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Alchemy (Skin for AIMP4) [v1.6] by TheDeviantWizard Alchemy (Skin for AIMP4) [v1.6] :iconthedeviantwizard:TheDeviantWizard 110 61 Plastic Soul by wolfrun0 Plastic Soul :iconwolfrun0:wolfrun0 1,846 226 Welcome to the Dark Carnival by wwhitewwand Welcome to the Dark Carnival :iconwwhitewwand:wwhitewwand 429 10 Amy Lee - Wolf Spirit by ZhaoT Amy Lee - Wolf Spirit :iconzhaot:ZhaoT 454 37 Homestuck Battle by Timeless-Knight Homestuck Battle :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 2,389 535 Be the clown by atrueenglishman Be the clown :iconatrueenglishman:atrueenglishman 896 30 Look At Me. by HeyThereYoungDreamer Look At Me. :iconheythereyoungdreamer:HeyThereYoungDreamer 2,418 427 Sober Gamzee: HONK honk by wyltedr0se Sober Gamzee: HONK honk :iconwyltedr0se:wyltedr0se 691 55
Grub!Gamzee x Reader: Don't Leave Me
You hummed your favorite song cheerfully as you finished folding your laundry, placing them into neat piles on your bed. The trolls were so kind to give you a bed instead of making you sleep in slime, which you weren't really sure you'd be able to do. The thought alone made you cringe in disgust. You wondered how Gamzee could stand to eat the stuff anyway, it smelled like plastic.
All of the trolls had been so nice, well, most of them. They had found you sitting calmly on a meteor after the earth had exploded (calmly wailing and biting your nails in anxiety), they were kind enough to take you in. Well, Kanaya was the one who insisted that they help you, being the motherly and caring troll that she was. After a while of living with them, though, they all seemed to warm up to you. Especially Gamzee...he was so sweet. He seemed to like you a lot, but you never knew for sure. He would sneak up behind you a lot and honk his horn, or sometimes he would just wal
:iconinu-neesan:Inu-Neesan 695 210
sober by Zombiesmile sober :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 1,115 128 Visual Poetry: Time At The Bar by Special-K-001 Visual Poetry: Time At The Bar :iconspecial-k-001:Special-K-001 968 223 WhAt oNlY A BeSt fRiEnD CaN Do by YamiRedPen WhAt oNlY A BeSt fRiEnD CaN Do :iconyamiredpen:YamiRedPen 306 56 Starlight by Pedro-de-la-Luna Starlight :iconpedro-de-la-luna:Pedro-de-la-Luna 71 17 Gamzee: Defy the Highblood by YamiKatt Gamzee: Defy the Highblood :iconyamikatt:YamiKatt 541 31 Is It Rape? by brentcherry Is It Rape? :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 147 117 SOBER gamzee by Artist-Moo SOBER gamzee :iconartist-moo:Artist-Moo 1,577 119 gamzee gamzee gamzee by MagicalRicePudding gamzee gamzee gamzee :iconmagicalricepudding:MagicalRicePudding 456 19 Ornament Volume 1.0 by louisly Ornament Volume 1.0 :iconlouisly:louisly 23 10 WIP photo edit: Gamzee by Tiase WIP photo edit: Gamzee :icontiase:Tiase 118 46 Homestuck : Broken Mirrors by atrueenglishman Homestuck : Broken Mirrors :iconatrueenglishman:atrueenglishman 716 93 Sober Gamzee GIF by FrankenFreddie Sober Gamzee GIF :iconfrankenfreddie:FrankenFreddie 318 63 SUCKERS by vesabean SUCKERS :iconvesabean:vesabean 853 518 Homestuck Sober Gamzee Wallpaper by PlanetTitch Homestuck Sober Gamzee Wallpaper :iconplanettitch:PlanetTitch 252 25 Sober Gamzee Pixel JD by gaytiers Sober Gamzee Pixel JD :icongaytiers:gaytiers 151 4