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Lazy afternoon by DarkRapier Lazy afternoon :icondarkrapier:DarkRapier 304 22 sleep deprivation by obsidianstamps sleep deprivation :iconobsidianstamps:obsidianstamps 369 18 X-X by phation X-X :iconphation:phation 601 83 FMA Icon: Sleep-Deprived by Lalikaa FMA Icon: Sleep-Deprived :iconlalikaa:Lalikaa 187 35 Sleep Deprived Scootaloo Vector by Thorinair Sleep Deprived Scootaloo Vector :iconthorinair:Thorinair 212 81 RU CANT SLEEP by phation RU CANT SLEEP :iconphation:phation 668 24 G'morning by carnival G'morning :iconcarnival:carnival 168 125 I can't sleep base by Darkdood-pixels I can't sleep base :icondarkdood-pixels:Darkdood-pixels 238 10 Tired of this... by KariNeko Tired of this... :iconkarineko:KariNeko 82 77 sleep deprived by phation sleep deprived :iconphation:phation 462 69
GreeceXReader- Sleep Deprived
     Lately, Mr.Greece had been having trouble sleeping, everyone could tell, he always came to the meetings looking worn out with heavy purple circles under his eyes. As an affect of his lack of sleep, Greece was beginning to get cranky, _________ stood watching Japan pace the room talking to Mr.Greece's other friends about what could have started this. He'd stopped sleeping a couple weeks ago, and since then, he'd deliberately argue with Turkey, at some point he even threatened war.
      No one was worried, until He'd shoved a cat off him, and snapped at Japan, all in the same day. The only person who hadn't seen a change in him was _________. Greece always had a very fond liking of his friend, who could often be seen taking naps with him, since they shared a border, they hung out often. She was in the front of the room of the meeting with Japan about Greece's sleeping habits, though he hadn't effected her, she was the top of th
:iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 132 24
(Pt.8) Selfharm by Ink-Yami (Pt.8) Selfharm :iconink-yami:Ink-Yami 119 14 Exam week by moral-extremist Exam week :iconmoral-extremist:moral-extremist 218 71 Coffee Dash by Tobibrocki Coffee Dash :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 80 15 Confrontation by DarkRapier Confrontation :icondarkrapier:DarkRapier 147 36 Paper Portals - Optimisme et Espoir by Yesterdays-Paper Paper Portals - Optimisme et Espoir :iconyesterdays-paper:Yesterdays-Paper 29 8 sleep deprived by Phiger sleep deprived :iconphiger:Phiger 23 8 Maw by Dandy-Jon Maw :icondandy-jon:Dandy-Jon 60 4
Groggily opening his eyes, the mud blooded troll could feel the bitter tang of echoing pain. His proud lance was protruding, almost rudely, from his chest. As if to say, 'You are the biggest fuck up imaginable'. Tavros lifted himself onto his elbows, slowly trying to make some non-scrambled thoughts in his extremely abused and blurry think-pan. The Taurus could only think up a few basic thoughts;
The lance missed his spine.
He was going to die, no matter what he did.
And finally, he had to say goodbye to at least his best bro, Gamzee.
So Tavros gripped the bloody handle, slowly twisting the item from the new gaping hole in his chest. The sludgy brown tears flowing down the sides of his face didn't register in the troll's fuzzy think-pan, everything was quickly growing more and more numb. With a quick and sudden lurch, the lance gave and clattered to the brown pool. The sickening squench of the slowly drying puddle slurping around the new metal victim lasted in repetition in his
:icondreams-child:Dreams-Child 167 79
happy 17th birthday deviantart by BrookRiver happy 17th birthday deviantart :iconbrookriver:BrookRiver 19 4 31 hrs of work and sleep deprived by phation 31 hrs of work and sleep deprived :iconphation:phation 192 15