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Shouto Todoroki (My Hero Academia) by ncoll36 Shouto Todoroki (My Hero Academia) :iconncoll36:ncoll36 430 23 always by your side by Sofiakkuma always by your side :iconsofiakkuma:Sofiakkuma 356 35 MMD X BNHA: TodoBakuDeku vUniform DL by ZKArti MMD X BNHA: TodoBakuDeku vUniform DL :iconzkarti:ZKArti 285 23 MMD X BNHA: TodoBakuDeku DL by ZKArti MMD X BNHA: TodoBakuDeku DL :iconzkarti:ZKArti 316 30 stealth mode by Sofiakkuma stealth mode :iconsofiakkuma:Sofiakkuma 254 21 Boku no Hero Academia: Todoroki Shoto and Dabi by nyphi Boku no Hero Academia: Todoroki Shoto and Dabi :iconnyphi:nyphi 756 20 trust by Sofiakkuma trust :iconsofiakkuma:Sofiakkuma 144 13 Todoroki/Yaoyorozu Redesign by ilaBarattolo Todoroki/Yaoyorozu Redesign :iconilabarattolo:ilaBarattolo 350 5
His Everything - (Shouto Todoroki x Reader)
Late at night Shouto had woken up from a dream he had before, it was about his mother hating the left side of him. Carefully not to wake up his girlfriend beside him he sat up and hoped he wasn’t making to much noise.
But of course being the kind girlfriend you were you woke up and turned to him, facing him.
“Shouto?” You asked.
“Sorry did I wake you?” Shouto asked.
“No it’s good, but are you alright?” You asked.
“I’m fine.” Shouto told.
Not believing him with that you signed and knew what had happened, at times this would happen. Even though you both were now in U.A and had moved into the dorms given to you at times the two of you would sneak into the others room and stay the night.
Today was that night.
Sitting up you moved to sit on his lap and brought him into your arms, his head resting on your chest a bit.
“Shouto, listen to me. I know you won’t be a man like your father, and your scar? To me it shows j
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Transfer (Boku no Hero Academia x M!Reader) (I)

   ACT I
  Transfer Student, a Boku No Hero Academia x Male!Reader (Chapter One)  
    The students of class 1-A were rowdy as they awaited their Homeroom Teacher and Pro Hero Aizawa 'Eraserhead' Shouta. Aizawa had just returned from a meeting that consisted of the teachers of U.A. and the principal Nedzu. They were expecting a new transfer student from an Elite Hero Academy in Denmark. The student was known to be very dangerous because of his Quirk, and the School he was going to suspected that because of his background that he'd stray towards the Villain path, and with a Quirk that's incredible strong and unpredictable as the one this boy has; no one would be able to stop him.
    Aizawa slid open the door of his homeroom, use to the chaos in the room. Bakugou Katsuki was fighting with Tenya Iida, about desks. Izuku Midoriya was mumbling to himself as he wrote s
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Midoriya v Todoroki | Collab Wallpaper by ncoll36 Midoriya v Todoroki | Collab Wallpaper :iconncoll36:ncoll36 254 20 [BNHA] kindergarten 1 by Kanomatsu [BNHA] kindergarten 1 :iconkanomatsu:Kanomatsu 548 25 Izuku and Shouto|BnHA|Vector by Darkfate17 Izuku and Shouto|BnHA|Vector :icondarkfate17:Darkfate17 191 8 Sunset at the park by Bev-Nap Sunset at the park :iconbev-nap:Bev-Nap 124 4 [BNHA] kindergarten 3 by Kanomatsu [BNHA] kindergarten 3 :iconkanomatsu:Kanomatsu 241 5 TodoDeku(Boku no Hero Academia) by TakahaneAzusa TodoDeku(Boku no Hero Academia) :icontakahaneazusa:TakahaneAzusa 209 12 [BNHA] kindergarten 2 by Kanomatsu [BNHA] kindergarten 2 :iconkanomatsu:Kanomatsu 241 4 tododeku fantasy au by Sofiakkuma tododeku fantasy au :iconsofiakkuma:Sofiakkuma 201 12 promises by Sofiakkuma promises :iconsofiakkuma:Sofiakkuma 153 13
Doorbell- Shoto Todoroki x Reader
    Todoroki glaces around as he walks down the street.  His usual stoic expression is present despite the children running around and yelling while their parents escort them house to house.  Lights flash through the darkened neighborhood as screams and "trick or treat"s echo.  Though he was in his usual appearance, Todoroki stuck out like a sore thumb.  He hadn't bothered to dress up, unlike everyone else roaming the streets.  He just wanted to watch horror movies with his girlfriend.
    As he approaches the house he had gone to many times before, he's taken aback by how different it looks.  Cobwebs litter bushes and trees in the front yard, skeletons decorate the lawn, a scarecrow watches over the front door, and red lights lead the way the door.  A single porch light is on by the door, letting children know they're welcome to come for candy.  As Todoroki approaches your porch, he takes note of the carve
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You Ready? (BNHA Fanart) by Neytirix You Ready? (BNHA Fanart) :iconneytirix:Neytirix 1,597 51