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Pervert - Kenny x Reader
Pervert, that’s the name you used to describe Kenny McCormick. It was the first impression you got from him when you had moved to South Park back in middle school and now you were reaching your junior year of high school. Even though the poor parka wearing boy was a gigantic pervert, you couldn’t help being attracted to him. You denied it of course, knowing exactly how a relationship like that would end. But, that didn’t mean you and the boy weren’t friends. You were both stuck with working on a school project together in your room currently.
You tapped the end of your pencil against your binder while staring down at the blank piece of paper that was labeled ‘Ideas’ at the top. “Come on Kenny, we need ideas for this project” you said, looking into the pale blue eyes that stared from the opening of the parka. You always wondered how the boy never sweated to death under that heavy coat. In return you heard the muffled response of your frien
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| Creepypasta | Things unsaid
Catherine listened to the night. The clock told her that it would soon be 3 am; she'd woken up around an hour ago without any reason. She sometimes just woke up like that. She wasn't worried though – it was the holidays and she could sleep it off during the day. Very slowly Cath was falling back into sweet unconsciousness, when there appeared a strange sound on the edge of hearing - something like knocking. At first she ignored it, nothing strange about hearing sounds late at night. She held her breath to hear it better. The sounds seemed so far like they were out of this world and when her mind began to perceive a vague notion of what it could be, she fell asleep.
By the next morning she'd basically forgotten about the whole situation. She got on with her daily routine - breakfast, brushing teeth and so on. She turned on her laptop and started browsing social networks. Catherine Meyers - 17 years old, was a promising baseball player in middle school as evidenced by the medals hu
:icon0ktavian:0ktavian 141 162
How About a Deal? - Human!Bill Cipher x Reader
A/N: In advance I'm sorry if Bill isn't portrayed right, also all characters are aged up to at least seventeen and eighteen.
You narrowed your eyes as you walked through the woods. Taking in a deep breath as you tried to calm your nerves, your fist clenched and unclenched as you stopped and stood there. You may be wondering why you're angry, well you see it was because of your friend, Dipper Pines. Once again he had blew you off to go and chase down some monster or whatever it was that he planned to do. It angered you how the brunette chose some dumb mystery over his friend.
"Ugh! That...that idiot!" You exclaimed, kicking a rock that was in front of you.
"Whoa you might want to calm down there [Symbol]" an all too familiar voice said. The way it echoed in your ears, calmed your nerves somewhat, but you were still enraged.
"What do you want Cipher?" You snapped, crossing your arms as the world around you started turning a deep gray. All colors disappeared as you were left in a monotone
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 245 20
Vincent's Secret Love (Vincent X Reader)
He watched you as you slept peacefully. He walked over and sat quietly on the bed near your head. Reaching with his good hand, he gently caressed your cheek, ran it down your cheek, tracing your jawline, and down your neck. The pattern repeated for some time before you turned over, facing him, and scooted closer to him.
A smile ghosted across his face as he lay down, careful not to jostle the bed around too much and wake you.
He lay on his side, facing you, and smiled. He loved you very much, but would never say it to you or anyone else. Ever since you had come into his life, he'd promised that he wouldn't let anyone go near you or hurt you. He would always protect you, no matter what.
He would never stop loving you. It was like a disease that didn't have a cure. He didn't want a cure because the sickness he had was curing him of his past regrets.
You stirred and snuggled closer to him, nuzzling him where his shoulder met his neck. He smiled and stroked your face gently, lovingly. He l
:iconmsdraculina:MsDraculina 183 147
Blizzard [Hetalia: Germany x Reader]
"[Name], wake up! You remember what you promised me!" A stern voice broke through your dreaming, causing you to groan and throw your blanket further over your head and snuggling up inside the newfound warmth. Ah, it's that time of the winter where a thick layer of snow falls and you don't want to do anything except read in bed or be lazy. But some stubborn guy refuses to let you kick back and relax.
