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Mein Sohn. My Hero (2P Germany x Reader)
It wasn’t that Lutz didn’t like kids it was just that he didn’t feel comfortable around them. In fact, the mere idea of being around a kid for more than a couple of minutes made him uneasy. He had two and even that was too much. He was proud to have two sons. One was four and the other was six. Six year old Franz looked like him. Scruffy blonde hair, strong stout features, but he had his mother’s (e/c) eyes and sharp wit. Tom was four and looked just like his mother with (h/c) hair, his violet eyes, and so far just quiet. In fact, sometimes it was hard to know where he was because he was quiet. He made him nervous, very nervous so much he didn’t want to be in the same room with him for too long alone. _________ and Franz went out shopping.
“Lutz, watch Tom, he’s upstairs playing,”
“Vhere are you going?”
“Grocery shopping. Want anything special?”
“Wurst, beer, and cigarettes,”
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