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|Creepypasta Comic| Rain by 0ktavian |Creepypasta Comic| Rain :icon0ktavian:0ktavian 598 87 A Short Story About Love by ArtBIT A Short Story About Love :iconartbit:ArtBIT 3,237 1,306
Prince Soma/Reader - Royal Pain
Prince Soma/Reader one-shot - Royal Pain
Most girls have had dreams of being a princess at some point or another in their life. Even you had such fantasies when you were a child growing up, of course, it never came to be and the thought of being one ebbed away as time passed by. But now things were very different as you actually had the chance to become a princess at your fingertips. How was such a thing possible when you were just some plain young woman who had no ties to royalty? Well, it simple really because you had an Indian prince who was head over heels infatuated with you ever since he had first met you at the Phantomhive manor that you frequented very often. It was nice to have friends in high places but you never expected to have a foreign prince fall in love with you from merely first meeting alone. Most girls would jump immediately on the bandwagon of having a handsome Indian prin
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 452 55
Blizzard [Hetalia: Germany x Reader]
"[Name], wake up! You remember what you promised me!" A stern voice broke through your dreaming, causing you to groan and throw your blanket further over your head and snuggling up inside the newfound warmth. Ah, it's that time of the winter where a thick layer of snow falls and you don't want to do anything except read in bed or be lazy. But some stubborn guy refuses to let you kick back and relax.
"[Name]...!" The voice persisted, a little edge to his voice. You mumbled, "GoawayI'mhavingareallynicetime..."
and then curled up even further. "Schatz, you leave me no choice." The voice was at a monotone now, and suddenly the warmth was stolen away from you in a heartbeat. You sat straight up, your [eye color] eyes widened in shock when you saw that Ludwig was holding your pile of quilts and blankets that were providing your warmth. "Geezus, Ludwig! You could've just let me sleep a little more!" You put your knees up to your head and shivered, glaring up at the tall German; your expressio
:iconcritter-pixels11:CRITTER-PIXELS11 605 197
~ Call My Name ~ Shizuo Heiwajima X Reader
Please Read The Description FIRST!!
~ Warning: Contains a very mild sexual situation ~
It has been three months since your negotiation with Shizuo... Three whole months since the last time you read manga or watched anime. Luckily, Erika took the extra effort to keep you updated on every manga chapter and every anime episode that you had been interested in.
Even though you were unable to partake in your favorite hobby, you were actually quite content with your new arrangements. Shizuo had been in a better mood lately... at least when Izaya didn't show up to fuel his anger.
You two were spending more time together, like a couple should.
Simple things like going for walks around town, visiting Celty and Shinra more, stopping by Russia Sushi occasionally for lunch, and having movie night at home on weekends were activities that you enjoyed doing with Shizuo. Especially since it was bringing
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 351 106
Romano x Reader: Ti Amo
"Lovino…what are you so annoyed about THIS time?" you asked, looking at your pouting Italian best friend.
"None of your damned business!" he shouted, folding his arms.
You frowned. You had been friends with Romano since…well…forever! But there were times where he was a royal pain in the ass, like right now.
"Lovino, give me a break. You know you can talk to me about anything; right?" you said, putting a hand on his shoulder, which he shrugged off stubbornly.
Your frown deepened and your eyes saddened a bit as well. There was no telling how long you had continued to assure him that he could talk to you about anything, but he never really opened up. There were times when he would lean against your shoulder or sit a little closer to you and give off a sort of emotion but he never really came out with it.
"You've been acting weird for like three weeks now and it's getting worse. I'm really worried about you." You continued.
"Well stop worrying already!" he growled.
Ok, now y
:icontheexplosivesushi:TheExplosiveSushi 1,206 563
Japan x Reader: Hug...Part 1
"Run faster Italy! What is your problem?!!" Germany shouted, glaring at the whining Italian behind him.
You smiled softly as you watched the scene before you; the Axis powers training. But you weren't watching Germany or Italy. Sure they were your friends but honestly you didn't care about them right now. No….you were watching your friend Japan.
You had been friends with Japan for a long time now…and in all honesty, you had fallen for him. You had pretty much fallen in love with him from day one. Those beautiful brown eyes and his silky black hair and perfect skin…and his absolutely adorable accent…everything about him made your heart pound.
There was only one thing that bothered you though. The day you met Japan, you tried to hug him.  You were absolutely unaware that he felt very uncomfortable with that sort of thing. His face had filled with panic and he hadn't even let you touch him.