"[Name]...!" The voice persisted, a little edge to his voice. You mumbled, "GoawayI'mhavingareallynicetime..."
and then curled up even further. "Schatz, you leave me no choice." The voice was at a monotone now, and suddenly the warmth was stolen away from you in a heartbeat. You sat straight up, your [eye color] eyes widened in shock when you saw that Ludwig was holding your pile of quilts and blankets that were providing your warmth. "Geezus, Ludwig! You could've just let me sleep a little more!" You put your knees up to your head and shivered, glaring up at the tall German; your expressio
:iconcritter-pixels11:CRITTER-PIXELS11 595 197
A Short Story About Love by ArtBIT A Short Story About Love :iconartbit:ArtBIT 3,250 1,306
Prince Soma/Reader - Royal Pain
Prince Soma/Reader one-shot - Royal Pain
Most girls have had dreams of being a princess at some point or another in their life. Even you had such fantasies when you were a child growing up, of course, it never came to be and the thought of being one ebbed away as time passed by. But now things were very different as you actually had the chance to become a princess at your fingertips. How was such a thing possible when you were just some plain young woman who had no ties to royalty? Well, it simple really because you had an Indian prince who was head over heels infatuated with you ever since he had first met you at the Phantomhive manor that you frequented very often. It was nice to have friends in high places but you never expected to have a foreign prince fall in love with you from merely first meeting alone. Most girls would jump immediately on the bandwagon of having a handsome Indian prin
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 435 54
America x Reader: Romantic Summer
You were so excited about today. Your summer had unfortunately been rather uneventful, but today you were going to the beach with a ton of your friends…and most importantly….Alfred.
You had been friends with Alfred for some time now and though you weren't even sure how it happened, you had managed to fall for him. His charming eyes, adorable smile and laugh, cheerful and carefree nature, and….well everything! Everything about Alfred F. Jones was what you had been looking for in a guy your entire life.
Grabbing the last of your things and throwing them into your bag, you took off for the beach.
Getting out of your car and heading for the dunes, you were honestly a bit worried. You hadn't picked out an exact meeting spot with all your friends so you were hoping you could find them.
"____________!" a familiar voice called.
Your whole body lit up…that was the voice that warmed you inside and out.
"Hey Alfred!" you called back, turning around just i
:icontheexplosivesushi:TheExplosiveSushi 719 372
Sebastian x Ciel: You always surprise me by SebbyxCiel03 Sebastian x Ciel: You always surprise me :iconsebbyxciel03:SebbyxCiel03 834 211
Drunk!Japan x Reader
Silence was a comforting thing for you. In most cases you would much rather spend your time in a noiseless room reading a book or thinking to yourself than stick around somewhere surrounded by constant chatter. Nighttime was perfect for these times too, as you could have either one.
You let out an quiet sigh, moving your fingers up to grasp the corner of the book in your hands and turn over the page. The chapter ended shortly, on a cliffhanger at that. You frowned at the annoying sentence that compelled you to read on.
I told myself this would be the last chapter... Your thoughts reminded you. It was so tempting though...
Your head shot up at the sound of your front door being opened without a single knock at the door first. Forgetting about the book instantly, you pushed yourself up on the couch into a seating position in order to get a view of the door.
Someone was there, though the shadows in the room prevented you from knowing who. It sounded as though they were taking their
:iconaltofox:Altofox 519 210
Female Jesse x Lukas- Nightmare
    “Lukas, fight it! I need you to help me fight PAMA!” Female Jesse cried.
    “You bravery is quite impressive, Jesse. I will analyze it when you’ve been made useful,” Lukas spoke in PAMA’s voice.
    Female Jesse pulled out her sword. But even though she was prepared to fight, she couldn’t bring herself to fight Lukas. He’s her friend, and she could never hurt anyone she cared about.
    “Lukas, please! Snap out of it! I need you!” she cried.
    Lukas couldn’t hear her. He was chipped by PAMA, and all he could hear was PAMA’s commands transmitted to his brain, and that command was to grab Jesse and chip her.
    “LUKAS!” cried Jesse.
    Lukas grabbed her and pulled her to PAMA’s machine.
:iconmariosonicfan16:mariosonicfan16 74 54
South Park - Craig Tucker x Tweek Tweak
I couldn't take it anymore. Sitting there and staring at that pale boy across from me with the black and red dyed hair, his cracked lips twisting in awful ways as he recited memorised lyrics and poems, which were by far the darkest and most foul rhymes that I'd ever had the displeasure of hearing. The way he spewed nonsense about how life was some huge mysterious shithole that everyone had to suffer in until we finally died - and then, maybe then, we would be happy. I had to admit, on my bad days, I didn't think the kid (I think his name was Pete?) was too annoying and sometimes I even agreed with the less dramatic rants he was always going off on. I even spoke up yesterday and briefly conversed with him about our mutual love of coffee.
But today was not one of those days. Today his bullshit-heavy flow of how everyone was a conformist and how he was desperately craving a cigarette was just way too much for me to handle. It was too much pressure- too much fucking pressure, man! He just
:iconimental:iMental 71 10
Sick [Hetalia: Germany x Reader]
"Ah, [N-name]..." Ludwig's voice called out to you softly. You were napping on the Beilschmidt's living room sofa, only in a spaghetti strap and Nike shorts. "Are you alright, Schatz?"
