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Tom Clancy's Command Authority - Night Eyes by BurenErdene Tom Clancy's Command Authority - Night Eyes :iconburenerdene:BurenErdene 278 4 Asriel Belly Love by JustinDivineKing Asriel Belly Love :iconjustindivineking:JustinDivineKing 176 63 Not Enough Mana 2 - Final Light Render 1 by DragesOversky Not Enough Mana 2 - Final Light Render 1 :icondragesoversky:DragesOversky 259 22 Sunrise Snack -Request- by PurpleArtemis Sunrise Snack -Request- :iconpurpleartemis:PurpleArtemis 325 39 [MMD] Sweet Rewenge (ENG + RUS) (YT links) by Zapor666 [MMD] Sweet Rewenge (ENG + RUS) (YT links) :iconzapor666:Zapor666 36 18 Feet First (part 4) by demontroll Feet First (part 4) :icondemontroll:demontroll 137 12
First Meal After Sleep - Sound Edition! :icondragesoversky:DragesOversky 53 10
Votre ame dans la paix comme un cloitre endormi by MD-Arts Votre ame dans la paix comme un cloitre endormi :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 182 2
Feraltale vore
I liked the older female behind the gate.
It made my boring days a bit more bearable. Sitting there trying to communicate without body language, or sometimes just vocalizing randomly. Or bringing stuff from both our sides of the closed doors, going out all the way to hotland with the hope that a lavastone might match up to the sweet scent of cooked food. I love my brother very much, but it’s nice to interact with someone that was more...mature, someone wiser, that took the role of a caretaker so easily.
And that’s why sometimes I would just sit there all day, crooning and hoping she would feel better again soon.
I was not unfamiliar with her on a really bad day, but that didn’t make it any less painful to hear. Human children would fall, she’d care for them, they went, they died. And every time she’d sit there and wail her anguish to the empty halls. It never failed to tug at my heartstrings.
And still I didn’t get how they could make her this heartb
:iconsketchy-vore:Sketchy-Vore 83 29
Sketch commission - Lizards love seafood, facts by Freimgul Sketch commission - Lizards love seafood, facts :iconfreimgul:Freimgul 205 16 Pukari Rin by KittyCouch Pukari Rin :iconkittycouch:KittyCouch 225 11 The Fatal Tour by ArdentMook The Fatal Tour :iconardentmook:ArdentMook 155 23
Together with Richter .:VORE:. Part 1
Together with Richter
Part 2 of ShadowedLightning's Promised Protection .:Vore:. Story
Warning! Read the Artist's Comments before reading this story! And just in case you don't know, in all of my writings, I use an asterisk (*) to mark jargon, words, and phrases that I felt needed some extra explanation. Simply put your cursor over the word to see the notes I've written there!
The First Time
Richter and Emil walked side by side through the vast fields of Sylvarant. As if by some blessed miracle, they had been allowed to walk free after all that had come to pass at the Ginnungagap; it appears as though Verius, the Summon Spirit of Heart, had spared them all. Verius must have somehow found a way to separate both personalities, Ratatosk and Emil, into two separate bodies without the use of an effigy or sacrifice. Ratatosk, the recently separate perso
:icongoron-king-darunia:Goron-King-Darunia 45 46
Daybreaker's Gobbles: Evil Switch 2 Part 2 by BBBHuey Daybreaker's Gobbles: Evil Switch 2 Part 2 :iconbbbhuey:BBBHuey 75 8 It's a little wet by Nishikoryuu It's a little wet :iconnishikoryuu:Nishikoryuu 187 49 Gray - gtk theme by kxmylo Gray - gtk theme :iconkxmylo:kxmylo 65 20 Commish--Just Stay Here With Me ^^ by SpidersVore Commish--Just Stay Here With Me ^^ :iconspidersvore:SpidersVore 184 88
Riku x Sora VORE Part 1
Edit! This submission is now reduced due to lack of space. This now contains only Part 1. See artist comments for links!
And the Queen Shall Fall…
(Before the Might of True Love)
Part 1: A Silveret and a Brunet
The ground was covered in a fresh layer of powdered snow, a glistening carpet of the purest white. Sora watched the steamy puffs of his breath dissipate in the iced air. He looked up suddenly, staring toward the source of a familiar sound.  It was the sound of a window being opened a little too enthusiastically; he knew that meant Riku had exciting news. Peering through the second story window of the next house, Sora could see the familiar silhouette of his best friend, shaking with anticipation as much as with cold; once again, he forgot to get dressed before opening his window. Sora chuckled a little under his breath and stood up
:icongoron-king-darunia:Goron-King-Darunia 48 23
Vore Simulator: Cartoons by QKazooQ Vore Simulator: Cartoons :iconqkazooq:QKazooQ 63 12 Soulmate by DarkVenusPersephonae Soulmate :icondarkvenuspersephonae:DarkVenusPersephonae 121 7 Jill and the Three Little Pigs by AdjectiveNounCombo Jill and the Three Little Pigs :iconadjectivenouncombo:AdjectiveNounCombo 760 79
Deep Purple (Lugia Vore)

Warning: This story contains scenes of Vore. If you don't like Vore, I strongly advise you not to read this.
But if you do like Vore, enjoy! :D
It was just an average day for me. School.  Homework. Xbox. This was how I lived every single day as a seventeen year old boy. But what I didn't realise was that today would be very different.
It would be a day that would change my life forever.
It was about, I dunno, say nine o'clock at night? I was playing, yet again, on my Xbox. My parents had left on an important business trip to Hoenn, and left the entire house to me. After all, I was seventeen years old. We all thought I was old enough to manage by myself and our large house on my own.
Boy was I wrong…
Anyway, I was relaxing, playing games, talking to friends online, eating the lasagna that my mom made for me. I was generally having a peaceful, enjoyable time. After a while, I thought I heard some sort of odd commotion goi
:icondovahthedragonborn:DovahTheDragonborn 252 395
Not Enough Mana 2 - Final Light Render 2 by DragesOversky Not Enough Mana 2 - Final Light Render 2 :icondragesoversky:DragesOversky 161 7