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UT Comic: Watch Your Health:  Part1 by AbsoluteDream UT Comic: Watch Your Health: Part1 :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 1,255 74 UT Comic: Sick Day Part2 by AbsoluteDream UT Comic: Sick Day Part2 :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 1,815 72 UT Comic: Sick Day Part1 by AbsoluteDream UT Comic: Sick Day Part1 :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 2,346 363 UT Comic: Sick Day Part3 by AbsoluteDream UT Comic: Sick Day Part3 :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 2,464 438 Super Sonic Short by Lythero Super Sonic Short :iconlythero:Lythero 5,022 2,406
Trying to impress you {Levi x sick!reader}
You cupped your hands over your mouth again as a uncomfortable surge came from your stomach and up through your throat. Hanji looked at you pitifully as you emptied your stomach contents into a small bucket beside your bed.
"Hmm, that doesn't look healthy" Hanji laughed as you shyly wiped your mouth "That's what you get for buying meat from that dealer outside the camp"
You turned your paling face towards her and gave your best glare "Look I haven't eaten meat in years and I was sure it wasn't bad, it looked so nice and tender-"
"Stop it! Your making me hungry" Hanji sighed looking down at her watch "Crap,crap, crap, crap! I was meant to be meeting Eren half an hour ago, think you can manage on your own for a few hours?"
You gave a small smile, "Of course, you go meet Eren and I'll sleep for a bit"
"Okay" Hanji grinned ruffling your hair and sprinting out the room "Later (y/n)!!"
You sigh as you bury your head into the old pillow and attempt to fall alseep, not even five mintues later
:iconthe-banshee-queen:The-Banshee-Queen 602 153
Please Don't Leave Me 02 by SallyVinter Please Don't Leave Me 02 :iconsallyvinter:SallyVinter 675 89
Germany x Sick!Reader
You lay back on your bed, feeling the effects of your country's depression taking their toll on you. Your economy was in shambles, your government was corrupt, your people were suffering, and it was all piling up to make you horribly ill.
But you were a part of the Axis now, and you were doing everything you could to stay strong for them. The depression you could deal with. You could brush it off and smile away the pain, to make your allies not worry about you. Now that you could barely move, you were worried. What if Germany, the unofficial leader of your little group, now saw you as useless and threw you out in the cold? You were determined to hide this from the others at all costs.
The comforter around you did nothing to ease your chills, and your house was drafty and falling to shreds due to your economic troubles. Then your phone rang out, and you rose to grab it, taking the comforter around your shoulders. After hitting the button, you coughed for a second and watched the blood s
:icon666kurai:666kurai 1,305 367
Brown Eyes Compliments, and Analogies
Because I'm sick of people saying there aren't any.
Your brown eyes are like the deep intoxication of campaign wine, bubbling with hazing richness and expensive taste.
Your brown eyes are like the color of mahogany wood- comforting and home-steady toughness that lets me know you will be the beams of supporting me.
Your eyes remind me of Dove chocolate, smooth, creamy, delectable, and melting.
The color of brown eyes remind me of mountain terrain and nature, something subtle, but beautiful in every form and season.
Brown eyes make me think of Devil's cake, taunting and tempting, curtained by black lashes, the symbol of rich seduction.
When brown eyes delve in love, they become the color of a leather book, promising a story of loyalty, long-life, and devotion.
Your brown eyes remind me of mysterious secrets, dark to cover the pain of ignorance, opaque to cover to want of another.
Brown eyes are like the stable ground, steadier and prepared to embrace you when you fall, into a nurturing a
:iconoverthrowthekings:OverthrowTheKings 127 39
Ninja Twilight Redux by NCMares Ninja Twilight Redux :iconncmares:NCMares 2,912 209 Turtle Tots React - Being sick by Myrling Turtle Tots React - Being sick :iconmyrling:Myrling 1,494 614 Timeless: Tender Care by WhiteMantisArt Timeless: Tender Care :iconwhitemantisart:WhiteMantisArt 911 31 Duty Of Care by bobthedalek Duty Of Care :iconbobthedalek:bobthedalek 512 169 Karl Sanders 2nd LP cover by xaay Karl Sanders 2nd LP cover :iconxaay:xaay 786 113
Germany x Sick!Reader Part II
You nodded into his chest. Everything was going to be alright.
When you awoke, it was in Germany’s arms. Under any other circumstances it would have brought a smile, and probably a blush, to your face, but you were waking for a different reason. You tore out of his arms with surprising force and made your way to the adjoining bathroom as quickly as you could manage. You tried as hard as you could to retch quietly, and when you saw the blood blooming in the water you thought you ought to wake him. Weakly you made your way to the doorway when you heard a knock on the door downstairs. Germany was still sound asleep. Taking care of you must have really tired him. Something possessed you to get to it and found your boss, drunk off his ass.
“Hey,” he slurred, “you weren’t at your home.”
You stared at him in disbelief. You knew what was behind this cloud of alcohol. Before you stood a cold and calculating man, concerned only with power and wealth.
:icon666kurai:666kurai 843 250
Kwami Catch 7 (Final) - Miraculous Ladybug by SELT0N Kwami Catch 7 (Final) - Miraculous Ladybug :iconselt0n:SELT0N 539 81 Sick Loki by Batwynn Sick Loki :iconbatwynn:Batwynn 418 30 Till Lindemann - Rammstein by Shamaanita Till Lindemann - Rammstein :iconshamaanita:Shamaanita 365 168 Flutterspy by NCMares Flutterspy :iconncmares:NCMares 1,489 86 Mind devour by Sebmaestro Mind devour :iconsebmaestro:Sebmaestro 4,175 763 Sick,sick,sick (messy) by Remarin Sick,sick,sick (messy) :iconremarin:Remarin 1,249 37 Underfell - 69 by Kaitogirl Underfell - 69 :iconkaitogirl:Kaitogirl 291 149 Basic expressions for malkavian30504 by DaeStock Basic expressions for malkavian30504 :icondaestock:DaeStock 1,380 235 Underfell - 68 by Kaitogirl Underfell - 68 :iconkaitogirl:Kaitogirl 281 126