"Bah, yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" You replied, rolling your eyes. You sighed, and puffed out a breath of heated air. Obviously you were running a fever, your cheeks incredibly heated, flushed with a pink tint; your hair was out of its usual ponytail and askew, while you were just too tired to move at all. Your arms were sore, your legs were sore and most of all whenever you tried to stand up a wave of the chills would cause you to fall back on the sofa again, weak and limp.
"[Name]," Ludwig persisted, folding his arms as he put his green uniform jacket over his shoulders, "You obviously aren't. I'll go get some of that medicine from the pharmacy nearby-"
"NO!" You shouted, using the last of your energy. You fell back on your mountain of pillows again and pulled the quilt throw over yourself. "I don't wanna
:iconcritter-pixels11:CRITTER-PIXELS11 343 70
Story Structure: Plot Points

A story without structure is like a body without bones: it’s messy and won’t get very far. Structure gives both you and your readers a clear sense of direction and purpose. If you check around for story structure outlines, many of them will based on Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet. It is a basic plot structure, typically used in screenwriting. However, it can really apply to any media form because it follows a basic three act structure. This one is somewhat based on Snyder’s outline as well. Note that all of the elements of this outline are not completely set in stone, but this is a good structure for sequence of events. Sometimes it's hard to analyze exactly where every point of a story falls into the beat sheet, but you'll get the idea. The three most basic ingredients you need before you can fill out the details of this structure are: a protagonist, a goal
:iconlauramartinart:LauraMartinArt 138 11
Male!Vanellope Schweetz/Reader - Shut up and Drive
Male!Vanellope Von Schweetz/Reader - Shut up and Drive!
(Vanellope Von Schweetz - Vanello Von Schweetz)
I've been looking for a driver who is qualified
So if you think that you're the one, step into my ride
I'm a fine cool supersonics speed machine
Got a sunroof top and a gangster lead
So if you feel it let me know, know, know
Come on now what you're waiting for, for, for
My engine's ready to explode, explode, explode
So start me up and watch me go, go, go~!
You were one of Sugar Rush's many characters, your name was (Y/n) (L/n) and you were a racer. You drove your special (favorite candy) race kart through the race track that would eventually lead to the finish line. Your smirked confidently to yourself and slide your kart passed a turn and drifted until you slammed onto the gas pedal and sped forwards. You w
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 416 50
Japan x Reader: Hug...Part 1
"Run faster Italy! What is your problem?!!" Germany shouted, glaring at the whining Italian behind him.
You smiled softly as you watched the scene before you; the Axis powers training. But you weren't watching Germany or Italy. Sure they were your friends but honestly you didn't care about them right now. No….you were watching your friend Japan.
You had been friends with Japan for a long time now…and in all honesty, you had fallen for him. You had pretty much fallen in love with him from day one. Those beautiful brown eyes and his silky black hair and perfect skin…and his absolutely adorable accent…everything about him made your heart pound.
There was only one thing that bothered you though. The day you met Japan, you tried to hug him.  You were absolutely unaware that he felt very uncomfortable with that sort of thing. His face had filled with panic and he hadn't even let you touch him.
It had been a whole year of you two being friends and you still hadn'
:icontheexplosivesushi:TheExplosiveSushi 1,081 724
Pensive by IzzyMedrano Pensive :iconizzymedrano:IzzyMedrano 799 15
Male!Snow White/Reader - Killing Innocence
Male♂Snow White/Reader - Killing Innocence 

(Snow White - His name stays the same in this one but I'm calling him Snow most of the time.) 
(All other genders remain the same.)

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" The Queen had asked the magical mirror she owned. The mirror would always respond to her and tell her she was the fairest one of all but that day was different. 
"Famed is thy beauty, Majesty. But hold, a lovely servant I see. Rags cannot hide his gentle grace. Alas, he is more fair than thee." the mirrored told her.
With a jealous rage she glowered at the mirror in disbelief, "Impossible! I am the fairest one of all! Reveal his name!" The Queen wickedly commanded the magic mirror in front of her. 
"A voice like velvet, hair as black as ebony, skin white as snow-" The Queen's eyes widen and
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 525 68
Just Like You by Earthsong9405 Just Like You :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 1,963 259 MLP- Warbound by Earthsong9405 MLP- Warbound :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 1,581 190
Romano x Reader: Ti Amo
"Lovino…what are you so annoyed about THIS time?" you asked, looking at your pouting Italian best friend.
