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MMD Simple Short-Shorts by Tehrainbowllama MMD Simple Short-Shorts :icontehrainbowllama:Tehrainbowllama 2,076 258 MMD Outfit CO003 - DL by FaiyeeMMD MMD Outfit CO003 - DL :iconfaiyeemmd:FaiyeeMMD 405 48 The Gamer II by orangeish The Gamer II :iconorangeish:orangeish 3,695 451 Commission 25 by catandcrown Commission 25 :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 2,356 294 Sport Shorts [download] by cacti-sloom Sport Shorts [download] :iconcacti-sloom:cacti-sloom 1,411 118 Miku SS DL by oOIchibiOo Miku SS DL :iconooichibioo:oOIchibiOo 1,243 126 Reference - Medieval Clothing by treijim Reference - Medieval Clothing :icontreijim:treijim 5,293 388 MMD- Short shorts-DOWNLOAD by MMDFakewings18 MMD- Short shorts-DOWNLOAD :iconmmdfakewings18:MMDFakewings18 1,188 98 Pl2 MMD Mikoto's shorts by tweekcrystal Pl2 MMD Mikoto's shorts :icontweekcrystal:tweekcrystal 1,059 101 [Speedpaint] AT with Kiekyun by Neko-Rina [Speedpaint] AT with Kiekyun :iconneko-rina:Neko-Rina 1,724 168 MLP - Sweet Apple Acres by ZOE-Productions MLP - Sweet Apple Acres :iconzoe-productions:ZOE-Productions 2,080 189 World travels - Scott by Zombiesmile World travels - Scott :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 827 76 Simple Shorts DOWNLOAD by Reseliee Simple Shorts DOWNLOAD :iconreseliee:Reseliee 946 61 for JazziLovesHotCoco by meago for JazziLovesHotCoco :iconmeago:meago 7,921 300 .: Create an Akatsuki Member:. by tanya1 .: Create an Akatsuki Member:. :icontanya1:tanya1 3,460 471 Misty Pokemon Cosplay by SailorMappy Misty Pokemon Cosplay :iconsailormappy:SailorMappy 797 77 Misty and Staryu cosplay by SailorMappy Misty and Staryu cosplay :iconsailormappy:SailorMappy 1,121 125 Oliver Reference Sheet by lawlietlk Oliver Reference Sheet :iconlawlietlk:lawlietlk 538 96 Black Rock Shooter by keelerleah Black Rock Shooter :iconkeelerleah:keelerleah 1,556 51 Sonic in the house by TheWax Sonic in the house :iconthewax:TheWax 5,442 1,272 .::MMD - One Piece Shorts DOWNLOAD ::. by AneCoco .::MMD - One Piece Shorts DOWNLOAD ::. :iconanecoco:AneCoco 626 25 Outfits 1 by akirakirai Outfits 1 :iconakirakirai:akirakirai 4,992 258 MMD Outfit LO005 - DL FIXED link by FaiyeeMMD MMD Outfit LO005 - DL FIXED link :iconfaiyeemmd:FaiyeeMMD 184 25 MLP - Sugarcube Corner by ZOE-Productions MLP - Sugarcube Corner :iconzoe-productions:ZOE-Productions 1,974 85 On stage and live-Kagamine Len by Sakutarugirly On stage and live-Kagamine Len :iconsakutarugirly:Sakutarugirly 1,713 631 Neon yellow and lace. by sketcheth Neon yellow and lace. :iconsketcheth:sketcheth 2,143 86 Beware the Mighty Penguinator by TheWax Beware the Mighty Penguinator :iconthewax:TheWax 1,597 387 IA SS DL by oOIchibiOo IA SS DL :iconooichibioo:oOIchibiOo 860 97 N can talk to Pokemon... by Neeja N can talk to Pokemon... :iconneeja:Neeja 2,885 492 Sonic and a balloon by TheWax Sonic and a balloon :iconthewax:TheWax 7,103 1,742 Sonic and the finger trap by TheWax Sonic and the finger trap :iconthewax:TheWax 3,758 1,019 Tails Doll by Comickpro Tails Doll :iconcomickpro:Comickpro 3,661 5,225 Shorts and Boots ::Stock 43:: by spiked-stock Shorts and Boots ::Stock 43:: :iconspiked-stock:spiked-stock 879 67 Sonic Slips by TheWax Sonic Slips :iconthewax:TheWax 2,417 572 MLP - Twilight's Library by ZOE-Productions MLP - Twilight's Library :iconzoe-productions:ZOE-Productions 1,581 73 Cop by Alexia-Muller Cop :iconalexia-muller:Alexia-Muller 449 44 shy by br0-Harry shy :iconbr0-harry:br0-Harry 1,096 169 Sonic Short: Toast Genie by RGXSuperSonic Sonic Short: Toast Genie :iconrgxsupersonic:RGXSuperSonic 1,385 380 Dan Animation by Krossan Dan Animation :iconkrossan:Krossan 1,390 196 .: [Exports] Bottom Parts :. by Biiiscoito .: [Exports] Bottom Parts :. :iconbiiiscoito:Biiiscoito 428 59 Misty and Ash Ketchum - Pokemon Cosplay by SailorMappy Misty and Ash Ketchum - Pokemon Cosplay :iconsailormappy:SailorMappy 733 61 SeeU SS DL by oOIchibiOo SeeU SS DL :iconooichibioo:oOIchibiOo 820 134 Knuckles forgets how to glide by TheWax Knuckles forgets how to glide :iconthewax:TheWax 3,741 1,211 C'mell Rin Xoriu Version DL by Xoriu C'mell Rin Xoriu Version DL :iconxoriu:Xoriu 634 105
Wedgie Game
It was PE class in the gym and the teacher had to pop out for a while to do something, so one of the girls in the class said "I have an idea on what we could do, let's play the wedgie game" now the rules are simple:
. You have to try and wedgie everyone and not get wedgied yourself it's a wedgie free for all.
. Once you have been wedgied you have to pull your gym shorts down and waddle off to the wedgied zone so that we know you are out.
. The last one that doesn't get wedgied is the winner.
Now there are about fifteen of us and we start of in a roundish shape and then we go in for the attack. I try not to get too much involved so no one notices me but one girl did so she ran at me but i was too quick for her and stepped out of the way. She tried to slow down from going too fast and that was a perfect opportunity for me to go in for the kill.
So I stuck my hand down her shorts and grabbed her pink undies and yanked them out and grabbed them with my other hand. I was so happy I
:iconamywedgie:amywedgie 113 48
Watermelon Shorts DOWNLOAD by Reseliee Watermelon Shorts DOWNLOAD :iconreseliee:Reseliee 276 12