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bishop_and_cirilla by Schl4fy bishop_and_cirilla :iconschl4fy:Schl4fy 101 0 SKYRIM_RM_13 by Schl4fy SKYRIM_RM_13 :iconschl4fy:Schl4fy 95 0 LAVENDER INTRO by Schl4fy LAVENDER INTRO :iconschl4fy:Schl4fy 54 11 3rd advent_cael by Schl4fy 3rd advent_cael :iconschl4fy:Schl4fy 112 11 So this happened.... by PanzerTheTank So this happened.... :iconpanzerthetank:PanzerTheTank 74 36 So I tried a certain Skyrim romance mod... by PanzerTheTank So I tried a certain Skyrim romance mod... :iconpanzerthetank:PanzerTheTank 90 81 Skyrim Romance mod sketches 1 by PanzerTheTank Skyrim Romance mod sketches 1 :iconpanzerthetank:PanzerTheTank 84 26 Pay attention potato by PanzerTheTank Pay attention potato :iconpanzerthetank:PanzerTheTank 60 29 How by PanzerTheTank How :iconpanzerthetank:PanzerTheTank 35 7 CHRISTMAS SONG 2018 by Schl4fy CHRISTMAS SONG 2018 :iconschl4fy:Schl4fy 32 0 Ranger of the Woods by ElegantArtist21 Ranger of the Woods :iconelegantartist21:ElegantArtist21 36 2 Bishop by Yenn-Ash Bishop :iconyenn-ash:Yenn-Ash 24 4 A safe place by TheElfsCauldron A safe place :icontheelfscauldron:TheElfsCauldron 9 0 By Moonlight by ElegantArtist21 By Moonlight :iconelegantartist21:ElegantArtist21 34 12
Running with Wolves ~1
Running with Wolves
Skyrim Fanfiction
Female Dragonborn and Farkas
Out of the corner of her eye, Sova watched the Companion. He didn’t talk much it seemed, and it seemed clear that between him and his brother, he held the strength where his brother had the smarts. The Nord stood a head taller and his shoulders spread twice as wide as her. She watched as he picked up a rusted dagger from a table then flick it tip first into the wood, its pommel shaking from the force. Silently, he kicked over an empty bucket and shook his head slightly, his long black hair swaying briefly from the motion. His head rose to meet her gaze. In the torch light, the dark markings around his eyes accentuated his menacing appearance. Sova didn’t know what it was, but there was a slight fear rolling around inside her toward this man. She saw something lurking in his eyes, but she didn’t know what.
Finally the man said, “Looks like someone has been digging here, and recently.” His ey
:icondropingbow:Dropingbow 25 2
Cockatrice by Essylrui Cockatrice :iconessylrui:Essylrui 25 1 Ondolemar and Marceline for the Courtesan Series by TheLoneInquisitor Ondolemar and Marceline for the Courtesan Series :icontheloneinquisitor:TheLoneInquisitor 25 59 Forbidden Love  Rudahan Creatures by Essylrui Forbidden Love Rudahan Creatures :iconessylrui:Essylrui 14 1
Love is Blind
The first time Vilkas saw her, it was because she had given him the false hope that the crazy man in front of the statue near Jorrvaskr was finally shot with an arrow. He had gone out to investigate upon noticing the silence that was usually pierced by his shrieking, a secret excitement shattered when he realized that he wasn't dead. He was talking excitably to her, and she was eagerly listening to every word he had to say. She was perhaps the only one who ever wanted to talk to him, or even stopped to listen for more than two minutes.
He could tell immediately that she was a Nord, possessing long locks of dark hair and wore a simple green dress. Vilkas stood and watched her and the crazy man exchange conversation before he decided to step in to give her an excuse to escape his ranting about Talos.
As he neared her, a man rushed to her grabbing her wrist, and scolding her for wandering off again. She had laughed at him, telling him that she was fine and that a little wandering did nobo
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Noir and Bishop (Chibi) by SecretSigil Noir and Bishop (Chibi) :iconsecretsigil:SecretSigil 9 2 Wolfspeaker by RianaDragoness Wolfspeaker :iconrianadragoness:RianaDragoness 12 12 Cael Fan-art skyrim by JoFallsSnow Cael Fan-art skyrim :iconjofallssnow:JoFallsSnow 10 2