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Sonamy: Part 1 - Chapter 59
       Amy walked into the diner and made her way to the booth where she saw Sonic waiting for her.  As she approached, Sonic could detect that something was wrong by the way she looked.  She looked very upset about something, almost like she was ready to break down into tears.  Sonic had a feeling he knew why she was upset, something about what Shadow had said.
       "Amy," he said, his voice sounding reassuring, "What's wrong?  Are you okay?"
       "I don't feel too good," she said, as she wiped her eyes, "I'm sorry, Sonic, but could you take me home?"
       "Sure," said Sonic, as he stood up, "Would you like me to carry you?"
       "No thanks," she said, as she hung her head, "I think I'd like to walk, if you don't mind."
       "Not at all," he said, as they began walking out, "What's wrong, Amy?  What did Shadow say to you?  Why are you upset?"
       Amy didn't answer any of Sonic's questions.  She just walked in silence, not even making eye contact with him.  She was trying
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Sonamy - I was worried sick, you idiot ! by Shira-hedgie Sonamy - I was worried sick, you idiot ! :iconshira-hedgie:Shira-hedgie 1,903 109
Proof of Shadamy?
The main idea: Shadamy is as likely to happen as Sonamy.
Well, here is an article I wrote:
Have Sonic Team given Amy absolutely no dignity? The girl runs after a boy and tolerates his indifference or annoyance towards her! That’s preposterous.
In one magazine, it is revealed that Sonic does have feelings for Amy, but he's too shy to admit it.
Though that magazine only states that the authors of that article went to Sonic Team. It's not official, not Sonic Team told us that. It could be thought of by some as quite "Odd" for Sonic because he is a generally out-there person saying with no problem what is on his mind.
But some could say that Amy brings out Sonic's "softer" side. It is also unknown when or why Sonic fell for Amy, or if he even truly has. Regardless, Amy will continue to chase Sonic for as long as she must.
And a girl can't date someone forever. Their relationship will have to come to some kind of an end.
Amy i
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So... Sonic likes Amy in Sonic Boom by Myly14 So... Sonic likes Amy in Sonic Boom :iconmyly14:Myly14 3,589 470 A place for you and I by Myly14 A place for you and I :iconmyly14:Myly14 2,889 291 Choice 3 page 12 by cArDoNaNaVaS Choice 3 page 12 :iconcardonanavas:cArDoNaNaVaS 427 114
Sonamy Chapter 1
Sonamy Story - Chapter 1
" SONIKKUU!!!" said a pink hedgehog, Sonic was trying his best to run from her. "Please I don't want a death hug from you again Amy!" Sonic shouted while running.
Amy then tried jumping at him, but he was to fast and Amy fell to the ground. Amy sat on her knees, and looked to see if Sonic had stopped to see if she was alright, but he was no where in sight.
"Sonic...Help me Please.." Amy started crying silently.
Meanwhile Sonic arrived at Tails' workshop, "Heyy Buddy!" Sonic said as he sat down. Tails popped his head up from his desk he was working at. " Oh! Heyy Sonic!" Tails smiled, "What have you been up to today ?" Sonic smiled, "Just the usual Amy chasing me," Tails looked at Sonic surprised. "She is still chasing you..?" Sonic looked at him confused, "When have you never known Amy not to chase me ?" Tails giggled and scrated the back of his head, "yeah your right "
"Well gotta run cya!" Tails waved to him, "Bye Sonic!" Sonic then ran off.
In 5 seconds,
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