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ItalyxReader ~ That's Amore
"Hurry, _____!" Feliciano cheered as he sprinted past a few wandering tourists.
Panting, you continued to run after the bubbly Italian. His bright personality could sometimes be a little too bright, nonetheless, you loved your boyfriend of 3 years to death.
Feeling yourself come to a neat stop, you leaned against the nearest wall in order to catch your breath. You weren't wearing the best running clothes, just a delicate cream color dress and white heels. Your feet were currently killing you.
Did I also mention you two were spending your spring break in Italy? Venice, to be exact.
Feli noticed that you had stopped running. He cheerfully skipped towards you and held out his hand. You had no idea where in the world he was taking you tonight.
"Come on, _______! It's not far away!"
Still panting, you took a hold of his hand.
"What's not far away?"
"I cannot tell! It's a sorpresa!"
And with that, he dragged you towards a series of concrete stairs that led into the Italian canal. For
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FrancexReader ~ I don't blush!
Tying up your hair into a messy bun, you checked yourself one last time in the mirror before running downstairs to the ringing doorbell. It was Saturday night and having nothing else important to do, you invited some friends over. Originally, Antonio, Gilbert and Francis should have all been here tonight.
But Lovino somehow got sick and Toni preferred staying home in order to take care of his rising fever. And as for Gilbert, you figured he had more important things to do since he didn't mention why he wasn't going to show up.
So tonight, it was just you and Francis. He said something about refusing to leave such a gorgeous girl alone on a Saturday evening.
Typical Francis.
You giggled to yourself, skipping towards your front door. Grabbing the doorknob, you opened it swiftly to reveal a grinning Frenchman holding a large bouquet of (fave flowers).
"Bonsoir, ma belle! Regarde, je vous ai apporté des fleurs! Vous les aimez?"
You gladly took the bouquet while rising
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PrussiaxReader - Patience Test
The light from your laptop was the only thing illuminating your dark and silent living room right now. Your physics teacher had assigned some work for you to accomplish, and being the procrastinator you are, you decided to get started the day before it was due. To make things uglier, it was Monday. Everybody. Hates. Mondays. You felt like grabbing one of your pillows and screaming all of your troubles into it right now.
Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, the lights were flicked open and Gilbert showed up in front of you, holding a bouquet of fuchsias.
"Surprise, fräulein!" His eyes were closed in delight as his signature smirk was plastered over his pale face.
Normally, you would have squealed and tackled him to the ground. But seeing as though stress had already taken control, you simply sighed and resumed to finishing your work on the computer. You had no time right now to talk to your boyfriend.
"What do you want, Gil?" You sharply asked him.
"Woah, someone's
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Ticciwork by Chisai-Yokai Ticciwork :iconchisai-yokai:Chisai-Yokai 840 187 The Rawbat Hunter: A Truly Short Story by ukitakumuki The Rawbat Hunter: A Truly Short Story :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 2,706 94
ItalyxReader ~ What to do when it rains
You were waiting in line behind about a dozen other people. It was Saturday afternoon and there was a heap of costumers today! After a tiring day at work, you decided on getting yourself a cappuccino or something, to calm your nerves down. You were about to turn and leave until you noticed it was finally your turn to order.
After buying yourself a light cappuccino, you wandered around the small shop in search of a free seat. It was kind of hard, considering the large amount of people present. Sighing, you spun around, ready to leave. That is, until you noticed someone from the corner of your eye.
Is that?...
You started waving your hand back and forth, walking towards the already occupied table. "Feli!"
A young man with light brown hair and hazel eyes lifted his head from the spot he was staring at to look up at your glistening (e/c) eyes. His blank expression quickly turned into a charming and sweet smile.
"Ciao, ________! I didn't expect t
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Tyrande and Malfurion by Tonywashingtonart Tyrande and Malfurion :icontonywashingtonart:Tonywashingtonart 1,051 105
Just Keep Talking (Kankri X Reader)
Just Keep Talking 
That’s all he ever does, talk and talk and talk. You always had to listen to his rants, and it was annoying to no end. He would start talking about one thing but then stray in his lecture about triggers and all that other stuff that annoyed him. You just asked him a simple question, you’ve been listening so long you can’t even remember what the question was. You’ve been listening to him long enough, you start zoning out. Unfortunately Kankri could tell by now that you weren’t paying attention.
“Hey are y9u even listening t9 me?” He asked clearly irritated. Great he could tell, now you’d have to listen to another lecture on that.
“No, I can’t focus with your untracked train of speech.” You said starting to fall asleep.
Sure you liked hearing what he had to say but if he didn’t have a point you could care less. As your eyes started closing you could see a red sw
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Bakemonogatari - 03 by shiroang Bakemonogatari - 03 :iconshiroang:shiroang 291 11 Feed the Trees by EldritchJames Feed the Trees :iconeldritchjames:EldritchJames 399 17
Building Plot

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PrussiaxReader ~ One Broken Promise
"Shoot, _________! Shoot!" Your friend's voice was just another among many others.
A loud roar of cheers echoed throughout the crowd as your foot kicked the black and white ball that landed straight inside the net. It took you a good five seconds to register what just happened. You had made the final goal.
