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Boku no Hero Academia, Aizawa Shouta Wallpaper by Rendracula Boku no Hero Academia, Aizawa Shouta Wallpaper :iconrendracula:Rendracula 148 0 [ERASERHEAD] by sabbathbomb [ERASERHEAD] :iconsabbathbomb:sabbathbomb 264 5 Shota Aizawa by Zapekanka Shota Aizawa :iconzapekanka:Zapekanka 142 3 HIS OWN THANG by Fluffernubber HIS OWN THANG :iconfluffernubber:Fluffernubber 139 13 Shota bandages or none x base by Basemakerofdarkness Shota bandages or none x base :iconbasemakerofdarkness:Basemakerofdarkness 43 1 Boku no Hero Academia Halloween - Eraserhead Mummy by RhIVenX Boku no Hero Academia Halloween - Eraserhead Mummy :iconrhivenx:RhIVenX 94 2 [BNHA] Shouta Aizawa by ToxicPinku [BNHA] Shouta Aizawa :icontoxicpinku:ToxicPinku 45 1
Pluviae [Aizawa Shouta x Reader]
   [Teen! Aizawa Shouta x Reader]
   Gender: Neutral
   WARNING: None
   ≈ 2,240 Words
A faint clap of thunder, Clouded skies, Perhaps rain will come.
If so, will you stay here with me?
         He saw you, every day, at the park. A bench and a half away, always reading a book, sketching, or simply staring out into the horizon. The park, for the most part, was calm, quiet, and void of people. Those who chose to come here often had some troubles, or needed time away from others.
         This was a place where memories were made and forgotten, problems solved and where imaginations ran wild.
         Despite the trash that littered the dirt path and the dreary willow branches that hung over the river, Aizawa found this place calming, more than anything else.
:iconim-p-ulse:Im-P-ulse 123 32
Another Aizawa by Forest-Ghosts Another Aizawa :iconforest-ghosts:Forest-Ghosts 124 2 Grape Caprisun by Forest-Ghosts Grape Caprisun :iconforest-ghosts:Forest-Ghosts 147 6 Tender Is The Night by HoshiNoDestiny Tender Is The Night :iconhoshinodestiny:HoshiNoDestiny 85 13 Eraserhead Stamp by YamiNoKumi Eraserhead Stamp :iconyaminokumi:YamiNoKumi 31 0 Arise - an unofficial My Hero Academia zine by RobynRose Arise - an unofficial My Hero Academia zine :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 16 2 Shouta Aizawa - Happy Birthday!!! by saccharinetrash Shouta Aizawa - Happy Birthday!!! :iconsaccharinetrash:saccharinetrash 73 0 PCM - Heartbeat by RiseDarkMoon PCM - Heartbeat :iconrisedarkmoon:RiseDarkMoon 85 19 [Commission] FumikoxAizawa by StalkingP [Commission] FumikoxAizawa :iconstalkingp:StalkingP 72 10 Aizawa Plush + Sleeping Bag by Nikicus Aizawa Plush + Sleeping Bag :iconnikicus:Nikicus 34 9 My Hero Academia - Mezou Shouji and Eraserhead by gaston-gaston My Hero Academia - Mezou Shouji and Eraserhead :icongaston-gaston:gaston-gaston 25 2 Avatar hero academia by LouNaART Avatar hero academia :iconlounaart:LouNaART 23 1 Eraserhead by Fluffymausi-chan Eraserhead :iconfluffymausi-chan:Fluffymausi-chan 58 4
Shouta Aizawa x Reader - Dishes
The sweet, pungent smell of rotting vegetables filled your nose. A rustle, followed by a shrill squeak made you jump, and you whipped your head around to look at the darkened dead-end of the narrow alleyway. Small skittering noises. Your shoulders slumped. Just a rat.
'Really? This is where you chose to hide?'
You froze. The voice came from right in front of you. Male. Deep. Instinct overcame thought and you rolled to the side, just in time to avoid the scarf whipping out to ensnare you. Air whistled past your cheek. Legs pumping, you tore out of the alley and around the corner. This area of town was deserted at night. High-rise buildings turned the sky into a grid of star-dotted black, like a giant game of Pacman.
And you had your very own Ghost.
Gotta collect that cherry, you thought. You didn't spare the breath to laugh at your own joke. He would be right on your tail, or circling around to cut you off. A cross-section approached. Left, or right? No. Straight on
:iconsexintheseireitei:SexInTheSeireitei 35 6