she could ask for the way home. Maybe she could also find a food counter, she felt a little hung
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Little Sorcha by AniHime Little Sorcha :iconanihime:AniHime 116 44 Request: Sorcha and Alistair by Enife Request: Sorcha and Alistair :iconenife:Enife 122 13 Sorcha Potrait Finished by Tomahawk-Monkey Sorcha Potrait Finished :icontomahawk-monkey:Tomahawk-Monkey 36 2 Sorcha Amell by kyuubifred Sorcha Amell :iconkyuubifred:kyuubifred 129 11
The search for dreams
Felarya, a name that includes mysteries, dangers and exotic places; the name of a world full of creatures that were able to wipe out a whole city without any problems.
A world, filled with carnivore plants and animals that just waited for some travelers to catch and eat them and a world of mysteries that were beyond the human mind … and although it was the goal of many explorers, traders and other humans who came to Felarya because of many different reasons. Some of them wanted to become rich, some wanted to explore the abandoned ruins of lost civilizations and other just wanted to travel through the world because it was a central world which was connected to many other worlds.
For Malinda and her partner Cedric there was only one reason why they were actually in Felarya; they had to finish a transfer between two groups of mercenaries and they had to be the diplomatic persons. But now there was a second goal here on Felarya: Surviving.
Malinda, a young woman in the age of 23 years
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Sorcha6 by faestock Sorcha6 :iconfaestock:faestock 54 5 Sorcha by the Sea by SweetJeannie Sorcha by the Sea :iconsweetjeannie:SweetJeannie 22 11 Sorcha by away-with-the-fae Sorcha :iconaway-with-the-fae:away-with-the-fae 105 66 Sevenwaters: Sorcha by river-bird Sevenwaters: Sorcha :iconriver-bird:river-bird 34 10 The Swans' Sister by jenimal The Swans' Sister :iconjenimal:jenimal 57 3 Wicked Lovely Cast by BKLH362 Wicked Lovely Cast :iconbklh362:BKLH362 32 57 Warrior Queen by LynnGommans Warrior Queen :iconlynngommans:LynnGommans 94 32
On the hunt Vol. 10
Vale – A hole in the ground
She rolled with her eyes and looked around. No sign of those idiots. Maybe it was typical for Sanix and this little bitch, Trish.
She was always annoying Vale because she looked from time to time after Sanix, why not? She was just a girl and Sanix wasn’t ugly, it was quiet normal that she watched his ass when he moved around, why Trisha was so angry with her?
And now she went away because she was offended, very great … and who could search her now? Vale.
Sanix went to one of the temples and searched her and she, well she was first at the old home of the death wild mage Eleyn but there was also no sign. The nagas at the giant tree didn’t also know where she could be and so she would search at one of the most strangest place; near this city, they called it Negan or similar.
Of course Trisha wouldn’t be there bit Vale didn’t want to find her seriously, she would appear tomorrow and then Sanix would be happy and lucky and he
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