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Robert Rodriguez Presents Project Green Screen
Robert Rodriguez

Robert shot an action-packed short film called Two Scoops, starring twins Lola and Lucia who operate an ice cream truck by day and happen to also be monster-slayers. Fans contributed to the project by submitting films, Tweeting their ideas for super-weapons, creating the fiercest monsters, and sending in their photos to appear on Missing Person posters.
We're excited to announce that the collaboration is now complete! You can see the finished film right here, along with the best contributions from fans, and documentary footage to tell the story of the project.

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[19062016] HAPPY 1200+ WATCHES
Nói thật chứ hồi mới lập DA ý chỉ mong rằng được khoảng 200, 300 watches là ổn rồi, đâu có nghĩ tới ngày được hơn 1000w thế này. Thực sự là ăn bờ li vơ bồ!!!
Cảm ơn các bạn thật nhiều nhièu nhiều đã ủng hộ con mặt trầy này suốt thời gian qua a Onionhead Oish - Onion head 
Nhưng mà chả có gì để ăn mừng đâu, có mỗi mấy cái PSD thôi à, xin đừng thất vọng đó 
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CrimsonColt7 Harassment Warning: SUPER IMPORTANT!!
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New Account: GetRekt07 (Update 9/16/2017: Deactivated)

Myself and several others who frequent this journal have been blocked by this account without prior contact as well.
Also, I apologize for not updating this journal sooner. Life got in the way.
It seems he's been using multiple accounts at the same time nowadays.
New Account(s): SpecialSomepony and FRIENDLY-GH05T  (Update 7/27/2017: Both deactivated simultaneously)
Niceguy2 By Persephon
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