Your teammates came running towards you before hoisting you up onto their shoulders, screaming and shouting your name. You laughed and cheered, feeling your cheeks heat up from getting so much attention all so suddenly. The game was currently stuck at a tie, and in order to win you had to make one last point. Which you did.
People rose from their seats and clapped nonstop, glad that their hometown team won.
This was all too perfect for you. Everyone was being so nice and you were feeling happier than ever. But what really made your heart thump was that you couldn't wait to jump into your best friend Gilbert's arms.
After the massive excitement phase was over, you announced to your te
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When you're five years old you set a promise in the dark, your sister's ice-queen eyes witness. Millie is sitting straight-backed against the headboard, face wide and earnest, and it seems as if the world has heaped itself on her shoulders, or maybe it's the strangeness of midnight.
"We can't make our wills or anything like that until we're eighteen," she says fiercely. "But I might forget this by then."
In later years you will find time to reflect that you're not as whimsical as Millie; young, you only think then that you could never forget something this important. But you can't argue with the three-years-older she holds above your head (the wisest bestest elder sister in the world.)
Your love for her borders on hero-worship, and looking back, you sometimes wonder if that's healthy.
The door bangs shut. "Jodie!"
How strange, the way it works: your hand is frozen to the table in the way it should have been on the phone, but that was minutes ago and maybe it was delayed-reaction, becau
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LE: Lady Judgement by Wen-M LE: Lady Judgement :iconwen-m:Wen-M 182 21 Bakemonogatari - 02 by shiroang Bakemonogatari - 02 :iconshiroang:shiroang 342 19
Phinbella Writings Part 1
Who has the Crush?
Chapter 1: Sick
It was a hot weekend in suburban Danville as two familiar boys sat under their tree in their perfectly normal backyard. One of them, tall with green hair, sat reading a technical book while the other, slightly shorter with flaming red hair and deep cerulean eyes, sat aimlessly doodling his ideas into his sketchbook while his other hand unconsciously stroked an older (and slightly fatter) sea teal Platypus.
It was already past eight o'clock and this had obviously bothered the boy, interrupting his doodling. "Something's not right Ferb" the blue-eyed teen commented, to which the second teen gave a shrug in reply, "I mean, usually we would have started today's project and Isabella would be over here and glance at me with those big beautiful eyes, her long smooth hair blowing slightly in the breeze as her luscious soft skin curled her cute, delicious lips into a beautiful brilliant smile and then she would ask me..." at this he trailed off, comprehen
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Studying by SnaiLords Studying :iconsnailords:SnaiLords 270 300 Bakemonogatari - 01 by shiroang Bakemonogatari - 01 :iconshiroang:shiroang 254 14
Cloud Strife x Reader - Chapter 2 of 2
Chapter 2
The two men watching get taken down first, then the one with his hands on your shoulders is picked up by his neck and held in the air. Cloud is stood over you, pure anger on his face, and he snarls, “Disgusting men like you should die.” The man choking tries to apologise but he can’t get out a sound. Not willing to listen, Cloud throws him with all his might and the man goes flying. When he crashes to the ground the other two men get up and drag their friend with them, wailing about a crazy guy trying to kill them.
You sit up, wrapping your arms around yourself. You feel dirty and freezing, your jumper and coat too far away to reach. Cloud walks up to the clothes, picks them up and returns, and as he crouches and hands them to you, he says, “If you were Tifa, you would have taken them out already.”
“Sorry,” you seethe through gritted teeth, tears spilling from your eyes, “I’m sorry I’m not as strong as her.” Yo
:iconyunaleska1:Yunaleska1 157 84
Super Bad (Avengers x Teen! Reader)

A/N: A little bit of drabble for you guys! Hope ya like it!
You were 14 years old, a S.H.E.I.L.D agent/Avengers apprentice. Nick Fury, recruited you one day when you had gotten in a little mishap due to your powers (shape shifting and telepathy). You were also a bad ass when it came to your street fighting skills, which made you a formidable force to be reckoned with for your young age. Since the day Fury had found you, he'd told you that with the right training, you could control your powers and be in the big leagues with the Avengers one day. Of course your parents would freak out if they found out you'd been abducted by a secret government agency so, Agent Coulson took it upon himself to tell your parents that you had been admitted to an academy for gifted kids. Your parents weren't aware of your powers so, gifted to them meant intellectually advantaged. Currently, you were in one of the labs on the he
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Dearest Ella.
Excuse my handwriting, for I am in an uncomfortable position as I write this. Please take the time to decipher what I have penned down because it is of the utmost importance. You see, Ella, I am cowering in a foxhole. Every few seconds, a shell will land and spray me with dirt and shrapnel. I cannot hear anything but the earth-shaking thunder of explosions, and I cannot see anything because my head is pressed close to the dirt, for fear that a stray chunk of rock or mud will take out my eye. I am waiting to die, you see, just like everyone else in this God-forsaken country. Waiting for that mortar round with my name on it to whistle down from the sky, fall into my little trench and blow me to kingdom come. There is nothing to do, but wait. Wait for that shell.
I wish I could tell you I am brave. I wish I could tell you I am fighting for my country. But I am not. I am not a savior, or a liberator, or a symbol of freedom. To the people of this country, I am the represent
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