"None of your damned business!" he shouted, folding his arms.
You frowned. You had been friends with Romano since…well…forever! But there were times where he was a royal pain in the ass, like right now.
"Lovino, give me a break. You know you can talk to me about anything; right?" you said, putting a hand on his shoulder, which he shrugged off stubbornly.
Your frown deepened and your eyes saddened a bit as well. There was no telling how long you had continued to assure him that he could talk to you about anything, but he never really opened up. There were times when he would lean against your shoulder or sit a little closer to you and give off a sort of emotion but he never really came out with it.
"You've been acting weird for like three weeks now and it's getting worse. I'm really worried about you." You continued.
"Well stop worrying already!" he growled.
Ok, now y
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The Virus TG
Suddenly, without warning, it hit me.
'This might be the last time I see her!' I thought, worried. It was weird... My best friend, she was moving to another country with her parents.
I felt a slight pang of guilt in my chest, and then I knew that this was definitely going to be a bad day. Because I... I had to say goodbye. Sure, we'd IM, email, video chat, but it just wasn't the same... It felt like we were more than just friends, you know? I'd just been too shy to pronounce my feelings towards her...
"Adrian, you ready?" My mom called from outside of the building. We were going to see her to the plane... If only there was some way to convince her to stay. She seemed uninterested in me though, and I didn't want to get hurt... It was like, to her, all we could ever be was friends or something.
So, we picked Riona up from her friends place, and drove her towards the airport, where she'd meet up with her family.
The trip was... Mostly silent. We didn't really even need to say anything, we
:iconadaminator1:adaminator1 107 16
Male!Maleficent/Reader- Be Careful what you Wish 1
Male♂Maleficent/Reader - Be Careful what you Wish For (1/2)
(Maleficent - Name stays the same but gender changes) (All other characters gender remain the same.) 

(This one-shot has nothing to do with the live-action movie Maleficent since I have not seen the movie yet. This will only be the original Disney movie based. Thank you for reading.)
You lived the mundane average life out in the forests on the outskirts of the kingdom, nothing really ever changed. Every day was a mirror reflection of the day before. You had dreams of one day something drastically changing in your unexciting life, something full of adventure and the unknown. Of course, you knew that was only hopeful wishing, you were stuck forever alone in your modest little cottage. 
Sighing to yourself in boredom, you were inside your home sweeping the floors with your wooden broom. The flo
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My name is Nicky an orphanage and now i'm wearing skinsuit of woman nextdoor from my grandpa's house, her name is Ayu, to be an new of myself coz i hate my past life, fatso boy, ugly and nobody wants to be friends with me, so 1 years ago before wearing this suit of Ayu, i was spying her daily doing, her mannerism, her talking accent, her jobs and anything of hers. Hahahaha when she was be a skinsuit like this? with magically ruby from my grandpa, he said the ruby have a magically power to who have the ruby, i think it's just joking from my grandpa but he showing the power to me, the power of identity thiefs who we wants man or woman with making them into living skinsuit and eating their soul gave the bearer of magically ruby having the victims personality when wearing the skins of victim.
Grandpa showing me the powers and he went to his nextdoor girls who lives alone her name is Ayu, my math teacher at Junior High School, grandpa casting a spells to
:iconeternal-double:Eternal-Double 22 3
Random Character Generator
Random Character Creation Generator:
By ~Dreamnorn
Looking to create an awesome character? Are you thinking of a story, but need another player in the mix? Or are you just bored? Either way, welcome to Dreamnorn’s Create-A-Character Guide! In here, you get to randomly roll a character which you can use for a story, comic, roleplay, or whatever you truly want.
Firstly, we need supplies…
   a) A coin
   b) A d4
   c) A d10 and a percentage die
   d) Pencil and paper to mark the traits
Got all that? Good. If you don’t have the necessary dice you need, click the link in the description for number generation.
NOTE: You can use this to help you create a character if you want. If you already know certain things, like what species it will be or what gender it is, feel free to skip the questions.
Now let’s get cracking!
This one is easy enough. Flip a coin to determine whether your character is male or female. Heads for a boy, tails for a girl.
:icondreamnorn:Dreamnorn 182 67
Cloud Strife x Reader - Chapter 1 of 2
Chapter 1
As you put some books away on a shelf in the bookstore you run, you wonder if he will be visiting this time again. You worked next door to Seventh Heaven and lived in the apartment upstairs, so when you clear out the rubbish in the back you sometimes see Tifa out there too. Because of this, you and Tifa have become good friends and you often go to Seventh Heaven to have a drink or two.
