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::Spain X Reader X Child!Romano:: Mama and Papa
I've been dating Antonio for about a year now.. So I'm used to the way he acts, as well as his.. I don't really know what to refer to him as, but I mean, Romano.
Romano is one of those 'Tsundere' boys as Kiku would call him, but some times.. I feel like he needs to treat not only me, but Antonio with more respect. Toni's been taking care of him for gosh sakes!
I breathed in, and puffed my cheeks out, watching Toni and Lovino bicker.
"Stop-a being stupido, you tomato bastard!" I bit my lip, and watch Toni sigh,
"I'm not being stupid Roma.. Could you just calm down?" He asked sweetly.
"No! You're-a dumb! All-a you do is-a sit around and talk about-a your-a tomatoes! You-a don't pay enough attention to-a (F/N)!" I raised a brow, and Lovino ran over to me. He turned around, and extended his arms to his sides. "I-a refuse to let-a you touch her anymore!" I raised one hand to my mouth and instantly, I started to giggle. Both of them looked at me, blush on both of their cheeks. The giggle tur
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Blood of the Dragon by kittrose Blood of the Dragon :iconkittrose:kittrose 1,016 99
Neo-Victorian Steam-powered Fantasy: Steampunk
Welcome to the land that never was in an era that had never been looking forward to the future that never came.
Welcome, to steampunk.
1. What is steampunk?
Steampunk is a retro-active subgenre of science fiction that incorporates elements of historical fiction, adventure, horror, speculative fiction, fantasy and alternative history. It exists as a hybrid genre that focuses on a re-imagining of the Industrial revolution when men and women create analog machines to achieve the fullest of human potential. Usually set in Victorian England during the mid- to late-1800’s or the American “Wild West” era, this genre incorporate the spirit of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells in their setting and general mood as well as the new-found relationship between man and his machine.
Steampunk has since become an aesthetic movement, sparking off subcultures that focus on visual art, comics, music, clothing, accessories and “custom mods” where modern-day m
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::Spain X Reader:: Heat
I waved my hand in front of my face, trying to conduct some wind.
I've been Helping Toni with his tomato garden, and at the beginning I swore it was gonna be easy. But now.. I'm half passed out on the ground. I ran my fingers through my hair, trying to get the hair stuck to my forehead to move back into my ponytail.
"Tired, Chica?" That familiar spanish accent filled my ears, and I sighed. I could practically hear the cheekiness in his voice.
"Nahhh I'm not tired or anything." I rolled my eyes, and Toni Chuckled,
"C'mon (F/N), get up." He extended his hand toward me, and I took it. He pulled me up toward him, my body smashing into his. He chuckled, "Chica, I'm gonna take you to the beach, bueno?" I nodded, and he smiled, before pushing me to his back door. "Go get changed, precioso." I walked in, sighing, but made my way to the room I was staying in.
Toni and I weren't really in a romantic relationship.. Though I wish we were. He was letting me stay over because my parents are away.. a
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The 10th by squigi The 10th :iconsquigi:squigi 487 36