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Fandom roleplay list - longterm - 18+
- I like make new friends, so don't be a stranger. It's sad to just talk for 'Rp' so don't hesitate to talk to me ^^. Let's be friends !
- I'm looking for motivated, regular and serious partners, to Rp on the longterm and often... if you are not sure to continue the Rp please don't ask me to RP with you. .. it's frustrating to get involved in an Rp and when the person disappears after two messages. It's ok if you are busy with life, but warn me as I will warn you if I'm busy.
If you do not answer the Rp after a week I will send you a message once, if you do not answer after two messages I would give up the RP.
Thank you for telling me if you are busy.
If I forget to reply to the Rp send me a new note.
- I play straight females characters (My Oc's and my ideas/plots are in the list below) so I would ask you to play one or more male characters for my Oc's. In return I can play one or more male characters for your Oc's, you just have
:iconcryptidette:Cryptidette 160 28
Shuu Tsukiyama {Tokyo Ghoul} by greenmapple17 Shuu Tsukiyama {Tokyo Ghoul} :icongreenmapple17:greenmapple17 139 1 Tsukiyama Shuu by kahmurio Tsukiyama Shuu :iconkahmurio:kahmurio 331 20 Tokyo Ghoul: Mirror World by Astellecia Tokyo Ghoul: Mirror World :iconastellecia:Astellecia 437 15 tsukiyama shuu 06 by VictoriaSty tsukiyama shuu 06 :iconvictoriasty:VictoriaSty 273 9 Shuu by leejun35 Shuu :iconleejun35:leejun35 452 50 Dolce Shuu [Happy (late) Bday] by SorceressDream Dolce Shuu [Happy (late) Bday] :iconsorceressdream:SorceressDream 760 31 shuu tsukiyama by makariin shuu tsukiyama :iconmakariin:makariin 252 11 Free avatars - Tokyo Ghoul by KITTYSOPHIE Free avatars - Tokyo Ghoul :iconkittysophie:KITTYSOPHIE 443 91 Shuu Tsukiyama cosplay by xReitox Shuu Tsukiyama cosplay :iconxreitox:xReitox 228 17 Hannibal in Tokyo by SorceressDream Hannibal in Tokyo :iconsorceressdream:SorceressDream 266 26 Tokyo Ghoul - A Final Meal by jettyguy Tokyo Ghoul - A Final Meal :iconjettyguy:jettyguy 377 20 shuu by VictoriaSty shuu :iconvictoriasty:VictoriaSty 167 4 Boredom= Shuu Tsukiyama GIF by IzumiKiyomizu Boredom= Shuu Tsukiyama GIF :iconizumikiyomizu:IzumiKiyomizu 60 13 Shuu by Byakuya1619 Shuu :iconbyakuya1619:Byakuya1619 187 21
entice. // {shuu tsukiyama}
( shuu tsukiyama x fem!ghoul!reader }
warning(s): mention of violence and gore, sexual themes.
Please listen while you read:
     He disgusted you.  His habits were not natural to a ghoul’s predatory instincts.  He had other people kill his prey for the sport of it.  Just the thought of it made your stomach turn.  Ghouls needed to hunt their prey; feel them struggle; feel the flesh and blood as it swam in their mouths, still fresh and warm. 
    You could think of nothing greater than the kill.  Human screams were just so delightful.
    His fingers brushed lightly across your collarbone, his lips tickled your jawline.  His feathering breath and light touches were a sudden reminder that what all you believed was not necessarily t
:iconbat-clawz:Bat-Clawz 71 8
tsukikane by kmitenkova tsukikane :iconkmitenkova:kmitenkova 132 7 Passions - Naki and Tsukiyama Shuu by 34Kai Passions - Naki and Tsukiyama Shuu :icon34kai:34Kai 137 9 Tsukiyama Shuu 01 [Tokyo Ghoul] by NoriNeko-Noriaki Tsukiyama Shuu 01 [Tokyo Ghoul] :iconnorineko-noriaki:NoriNeko-Noriaki 208 4
Prurio [Tsukiyama x Reader]
[Tsukiyama’s perspective]
The simplest of minds would say that partaking of food is nothing more than source of fuel, a source of ineffectual comfort, a mindless engagement of mouth to esophagus for the pettiest of excuses.
So many humans fail to comprehend the undeserved privileges bestowed on them. So open are they to a world of delight, an esoteric abundance of taste, flavor, savor, yet they refuse to take such a perfect opportunity to explore this universe of possibility.
Partaking of a meal should be so much more than just ingesting of substance - a repast must incorporate every sense, the manner in which it is prepared, the aroma, the luxurious textures coating the tongue with every bite, the complexity of flavors melding into a sensuous yet simplistic harmony. Such a feast is a work of art, not only fueling the body but awakening every aspect of the soul and mind.
Even dwelling amongst these ungrateful creatures as a ghoul, with what seems to be few
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 122 22
tokyo ghoul icon: familyyyy by flavorkun tokyo ghoul icon: familyyyy :iconflavorkun:flavorkun 122 16 May he remain glittered with sparkles by SR-Soumeki May he remain glittered with sparkles :iconsr-soumeki:SR-Soumeki 128 14 Commission: Shuu Tsukiyama Pillow by Ruri-dere Commission: Shuu Tsukiyama Pillow :iconruri-dere:Ruri-dere 368 37