It all really started when Marlene visited with Denzel in tow and wanted to borrow a book. As she was Tifa’s friend, you allowed her to read books at your store and you had even bought some bean bag chairs and cushions for her to sprawl on while she and Denzel read. It had soon become a regular thing so Barret would leave her with you some days and collect her after his work. On a couple of those days, Cloud had come to get her if Barret was late as Tifa would but she would always be behind the bar. Even though they were only next door it was still a dangerous place.
Cloud had never been
:iconyunaleska1:Yunaleska1 133 17
Sea Salt- Mermaid tf tg
"Hello?" Eric called out into the empty house "Mom, are you home?" No reply came. He shrugged, letting his backpack fall to the floor with a muffled *thud*. He stepped into his house, flicking on the front hall lights. She must be staying late at the clinic, he thought.
Eric's mother worked at the local clinic, but ever since school had started, she had been staying late to finish up at work. Not that Eric minded, he enjoyed having the house to himself.
Eric groaned as he felt his tired shoulders ache, his football coach had been pushing him harder and harder, and he didn't think he could take it anymore. He was about to head to the basement to play video games until his mother came home, but he stopped and began walking up the stairs. If mom isn't home, the bath's all mine, he thought to himself. Arriving seconds later at the top of the stairs, he opened the door to his mother's bedroom, and continued into the large bathroom that was connected to it.
The tiled room looked normal enoug
:iconawulfnamedloki:AWulfNamedLoki 131 12
Kaley Cuoco TG
Kaley Couco TG
Mike was sitting on his couch, watching big bang theory. It was one of his favorite shows and Kaley Kuoco, aka Penny, was so hot. He watched every episode, but today he felt like doing something exciting, but he couldn't think of anything. „Man, am I bored...",he thought to himself and looked outside the window. What he didn't realize then, was his growing hair, it grew longer and longer and changed it's color, from a dark brown to a light blond, but he didn't realize it. When it was so long that it touched his shoulders, he wanted to scratch his head, but he only grabbed his hair."what's happening?!", he screamed in a high, girlish voice "This is not my voice!No!", he screamed again, as his body hair started to vanish. His body was shaped by an invisible force until it looked like a girls body, with a nice ass, long legs and C cups. Then his face changed and when he looked into the mirror, he saw Kaley Couco, in his clothes. "! This is impossible! How could
:icontged-writing:Tged-Writing 153 6
The Basement
Jade once again found herself walking home through the forest surrounding her school building. It was a summer day, and the warm sun shone brightly overhead, although it was obscured from her view by the canopy of dense, conifer trees towering above her. She had walked similar dirt paths countless times before - she enjoyed the outdoors and the wooded areas encircling her housing estate were ripe for exploration. Occasionally, her curiosity got the better of her, and drove her to tread down a yet unexplored branch of the winding pathways that cut through the choking environment. Jade was coming home from school, and was thus clad in the customary attire of a student; namely, tight, black trousers that had a shimmer to them, with a short-sleeve white shirt and a black tie, bound loosely around her collar. She had straight, dirty blonde hair that was long and silky, falling to her elbows in length, curling at the ends.
Every so often a shaft of sunlight would pierce through the trees and
:iconanacondrix:Anacondrix 45 8
At the Bar (Scotland x Reader)
(Scotland x Reader)
You arrived at your place of employment with a slight grimace. The bar was already stocked with men and women of varying appearances, but they all shared one similarity.
They were all drunk.
With a slight huff, you began wiping down the bar and cleaning up the enormous amount of extraneous empty glasses. The strong bitter stench of alcohol was almost intolerable as a few customers passed by you. It wasn't long before you had to refuse to serve a couple of them.
Another bar tender arrived with an apologetic smile before she dove right into cleaning and serving. The crowd began to grow loud and a bit rambunctious. They were singing a few drinking songs off key and not quite in sync. The bar tender and you giggled as some men tried to dance with each other resulting in them falling over and laughing themselves.
Everyone was enjoying themselves until a glass shattered against the hard, dark stained wooden floor and a man fell after it. The noise was unhindered until the
:iconretrofridge:RetroFridge 345 53
The Psychic Bookworm (AP/TG/TF/MC)
This story contains Ash turning into a woman who specializes in Psychic Type Pokemon, and Pikachu turning into a Psychic Type Pokemon.  Hope you enjoy.
