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Harrow by RavenDarke Harrow :iconravendarke:RavenDarke 677 24 character Sheet: Skye by AishaxNekox character Sheet: Skye :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 3,719 558 RAIBOWS N SPARKLES by AishaxNekox RAIBOWS N SPARKLES :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 2,202 188
Skye's History: prt 2
"Well, those next eight years were spent with him mindlessly killing, robbing, torturing, and dissecting victims of all kinds, and developing his powers and seeing to the extent he could use them. Hmhmm~! I hope your taking notes kid. We've only dived about halfway into this terribly...fascinating tale."
  Daniel at this point was thoroughly intrigued. His hands had remained clasped this  whole time, but his grip was tighter now, so much so that his knuckles were blazing white with pressure.
                "I am taking good account of all things you say, informer. What I'm really interested in now though is just how he ascended into this powerful…ah –"
             "Dictatorship?" The cloaked man inquired, figuring out the word for him.
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Skyes Fukkireta by AishaxNekox Skyes Fukkireta :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 1,454 179
The Surfer and the Merman CH 1
        It was beautiful, sunny day in Cayucos, California. However, even the perfect weather couldn't improve the mood of one of the local residents as he gloomily walked across the sand. Surfboard in his hand, he stared out into the horizon, his natural blonde hair blowing in the wind. He then realized that he was the only person on the beach, which just made him feel worse. He felt so alone lately, ever since summer began. His parents had left him for a whole month to go visit relatives who lived a few states away. The poor surfer couldn't go with his parents because he had to take summer school classes.
       "Fucking Econ...." He grumbled to himself.
        The poor highschooler didn't even have any friends to help him with his loneliness. Besides his good looks and likeable personality, he was painfully shy and only had a few friends. And those few friends happened
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Mythology by Nelleke Mythology :iconnelleke:Nelleke 4,754 446 Ace Attornies by JohnSu Ace Attornies :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 10,591 1,522
The Surfer and the Merman CH 2
       Skye was in his almost completely dark bedroom, the only light coming from the open bathroom door. He could hear gentle splashes coming from the tub as he searched through his drawers for his pajamas. Once he found them, he placed them on his bed and decided to check on the merman just in case he had decided to randomly vanish into thin air. As he entered, Cyan smiled happily at him. He looked comfortable, as if he were laying in a bed.
"Guess I won't be taking a bath before bed tonight..." Skye mumbled to himself, but Cyan still heard him.
"You can still take a bath. I feel bad for barging into your home like this, so you can just forget that I am here." Cyan offered.
"Feeling bad for barging into my home? He BEGGED me to take him with me. And forget that he's here?? How can I forget about a mermaid in my bathtub??" Skye thought as he scratched his head nervously.
"Its important for you humans to stay clean, right? I heard they sweat a lot. Pl
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Bunnies and Demons by AishaxNekox Bunnies and Demons :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 3,197 217 A battle of light and dark by LordLJCornellPhotos A battle of light and dark :iconlordljcornellphotos:LordLJCornellPhotos 297 38 Your Drawing Attitude by Achiru-et-al Your Drawing Attitude :iconachiru-et-al:Achiru-et-al 6,521 2,072 Quake - Agent of SHIELD by JamieFayX Quake - Agent of SHIELD :iconjamiefayx:JamieFayX 950 116
Skye's History: prt 1
The bolded words are where his history picks up
A clean cut man made his way through the heavy doors of the tavern, standing out greatly from the rough crowd in its walls. He was tall, strong built, with auburn hair and bright green eyes. His ears held a slight pointed edge to them, and along with the light leather armor he wore, he would have stood out greatly amongst a crowd of beings such as yourself. No, the situation was quite the opposite, he was the most normal.
Around him demons brawled, some with bizarre, fantastic bright colored hair and eyes, others completely black and white from their skin to their eyes. They were either brawling and knocking over furniture or blissfully and drunkenly unaware of their surroundings and slurred out old bar tunes. The man's presence went unnoticed.
