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Feeling the field 5 by AngryBee Feeling the field 5 :iconangrybee:AngryBee 14 6 Minion May Cry by RAVE-OH-LUTION Minion May Cry :iconrave-oh-lution:RAVE-OH-LUTION 17 6 Flaminia Marionno by ElissaKarminakria Flaminia Marionno :iconelissakarminakria:ElissaKarminakria 34 5 Contessa Simonetta....One Bite by countess1897 Contessa Simonetta....One Bite :iconcountess1897:countess1897 14 5 Camurria II by AngryBee Camurria II :iconangrybee:AngryBee 16 14 Camurria I by AngryBee Camurria I :iconangrybee:AngryBee 14 24 Venus and Mars by TheHopelessDreamer Venus and Mars :iconthehopelessdreamer:TheHopelessDreamer 12 23 Simonetta art nouveau by rosarija Simonetta art nouveau :iconrosarija:rosarija 11 2 'La bella Simonetta' by TheHopelessDreamer 'La bella Simonetta' :iconthehopelessdreamer:TheHopelessDreamer 12 8 Feeling the field 2 by AngryBee Feeling the field 2 :iconangrybee:AngryBee 7 3 Simonetta Promotional Art by Swawa3D Simonetta Promotional Art :iconswawa3d:Swawa3D 5 4 Feeling the field 4 by AngryBee Feeling the field 4 :iconangrybee:AngryBee 6 0 Simonetta Vespucci by TheHopelessDreamer Simonetta Vespucci :iconthehopelessdreamer:TheHopelessDreamer 5 4 An endless love by TheHopelessDreamer An endless love :iconthehopelessdreamer:TheHopelessDreamer 7 1
The death of my beloved
She looks so peaceful, so pure, so at rest,
Like an angel who with death has been blessed.
She lays there,
The sun bathing her golden hair,
Trapped in glass, her pale tone catches my eyes,
And it only seemed like yesterday we had been in paradise.
Why did you have to go,
My brilliant angel?
I  wanted to take you down the wedding isle,
Why did you leave me to suffer, beloved, living in denial?
I had such beautiful dreams of kissing you,
And you loving me back too.
It was too..
It was too soon..
You shouldn't have died in that cold, lifeless night,
God's creatures appear in light,
Why has the Lord cursed you with spitting your own body's juice,
Why has he stolen my chance to love you, too?
And they cry, they all cry,
As these wretched hours, seconds go by,
They all wished that it was them in the coffin,
To be able to stile gaze upon you from above, where you are,
From the heavens.
:iconemiliadavinci:EmiliadaVinci 7 0
Feeling the field by AngryBee Feeling the field :iconangrybee:AngryBee 18 16 Simonetta by Swawa3D Simonetta :iconswawa3d:Swawa3D 6 4 Contessa Simonetta by countess1897 Contessa Simonetta :iconcountess1897:countess1897 4 3 Old Forgotten Valkyrie by RAVE-OH-LUTION Old Forgotten Valkyrie :iconrave-oh-lution:RAVE-OH-LUTION 4 2 Work in progress - Mundus` Pet (Enemy) by RAVE-OH-LUTION Work in progress - Mundus` Pet (Enemy) :iconrave-oh-lution:RAVE-OH-LUTION 5 0