In his hometown of Pallet Town, the 10 year old trainer, Ash Ketchum, was laying on his bed after coming back from the Sinnoh League.  His faithful companion, Pikachu, was sleeping on right beside him.  Ash decided to come back to Pallet Town as he travelled Sinnoh for about a year and he wanted to rest before he journeyed again
A knock was heard on his door, followed by a voice that he knew all too well.  .
“Ash, honey.  I know you are resting, but could you go to the store and pick up some milk?  We are all out of it,”  His mom said, and not wanting to upset her, he got out of bed and replied back.  “Okay Mom, I will get it,”
Ash shook Pikachu a bit  until the yellow mouse woke, who gave o
:iconhamcon:hamcon 99 16
Mind Your Momma
Mind Your Momma
Ever since I was a child I've had an affinity for adventure. Nothing fills me with the same sense of overwhelming joy and adrenaline than running through the forest at dusk, and exploring forgotten ruins of old buildings left to rot away.  This same passion of mine has always filled my mother with great disapproval.
Every time I would prepare to embark on a new journey, she'd give me the same old spiel about how foolish and dangerous such behaviors were, and how I really should listen when she told me not to go.
Despite her warnings, I never ran into trouble. Sure, I'd gotten my fare share of bumps and bruises from rough spills while hiking, but I wore them like battle scars. I knew the woods behind my house like the back of my hand. So well, in fact, that I began to grow bored with them.
However, to my delight, a few weeks ago my mother informed me that we would be moving to a new town to be closer to my Uncle. I won't list the name of said town because I don't trust y
:iconxmadame-macabrex:xMadame-Macabrex 323 122
Romano x Reader: More Than Anything...Part 2
At your house you were waiting anxiously for Romano…it was finally the day of the party and you were so excited but so nervous at the same time. You were so wound up in fact, that when Romano knocked at the door, you jumped a bit.
"Coming!" you called, rushing to the door.
Your eyes widened and you blushed at the sight before you…
Here was your friend Romano, well more recently your boyfriend, dressed up in a black tuxedo with a dark red undershirt…..he looked perfect…like a model…
In the meantime, Romano couldn't take his eyes off you either. You had worn your hair in just the right way to flatter your face and your makeup complemented everything about you perfectly.
Your dress flowed all the way down to (place) and the color and cut of it was brilliant on you…you looked perfect…
"U-um…so how are you?" you said finally.
"What? Oh…fine." Romano said shifting his eyes to the side.
You smiled at how cute his face looks. "You're all pouty faced
:icontheexplosivesushi:TheExplosiveSushi 369 120
Just friends... (Septiplier short)
Mark snuck up behind Jack hugging him tightly. “Hello Comso…..” He giggled. “Oh hey Wanda.”  Jack smiled, chuckling a bit before turning around and messing up Mark’s pink hair.  “Hey!” Mark screeched. “I just fixed it!” He said as he lightly hit Jack’s arm. Before Jack could say anything, Pewds walked in on them. “Why don’t you just show Wanda your magic wand and be done with it?” Pewds smirked a bit and laughed at his dirty reference.
    Mark and Jack stayed silent as a blush formed across their faces. “W--We’re just friends..” Jack said, turning his head to hide his blush. Mark blinked and nodded. “Mhm just friends….” “Then explain baby Poof…” Pewds said as he walked out, holding his sides from laughter.  
They stayed silent for a while before kissing each other’s cheeks. Yup……..jussssst friends
:iconlesterfester:LesterFester 372 70
Male!Merida/Faerie!Reader - Faerie Tale

Male♂Merida/Reader one-shot - Faerie Tale 

(Merida - Meridd) 
"Faster, Angus!" Meridd yelled out as he ushered forwards his horse to go faster through the vast woodland forest. Angus leaned forwards and picked up his speed and the two now appearing to look like a black and orange blur through the woods where Meridd usually practiced his archery by himself. Meridd took up his bow and arrow and pointed at a tree in the distance as the rode on. Sticking his tongue out to side as he concentrated, he shot out the arrow that wisp through the air and hit targeted tree dead on. "Yes! Got it!" He grinned at his small victory and began shooting off more arrows at more trees in the distance, he never missed one shot. "Too easy!" He laughed in triumph and began tugging on the reins to slow down Angus down to a trot. 
Taking a deep breath of the crisp natural air of the outdoors, he ran a hand large calloused hand through hi
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 781 62
"What are you doing?"
She was already buried in a mountain of papers and typing madly onto her computer, eyes feverish from the light of the screen that cast a sickly pallor upon her skin.  Her lackluster hair hung limply from where she had tried to pull it back.  She waved her husband off, ignoring his question.