It had been a whole year of you two being friends and you still hadn'
:icontheexplosivesushi:TheExplosiveSushi 1,065 725
Male!Vanellope Schweetz/Reader - Shut up and Drive
Male!Vanellope Von Schweetz/Reader - Shut up and Drive!
(Vanellope Von Schweetz - Vanello Von Schweetz)
I've been looking for a driver who is qualified
So if you think that you're the one, step into my ride
I'm a fine cool supersonics speed machine
Got a sunroof top and a gangster lead
So if you feel it let me know, know, know
Come on now what you're waiting for, for, for
My engine's ready to explode, explode, explode
So start me up and watch me go, go, go~!
You were one of Sugar Rush's many characters, your name was (Y/n) (L/n) and you were a racer. You drove your special (favorite candy) race kart through the race track that would eventually lead to the finish line. Your smirked confidently to yourself and slide your kart passed a turn and drifted until you slammed onto the gas pedal and sped forwards. You w
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 437 55
Stamp: I Read BANNED Books by tranimation-art Stamp: I Read BANNED Books :icontranimation-art:tranimation-art 1,856 2,408 Just Like You by Earthsong9405 Just Like You :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 1,973 259
| Creepypasta | Things unsaid
Catherine listened to the night. The clock told her that it would soon be 3 am; she'd woken up around an hour ago without any reason. She sometimes just woke up like that. She wasn't worried though – it was the holidays and she could sleep it off during the day. Very slowly Cath was falling back into sweet unconsciousness, when there appeared a strange sound on the edge of hearing - something like knocking. At first she ignored it, nothing strange about hearing sounds late at night. She held her breath to hear it better. The sounds seemed so far like they were out of this world and when her mind began to perceive a vague notion of what it could be, she fell asleep.
By the next morning she'd basically forgotten about the whole situation. She got on with her daily routine - breakfast, brushing teeth and so on. She turned on her laptop and started browsing social networks. Catherine Meyers - 17 years old, was a promising baseball player in middle school as evidenced by the medals hu
:icon0ktavian:0ktavian 218 199
Romano x Reader: More Than Anything...Part 1
You sighed as you stared off into space out your bedroom window. There was something on your mind. It was just eating away at every inch of your brain like a parasite and the stress of it all was spreading through you like an infection.
You hated feeling this way…you had never felt so achy in your chest in your life. It was for a good reason though….
In three days there was going to be a big party where all the countries would be. Each person was supposed to bring a partner along and almost everyone had a partner at this point….except for you.
You couldn't exactly complain about the whole "being asked" thing. You had been asked out by Lithuania, Poland, France, China, and Russia….and you had rejected them all. Why? It was simple. You wanted to be asked by a specific person…the one you had feelings for…the one you had been friends with since before you could even remember…
"Such a pretty day…" you said in your
:icontheexplosivesushi:TheExplosiveSushi 675 222
Malec: Wound
Four hours.
It should have been four hours ago that Alexander Lightwood should have stepped through the door of the High Warlock's flat in Brooklyn, prepared for their date.
But still, he wasn't there.
Magnus gave up sending his boyfriend text messages because he didn't got any answers from the other seven yet, so this would be a waste of his free texts. Sighing, he stood up from the pink couch where he waited most of the time, heading for the bedroom to change his clothes. They had planned to have a nice dinner at an Ifrit restaurant in Brooklyn, so Magnus was dressed in formal black trousers, a white shirt with an elegant golden bowtie and over all a blazer which was colored in a dark blur of red, green and violet. His hair was in his usual spikes glittering only a bit. While changing into his favourite sleeping clothes (toxic green silken boxers and a faded-black T-shirt from Alec) Magnus wondered what might have happened that Alec didn't showed up tonight without calling him. Usual
:iconsheiinja:Sheiinja 175 45
At the Bar (Scotland x Reader)
(Scotland x Reader)
You arrived at your place of employment with a slight grimace. The bar was already stocked with men and women of varying appearances, but they all shared one similarity.
They were all drunk.
With a slight huff, you began wiping down the bar and cleaning up the enormous amount of extraneous empty glasses. The strong bitter stench of alcohol was almost intolerable as a few customers passed by you. It wasn't long before you had to refuse to serve a couple of them.
Another bar tender arrived with an apologetic smile before she dove right into cleaning and serving. The crowd began to grow loud and a bit rambunctious. They were singing a few drinking songs off key and not quite in sync. The bar tender and you giggled as some men tried to dance with each other resulting in them falling over and laughing themselves.