He made his way past the unsightly crowd to the back of the tavern -- where booths remained empty -- save for one monochromatic woman smoking idly; breathing out orange and blue smoke that w
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ema skye by raemz-desu ema skye :iconraemz-desu:raemz-desu 2,257 109 Happier Times by AishaxNekox Happier Times :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 8,521 768 Skyes Shimeji FIXED by AishaxNekox Skyes Shimeji FIXED :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 1,625 495 Trip in Skye by Raphael-Lacoste Trip in Skye :iconraphael-lacoste:Raphael-Lacoste 1,433 34 Consecution by Ziegelzeig Consecution :iconziegelzeig:Ziegelzeig 224 115 The Savage Dark by TheWyvernsWeaver The Savage Dark :iconthewyvernsweaver:TheWyvernsWeaver 316 50 DAMMIT CONSUELOS by AishaxNekox DAMMIT CONSUELOS :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 2,156 217 A world within a rainbow by Alex37 A world within a rainbow :iconalex37:Alex37 1,643 386 Kissing 101 by Achiru-et-al Kissing 101 :iconachiru-et-al:Achiru-et-al 2,269 132 Lost by Nelleke Lost :iconnelleke:Nelleke 954 29 Isle of Skye by newcastlemale Isle of Skye :iconnewcastlemale:newcastlemale 1,136 305 Ruin by Nelleke Ruin :iconnelleke:Nelleke 1,202 54 I choose you by AishaxNekox I choose you :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 3,193 550 Robyn and Hannah by Ziegelzeig Robyn and Hannah :iconziegelzeig:Ziegelzeig 322 205 The shadowed face by LordLJCornellPhotos The shadowed face :iconlordljcornellphotos:LordLJCornellPhotos 721 116
The Surfer and The Merman CH 5
Skye took out his cell phone from his pocket to check the time.
"5:30..." He read to himself.
"It should be open," the young blonde said as he turned to the boy next to him.
"Good..." Cyan said as he rubbed his stomach. Skye stared at the smaller boy; he was developing a habit of doing this. He couldn't help himself, he was just so fascinated with the boy from the sea.
The sun was getting lower in the sky, causing the leaves from the tree in Skye's front yard to scatter shadows all over Cyan. He couldn't stop himself from thinking about how lovely Cyan looked at this moment. Skye's mind then focused on Cyan's new shirt.
When Cyan first met Skye, he, of course, had no clothes with him. Unfortunately for the both of them, Skye's clothes were too large for Cyan. The surfer decided to dig through his garage for old clothes, and he found a few shirts that he had worn in junior high school. However, Skye was unable to find pants, so Cyan had to wear Skye's baggy swim shorts with the drawstri
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The road to the mountains by LordLJCornellPhotos The road to the mountains :iconlordljcornellphotos:LordLJCornellPhotos 376 85 Of loling and giggles by AishaxNekox Of loling and giggles :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 3,183 554 Ancient Pathways by lucias-tears Ancient Pathways :iconlucias-tears:lucias-tears 3,444 863 YOUTUBE VIDEO Petenshi Skye by AishaxNekox YOUTUBE VIDEO Petenshi Skye :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 1,776 186 All hail by AishaxNekox All hail :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 1,871 84 Midnight Blue by Nelleke Midnight Blue :iconnelleke:Nelleke 1,092 31 Kissing 103 by Achiru-et-al Kissing 103 :iconachiru-et-al:Achiru-et-al 1,780 309 Skyes development by AishaxNekox Skyes development :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 1,176 208 Memories by Art-by-Ling Memories :iconart-by-ling:Art-by-Ling 331 53 MCA: Headmaster Skye by AishaxNekox MCA: Headmaster Skye :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 1,211 166 A glorious dawn. by LordLJCornellPhotos A glorious dawn. :iconlordljcornellphotos:LordLJCornellPhotos 395 43 Coire Faoin by TobiasRichter Coire Faoin :icontobiasrichter:TobiasRichter 889 45 Ealaghol by AndyMumford Ealaghol :iconandymumford:AndyMumford 748 183 Kissing 102 by Achiru-et-al Kissing 102 :iconachiru-et-al:Achiru-et-al 2,832 194 Athena Skye by Luches Athena Skye :iconluches:Luches 2,096 112