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Dolce Shuu [Happy (late) Bday] by SorceressDream Dolce Shuu [Happy (late) Bday] :iconsorceressdream:SorceressDream 754 31 Shuu by leejun35 Shuu :iconleejun35:leejun35 461 51 Tokyo Ghoul: Mirror World by Astellecia Tokyo Ghoul: Mirror World :iconastellecia:Astellecia 429 15 Free avatars - Tokyo Ghoul by KITTYSOPHIE Free avatars - Tokyo Ghoul :iconkittysophie:KITTYSOPHIE 442 91 Tokyo Ghoul 2014 by Sundog1991 Tokyo Ghoul 2014 :iconsundog1991:Sundog1991 330 19 Commission: Shuu Tsukiyama Pillow by Ruri-dere Commission: Shuu Tsukiyama Pillow :iconruri-dere:Ruri-dere 373 38 Tokyo Ghoul - A Final Meal by jettyguy Tokyo Ghoul - A Final Meal :iconjettyguy:jettyguy 372 20 Tsukiyama Shuu by kahmurio Tsukiyama Shuu :iconkahmurio:kahmurio 334 20 Hannibal in Tokyo by SorceressDream Hannibal in Tokyo :iconsorceressdream:SorceressDream 270 26 Shuu Tsukiyama cosplay by xReitox Shuu Tsukiyama cosplay :iconxreitox:xReitox 239 17 tsukiyama shuu 06 by VictoriaSty tsukiyama shuu 06 :iconvictoriasty:VictoriaSty 279 9 shuu tsukiyama by makariin shuu tsukiyama :iconmakariin:makariin 250 11 Shuu Tsukiyama {Tokyo Ghoul} by greenmapple17 Shuu Tsukiyama {Tokyo Ghoul} :icongreenmapple17:greenmapple17 160 1 Passions - Naki and Tsukiyama Shuu by 34Kai Passions - Naki and Tsukiyama Shuu :icon34kai:34Kai 141 9 Shuu by Byakuya1619 Shuu :iconbyakuya1619:Byakuya1619 186 21
Fandom roleplay list - longterm - 18+
Since lately a lot of people contact me without read the wholes rules : Please read seriously these rules, don't contact me if you don't agree with them. Don't waste your time and don't waste mine. Thanks you ! 
- I like make new friends, so don't be a stranger. It's sad to just talk for 'Rp' so don't hesitate to talk to me ^^. Let's be friends !
- I'm looking for motivated, regular and serious partners, to Rp on the longterm and often... if you are not sure to continue the Rp please don't ask me to RP with you. .. it's frustrating to get involved in an Rp and when the person disappears after two messages. It's ok if you are busy with life, but warn me as I will warn you if I'm busy.
If you do not answer the Rp after a week I will send you a message once, if you do not answer after two messages I would give up the RP.
Thank you for telling me if you are busy.
If I forget to reply to the Rp send me a new note.
:iconcryptidette:Cryptidette 228 84
shuu by VictoriaSty shuu :iconvictoriasty:VictoriaSty 169 4 Tokyo Ghoul Wallpaper (Rize and Tsukiyama) by galangcp Tokyo Ghoul Wallpaper (Rize and Tsukiyama) :icongalangcp:galangcp 60 6 Tsukiyama Shuu 01 [Tokyo Ghoul] by NoriNeko-Noriaki Tsukiyama Shuu 01 [Tokyo Ghoul] :iconnorineko-noriaki:NoriNeko-Noriaki 207 4 Boredom= Shuu Tsukiyama GIF by IzumiKiyomizu Boredom= Shuu Tsukiyama GIF :iconizumikiyomizu:IzumiKiyomizu 64 13 May he remain glittered with sparkles by SR-Soumeki May he remain glittered with sparkles :iconsr-soumeki:SR-Soumeki 128 14 TG: Tsukiyama Shuu by wwhitewwand TG: Tsukiyama Shuu :iconwwhitewwand:wwhitewwand 143 10 tokyo ghoul icon: familyyyy by flavorkun tokyo ghoul icon: familyyyy :iconflavorkun:flavorkun 123 16