Everyone was enjoying themselves until a glass shattered against the hard, dark stained wooden floor and a man fell after it. The noise was unhindered until the
:iconretrofridge:RetroFridge 362 53
How About a Deal? - Human!Bill Cipher x Reader
A/N: In advance I'm sorry if Bill isn't portrayed right, also all characters are aged up to at least seventeen and eighteen.
You narrowed your eyes as you walked through the woods. Taking in a deep breath as you tried to calm your nerves, your fist clenched and unclenched as you stopped and stood there. You may be wondering why you're angry, well you see it was because of your friend, Dipper Pines. Once again he had blew you off to go and chase down some monster or whatever it was that he planned to do. It angered you how the brunette chose some dumb mystery over his friend.
"Ugh! That...that idiot!" You exclaimed, kicking a rock that was in front of you.
"Whoa you might want to calm down there [Symbol]" an all too familiar voice said. The way it echoed in your ears, calmed your nerves somewhat, but you were still enraged.
"What do you want Cipher?" You snapped, crossing your arms as the world around you started turning a deep gray. All colors disappeared as you were left in a monotone
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 261 29
Sick [Hetalia: Germany x Reader]
"Ah, [N-name]..." Ludwig's voice called out to you softly. You were napping on the Beilschmidt's living room sofa, only in a spaghetti strap and Nike shorts. "Are you alright, Schatz?"
"Bah, yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" You replied, rolling your eyes. You sighed, and puffed out a breath of heated air. Obviously you were running a fever, your cheeks incredibly heated, flushed with a pink tint; your hair was out of its usual ponytail and askew, while you were just too tired to move at all. Your arms were sore, your legs were sore and most of all whenever you tried to stand up a wave of the chills would cause you to fall back on the sofa again, weak and limp.
"[Name]," Ludwig persisted, folding his arms as he put his green uniform jacket over his shoulders, "You obviously aren't. I'll go get some of that medicine from the pharmacy nearby-"
"NO!" You shouted, using the last of your energy. You fell back on your mountain of pillows again and pulled the quilt throw over yourself. "I don't wanna
:iconcritter-pixels11:CRITTER-PIXELS11 350 70
Wakfu short comic - two love birds 're daily (1) by a9971309 Wakfu short comic - two love birds 're daily (1) :icona9971309:a9971309 193 52 Painted Skin by Andoledius Painted Skin :iconandoledius:Andoledius 366 25
2p!AmericaxReader Hard to Love
Sorry if this one's too fluffy! I've wanted to do this story for a while. Every time I hear this song, I'm just like this would be so cute with Al!
Song; Hard to Love
Artist; Lee Brice
I am insensitive I have a tendency to pay more attention to the things that
I need.
Sometimes I drink to much, sometimes I test your trust, sometimes I dunno
Why you're staying with me?

     The door just slammed shut. Leaving a shocked Al in it's wake. Oh how he did it now, this time he almost knew you weren't coming back. Yet why did he have this little hope, that maybe you'd come back? No, he quickly thought. Why would you came back after all he's put you through? After all, you shouted that he didn't care for you...
     Al let out an agitated sigh, he knew he'd cause you to leave eventually. Though it's not like he wanted you to leave. No, not at all. In fact he loved you, more than he cou
:iconhershy-kisses:Hershy-Kisses 349 47
(Req.)NetherlandsXReader~Itsy Bitsy Underclothes~
((// (12/20/13) DA's bein a butt so I'll just put this here???? wow um everything just kind of deleted????? idr who this is for so eh
Anyway, I wrote this and credit to the person who made this image
Sourcing really isn't that hard you guys//))
"Oh God, oh jeez, oh no. . ." You were pacing back and forth in the park, your face flushed with embarrassment. The park had kids playing either oversized bubbles, women chattering away about their problems, adolescents romancing it up behind a tree, in the end, no one would notice anyone as worried as you. And why should they? You were just a young woman with normal _______ eyes and ______ hair.
But holy shit! The park was not the place to freak out!
Your heart was beating erratically, and your palms were sweaty. All that could run through your mind was that you were stalling, and Neddy was waiting for you at the apartment you both shared. But you didn't want to see him!
:iconmoniposa:Moniposa 303 53
Sebastian x Ciel: You always surprise me by SebbyxCiel03 Sebastian x Ciel: You always surprise me :iconsebbyxciel03:SebbyxCiel03 840 211