He stood there somewhat awkwardly, papers crackling beneath his feet in the tiny, dark, run-down room.   His dark eyes flitted from side to side.  He removed his cracked spectacles and tried cleaning them with the hem of his dirty shirt then replaced them on his nose, as dirty as ever.
"Obituaries."  She finally gasped, wasting precious breath.  She ripped open a new packet of paper, ignoring the sheets that spilled out, and stuffed it into the overworked printer which was spouting out page after page.  She had run out of black ink and had switched to pink.
"Um…"  He gnawed on his bottom
:iconvital-organs:vital-organs 323 113
A Letter from the Late Professor Stone
March 13, 2018
To Whom It May Concern,
    If you’ve found this letter, which was hidden among the personal effects of my home, it can only mean that I am no longer of the living. This does not come as a surprise to me, given the recent events that have taken place in my life. I’ve sensed for days that my end was drawing near, and have decided to leave this letter in the hopes that it might prevent anyone else from befalling the same fate as I.
    I am neither a superstitious man, nor a religious one. I have long since left behind the childish ideals of the fantastical and supernatural. I see the world not through rose-tinted lenses; rather, I see it in the sepia hues of the past and the factual. Perhaps it was because of this view of the world that I am no longer a part of it.
    For the last several months, I have been accompanied against my will nearly everywhere by an uninvited entourage. I di
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Ehh?! Why am I a girl now?! TG

Dokurou sighed as he sat on the park bench. It was the middle of the night. He had no money. He was just kicked out of his house with nowhere left to go. He looked average, maybe a bit on the handsome side, but he didn't have any of the skills that any employers would want. His less-than-manly voice certainly wasn't going to help him out, either. "What am I going to do now?", He wondered to himself, and then thought, "If only I was a girl, then maybe life would be easier from here on out."
"So you wish to be a girl, am I right?" a strange voice whispered behind him. As Dokurou started to turn around, he felt something hit him on the base of his neck. As he lost consciousness, the voice exclaimed, "Relax! It won't hurt you at all. Jus--"
The Shadow stared down at the now sleeping Dokurou. "Time to get to work, yes?" The Shadow asked seemingly to the air. A horned figure jumped down from the lamppost and landed neatly next to the figure. It his
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MC:SM- Is This Love?
(NOTE: The Jesse in this story is female Jesse.)
Lukas’s POV
            I don’t know what this feeling is inside whenever I think of Jesse. We’ve been through a lot in our journey to defeat the Witherstorm, and we’ve seen so much of our world. And as we continued through our quest to find a way to defeat the Witherstorm and save the world, I felt this feeling inside of me grow the more time I spent with Jesse.
            Jesse isn’t a loser, like Aiden, Maya, and Gill think she is. In fact, she’s a hero. She survived the Nether and The End, stood up against a large group of angry Endermen, crafted a bomb that would blow up just seconds later, and more. On top of it all, she always looked out for her friends, and she even looked out for me.
            I can’t forget all the kind t
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How to Survive a Creepypasta
Step one: Never ignore your instincts.
Was that movement at the corner of your eye? Maybe you heard something out your window? Someone behind you sounds like they're walking a little too quickly for your comfort...
When something inside you is telling you something is wrong, chances are, something is. Lets call this our survival instinct. Animals have them, and they don't ignore them. They act. The difference with us humans is that we doubt ourselves. We tell ourselves we're being paranoid, that it was nothing. “It was just the wind”, “It was probably an animal”, or, everyone's favorite: “It was just my imagination.”
Eventually, it comes to a point you're in denial. You think that if you ignore it and pretend it's not there, then it'll go away. You've given your enemy the upper hand.
Step two: Don't give in to paranoia.
With step one in mind, it's important not to become constantly afraid. That fear and paranoia only feeds what it is yo
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South Park - Craig x Tweek - Bullying
They were beating the shit out of him. And all I could do was stand and watch.
Blood dribbled from his grimacing lips, as his blue eyes flashed with defiance. My ears were ringing so loud, my head was pounding, my body trembling, my heart seizing up in shock. I watched fists slam into him over and over. He was coughing and retching, bruises and cuts already forming on his bare torso. He'd tried so hard to fight back, but there were too many of them - there were just too many for Craig Tucker to take on, even with his impressive fighting skills. He was no stranger to brawls, but never had he been in three against one hand-to-hand battle. I accidentally sobbed aloud and the fourth asshole closest to me socked me right in the face. I dropped to the ground, hands flying up to protect my head. I only received a few rough kicks to the back, but that was nothing compared to what I was watching through my fingers. Craig was down now too and he was staring back at me, his face once again twisti
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Playing the Innocent (a tickle story)
Her muffled, melodic laughter could just be heard as I stepped through the doorway.
