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Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Itachi
        Jiraiya glanced around the room, then without any warning, took your hand and pulled you to your feet. "It's going to be your turn next. Good luck, I have a feeling you're going to need it."
"Oh, well, thank you, I think." You felt around the bucket for a moment, trying to identify at least one item. Suddenly a thin cord wrapped itself around your wrist. Deciding you were probably taking far too long anyway, you lifted that item up and out of the bucket. It was a necklace, with circular pendants on it. You knew you'd seen it before, but you can't place the owner. "Not sure who's this is, sorry."
"Hey, Itachi, she got your item. Stop playing with the cat and go play with the lady." Kisame took the cat from Itachi's lap and nudged him off the couch.
Itachi walked over to you and took the necklace. "I thought I chose something rather obvious. But I suppose I was wrong." He placed the necklace back on his neck and continued in the direction if the closet.
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You're Home [Kakashi Hatake One-shot]
[Name] stood guard as she watched her three year old daughter playing in the grass, ripping up handfuls of it before tossing it in the wind. Her arms were being weighed down by the small one month old boy that was in her arms; he was well worth it to her.
“Mommy, look!” her daughter called out.
Smiling, [Name] walked over to her daughter to see what the toddler was trying to show her. “What’s that?” she asked as she crouched down, holding her son gently in her arms
“It’s a bug!” the girl said happily, shoving her tiny hand in her mother’s face and opening her fingers to reveal the black beetle that she had captured.
For all of her accomplishments as a ninja, [Name] could not stand insects of any kind. They made her skin crawl and made her feel gross.
“That’s nice sweetie. But why don’t you let him go so he can be with his family now?” she asked with a slight smile on her face.
The girl contemplated the idea w
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NaruSaku: Thank you... by xCluBearx NaruSaku: Thank you... :iconxclubearx:xCluBearx 2,089 139 if only by annria2002 if only :iconannria2002:annria2002 8,395 1,021
Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Kakashi
          Jiraiya leaned down close to you with a wide perverted smile on his face. "It's your turn to play. Why don't you come up here and pick an item."
Jumping from your seat, you rushed towards the bucket and smiled. "Sounds good to me." You felt around, looking for something you can identify. With all the other stuff in there, it turned out to be a lot harder than you'd originally thought. Suddenly, your hand hit something, causing a soft jingling noise. Already sure that you knew what that must be, you drew it from the bucket and held it up for all to see. "Just as I suspected, a bell."
Kakashi closed his book, placing it in his back pocket and walked over to you. "I suppose it's my turn then." He gave you an embarrassed smile.
"I'm not sure if this is going to be interesting or just really boring. With that mask it could go either way." Jiraiya was probably more excited than he needed to be. "Anyway, you two get in that closet, I want to know every juicy
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KONOHA CORNER BDAYS :sakura: by annria2002 KONOHA CORNER BDAYS :sakura: :iconannria2002:annria2002 4,003 254 Just love me... by JJao Just love me... :iconjjao:JJao 1,075 109 Ino Yamanaka by Marcinha20 Ino Yamanaka :iconmarcinha20:Marcinha20 167 13 Naruto Manga 580 Itachi and Sasuke by ChekoAguilar Naruto Manga 580 Itachi and Sasuke :iconchekoaguilar:ChekoAguilar 334 45
Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Neji
        Jiraiya calls you up to the center of the room and places the large bucket in front of you. You place your hand inside the mountain of items and begin searching for one you like. After a few seconds of searching you come across something smooth on one side, and cold, wet, and oddly shaped on the other. You lift it out of the bucket only to find a half eaten apple. "Really, what the hack people?" You scrunch up your nose.
"I was eating an apple when Jiraiya wanted something of mine. I don't exactly go places prepared to play childish games. I wasn't the one who put my apple in the bucket, it was Jiraiya. I would have very much liked to have finished my snack." Neji glared over at Jiraiya.
Jiraiya held his hands up in a defensive position, laughing nervously. "Come on Neji, I can buy you another apple. It's not the end of the world you know. Now, stop fretting over that, and come over here." He opened up the closet door  and signaled you both inside with
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