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Between Two Worlds by mislyd Between Two Worlds :iconmislyd:mislyd 204 61 Dream Sequence: Memory by Eekah Dream Sequence: Memory :iconeekah:Eekah 65 23 Dream Sequence: Insomnia by Eekah Dream Sequence: Insomnia :iconeekah:Eekah 46 16
Sleep Paralysis
 It was happening again. Sam's heart raced rapidly; pounding so hard against his chest he was surprised he could not hear it. Sweat rolled off of his forehead, drenching the pillow beneath him. His eyes opened on their own accord and searched the near pitch black of his room, as if willing themselves to discover the source of his fear. His mind was fully awake, and his thoughts raced through his head. However, he was unable to move a single muscle.
           He tried desperately to regain control of his body. With his thoughts he reached out to his hands, trying to will them to move, but they lay like dead limbs. He tried to bring his fingers to life, hoping he could at least control the smallest of his digits, but could not.  He was aware of them, and could feel every part of his body, but they seemed to belong to something else, like phantom limbs outside his command.
           This had happened before. In fact,
:iconericambm:EricAMBM 30 26
Disturbed by Photopathica Disturbed :iconphotopathica:Photopathica 63 29 Night Terrors by Turtle-Arts Night Terrors :iconturtle-arts:Turtle-Arts 131 39 Static myguy by Zezora Static myguy :iconzezora:Zezora 26 2 Somnipathy, sleep disorder by Sepirgo Somnipathy, sleep disorder :iconsepirgo:Sepirgo 19 25 Dream Sequence: Transformation by Eekah Dream Sequence: Transformation :iconeekah:Eekah 25 4 Tickle to death: illustration by PrincessTigerLili Tickle to death: illustration :iconprincesstigerlili:PrincessTigerLili 38 25 bogeymen and night terror by GakiRules bogeymen and night terror :icongakirules:GakiRules 42 7 Boredom drawing - TEST - by SunShineMoonLight Boredom drawing - TEST - :iconsunshinemoonlight:SunShineMoonLight 70 42 The Hootingtons by Caitie-Hinchey The Hootingtons :iconcaitie-hinchey:Caitie-Hinchey 34 18 Sleep Disorder Family Portrait by Trillium248 Sleep Disorder Family Portrait :icontrillium248:Trillium248 32 42 Insomnia by PandoraFortuneCookie Insomnia :iconpandorafortunecookie:PandoraFortuneCookie 13 9 Apnea by Trillium248 Apnea :icontrillium248:Trillium248 11 13 The sinister awakening by leahcorrine The sinister awakening :iconleahcorrine:leahcorrine 18 32 REM polygraph and peduncular hallucinosis. by sav2718 REM polygraph and peduncular hallucinosis. :iconsav2718:sav2718 13 4 'Alice' for short by Trillium248 'Alice' for short :icontrillium248:Trillium248 14 17 Hypnopompic Hallucination by azraelengel Hypnopompic Hallucination :iconazraelengel:azraelengel 7 8
i) insomnia.
diagnosed by the doctor who smelt of beer and stale sweat.
when you told your friends they shrugged and said
"everyone has it,"
and so when they spent the night and you lay awake
you assumed that their silent sleeping was simply caused by them being in a different house.
your sheets are stained with the nightmares you couldn't wake up from
after you took the pills the doctor gave you to sleep.
ii) anxiety.
when you woke up in the morning and the thought of school sent you into panic attacks.
you are a better ghost than you are a human being,
noticed when you began tearing at the skin around your nails
and obsessively organising your books on the desk.
she says she thinks it is just your mind letting society in,
but i cannot breathe in shopping centres,
and i spend concerts planning escape routes in case someone were to have a gun.
iii) depression.
rediagnosed by teachers as lazy,
and by lovers as too tired.
an umbrella term you are learning means wanting to step in front o
:iconwideeyeddelusions:WideEyedDelusions 14 13
Ma paralysie du sommeil
Tout le monde se souvient de la première fois où ont vas au cinéma. Surtout quand ont est tout petit et naif. Rien que le fait de voir une immense salle avec tout plein de siège et une énorme toile blanche est très impressionnant pour un enfant. J'avais 5 ans la première fois, c'était en 1981. Cette année là à marqué l'histoire du cinéma ainsi que ma vie. C'était l'année ou Steven Spielberg avait produit un de ses plus beau chef d'oeuvre et un des meilleurs films américain de tout les temps. Un film que personne ne peut oublier, E. T. l'extra-terestre. Je m'en souvient comme si c'était hier. Ma mère et ma grand-mère m'ont accompagné. J'étais très impressionné par tout ce que je voyais ce jours là... un peu trop même. Et déjà mon instinct de petit enfant me disais que j'allais vivre un moment unique. Je n'avais pas encore vue autant de monde et je crois
:iconprincesstigerlili:PrincessTigerLili 4 8