Before me I saw a gorgeous blonde lying on the bed at the far end of the room, thrashing her head, pulling at her wrist restraints at the headboard and trying to kick her legs to break free of her ankle restraints.
I saw my colleague, Jamie, tickling her upper body quite frantically, and I saw him flitting his fingers around the girl's belly button, then he glided up her stomach and then he parted his hands to tickle both of her sides, and she was writhing ferociously.
I smiled and walked towards her, and she briefly turned her head as she heard my footsteps on the cold, concrete floor, but she quickly turned away again to resume her struggle.
I walked over to her bedside by her head and looked down at her as I got close.
She was beautiful. Her pale blue orbs for eyes, almost looking grey, were wide and magnificent, and her slightly wavy, long blonde hair that was strung across her face from the way she
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My Life as an iPhone
Day 1 - I said a fond farewell to my identical brothers and sisters as we left the production line and went our separate ways. We are all equally perfect, our components sized to tolerances of mere micrometres. May we all live perfect lives, with each of us a perfect user.
Day 2 - Bah, I am still waiting in this warehouse to be loaded onto the freight plane. At this rate I'll never leave China. DHL has a lot to answer for this.
Day 3 - Alright, after that unnecessary delay, I am at last loaded up with a pre-paid SIM card, and ready to meet my buyer. I can't wait.
Day 4 - My buyer is unboxing me all wrong. Oh well, I suppose she's my user now. I had better get used to her. "Slide to set up."
Day 5 - My user has waltzed through the setup process without even bothering to set up an iCloud account. What a philistine. Still, I am quick to judge. Maybe she will understand me better when I show her the 1 million plus apps in my curated App Store.
Day 6 - What is the point of having a develope
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My Beautiful Disaster
STOP! Before you read this fanfiction you should listen to Kelly Clarksons song Beautiful Disaster.  It will make this story SOO much better! =D
Disclaimer: I do NOT own Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler and sadly never will. *cries in corner*
Title: Beautiful Disaster
Pairings: Sebastian/Ciel (yaoi)
Rating:  T / Pg-13
Genre: Drama/Angst/Romance
Summary: I am a demon and my life revolves around devouring souls. However, soon I start to serve under a young boy, who not only smells like heaven and sin combined, but has the most broken soul that is the most beautiful disaster.
Timeline: Actual universe.  Also known as 21st century.
Warnings: Slight yaoi.  Nothing too bad. Slight OOC, too!(I tried my best for what I had to work with) and then is also slight fluff/angst.  o.o  Okay a lot of it. Sheesh.  *walks away*  Oh and one more thing.  There
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True Colors
“Senpai, I like you!” she shouted as she bowed.
I sighed troubled and turned my face away to avoid seeing the girl in front of me.
“I’m sorry, but I’m not interested,” I stated after breathing deeply.
“Do you have someone that you like already?” she asked and I could sense that she was about to cry as she tried to keep her hopes alive.
“I have none,” I sighed and faced her again, and replied without mercy, “I’m just not interested in girls like you.”
She couldn’t resist my answer and ran way crying.
I fell to the floor exhausted as I observed the sun dying behind the haunted forest.
“AH! I DID IT AGAIN!” I yelled to the heaven as the sunset fade into the night.
I sighed and let myself laid on the ground. I closed my eyes and remembered the previous scene; however, my memory just focused on the wrong things: the details of her precious face, the soft skin of her thighs exposed by her short sk
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Overlook by IzzyMedrano Overlook :iconizzymedrano:IzzyMedrano 443 13
Getting in Her Pants
"You lost the bet so you have to do it!" laughed Holly.
"Yeah, I only bet because I thought I would win, though," Ash pouted, hoping to wriggle out of his predicament. "I wouldn't have even bet otherwise."
"Well too bad, Ash," Holly said getting mad. "And, just because you are trying to welsh on the bet, I am going to make it harder."
"Noooo!" cried Ash in horror.
"Since you said if you won I had to let you into my pants," the girl went on, "I am still going to do that now that you have lost."
"Hmmm, let's see ..." Holly turned to her dresser and started rummaging through the drawers. "I was just going to make you wear a pair of my jeans before." She continued to poke around the drawers as she talked, looking at one thing, then another, discarding another. "But now, I think my new lace-up jeans and a cute top will be much more fun, don't you?"
She spun around and tossed him the pants she spoke of. They were flared jeans, dark blue denim , very soft and form fitting. There were brown le
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